Melissa’s Daily Spiritual Practices #1: Cleanse Your Environment


Today is Video #1 in a series where I give you an insider’s glimpse into my life and my own daily spiritual practices! The very first thing I do when I get up in the morning is Cleanse the Environment. In this video you’ll learn how to do this and I lead you through the technique.
We are all spiritually sensitive and easily affected by the pressures in the environment. Instead of being thrown off and influenced by negativity and pressure and letting life bounce you off course, use this environmental cleansing technique daily to send a positive energy throughout your environment. Your day will flow smoothly as a result!

Video Transcription:

Hi this is Melissa with Communicate with Angels and today I’m going to start a series that I have decided to put together for you all about my spiritual practices, my daily spiritual practices. You know I was thinking about what videos would really bring a lot of value to you and so I wanted to reveal and share a little bit more about my personal spiritual practices that I do on a daily basis. I really believe in the power of having spiritual routines. Not that you necessarily have to take a lot of time to do it each day but small amounts of time on a regular basis will really enhance your spiritual journey.

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Today I’m going to talk about one of my spiritual practices which is environmental cleansing. I personally now do this first thing in the morning when I wake up. I have a few things that I do in the morning and this is the very first thing that I do. What I’d like to actually do is just kind of take you through it first and then after that share a little bit more of the tips and tricks on why you would do this and how it will help you.

What we’re doing is cleansing your environment; raising the energy to be more positive in your personal space and beyond whatever environment you’re a part of and you can cleanse it and make a positive with this technique. Go ahead and just close your eyes and take a few deep breaths and relax. Let go of any distractions. Be present in the now. Now you are energy. You are light. I want you to tune into the truth of that and start to visualize the light that you are surrounding you and expanding your entire body. Now, if you have trouble visualizing don’t worry about it, just do it by feelings or even by thoughts. Now what I’d like you to do is mentally pull in your personal team of helpers or angels just ask them to come close to you and contribute their light to the light that you are now expanding around your body. You naturally will see that circle of light expand and grow. Now start to expand that white light around your room, your space that you’re currently and see the entire room filled with light and as it fills with light it’s becoming  more positive more relaxed and cleansed. Now you’ll expand that light even more throughout the home or building that you’re currently in and just see every room every nook and cranny filled with light and as it fills with light it is becoming more positive, more cleansed. Any tension or negativity just naturally shifts and neutralizes and becomes positive. So now your entire home or wherever you are right now is expanding and glowing with white light. Now expand that light again and take it around your entire neighborhood. See all the homes or the people or the animals or the plants everything in that vicinity is just positive as you expand that light throughout your environment. Expand that light again and take it throughout your entire city, your state or province, and your entire country that you currently reside.  See your country glowing with light, cleansing and bringing the energy to the positive. Now expand that light just across the globe. Wherever you would like to send it –  cleansing and clearing planet Earth. Now just release it and come back to the room. Feel the presence of your team of helpers. Come back to being you and open your eyes.

That is the environmental cleansing technique and you can vary that however you want to do it. When I do it first thing in the morning, I always first cleanse my home. We have quite a big yard here: we have six acres so I cleanse that as well and my neighborhood and then I just start expanding it to the places that I know I will be: so the city that my son goes to preschool I’ll cleanse that. Any different locations where my family and I might be traveling to for classes coming up because we often will drive an hour, an hour and a half to different places so I’ll just cleanse the environment. And then I’ll cleanse the environment of my family in different places whether it’s in the United States or back home in New Zealand different places that I want to cleanse and magnetize any more we might be traveling to in the future, and sometimes I’ll take it deeper like I did with all of you and just spend like throughout the world.

Why would you do this? Well first of all, it’s going to start your day on a positive track and you’ll just feel refreshed from doing that and it means that things are just going to go a little bit more smoothly because you have contributed your positive light to the environment. You are more powerful than you probably acknowledge. You can really make a difference just by sending your light around and you can team up with others. Sometimes we do a technique where we stand in a circle holding hands with many people who are cleansing together that makes it even more powerful, but know that you have an effect just within yourself there’s a lot of pressure around planet Earth and because you’re sensitive you pick it up and sometimes that’s those days that can go from bad to worse because you’re picking up tension in the environment that’s not even yours so you can stop and use this tool at any time. It’s a great one to do when you’re traveling even if you’re just driving somewhere to visualize light across the road where you’re journeying to,  plane travel you know anything like that. Cleanse your environment. When we do workshops will cleanse the environment of the room that we’ve stepped into that we’re renting for the class so that environment is cleansed and welcoming. Do it in your place of work. Other people don’t even have to know that you’re doing it. It’s going to have a positive effect. If someone in your environment really wants to be negative that’s their choice, but you can be the light and invite people to be positive because of the light that you’re sending out to them and it does have an affect on you and others so the more you do this, the better you’ll feel. So make sure you subscribe to this YouTube channel to catch my upcoming videos in the series about my daily practices for spirituality and while you’re here go ahead and visit my website and sign up for the free report I have there for you: The Three Steps to Communicating with Your Angel. I’ll see you over there.

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  1. Carla Gregor May 9, 2017 at 5:24 pm - Reply

    Great way to start your day. Just was I was reading this everything lit up around me. I will start doing this in the mornings. Thank you.

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