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Welcome to the Angels Inner Circle, the cutting edge program created for you to receive the spiritual coaching, knowledge and support you desire. The Angels Inner Circle is the world’s premier membership club for spiritual connection and awareness- like nothing you have ever experienced – all delivered with a direct and practical approach.

Angels Inner Circle GroupWe created the Angels Inner Circle to give spiritual searchers around the world a way to receive support and coaching from us on a consistent basis so you can continue to grow and trust your own inner guidance. You’ll gain insights and tools that you can apply to your life immediately to enhance your inner and outer success.

This program will make a big difference in how you think and feel inside, your self-understanding, and the degree to which you fulfill the life purpose you were born to do. It is your responsibility this lifetime to discover your true purpose and to be of service through that purpose. This program will empower you to be on your true path and to live your life creatively, successfully and abundantly.

You’ll receive direct access to intuitive coaching with Melissa & Richard every month and receive awesome support and friendship from like-minded people across the globe.

Membership is only $27.00 per month, and includes incredible value for you immediately.

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Your Angels Inner Circle Membership Includes:
Monthly Spiritual Discovery Audio
Woman on Phone PhotoYou’ll enjoy monthly audios with Melissa and Richard on a variety of topics like, “How to build a communication with your angels on a daily basis,” “ How to develop your psychic gifts of Intuition, Vision, Prophecy and Feeling” and “How to discover and live your life purpose."
These 30 to 45 minute audios are packed with inspirational ideas that will awaken your spirit, cause you to shift your concepts and expand your consciousness. Each audio includes practical exercises that you’ll experience right along with us. You’ll be able to use these spiritual tools in your own life once you have learned them.


In-Depth Home Study ProgramLogo graphic
During our combined 60+ years of spiritual work, we have not found a more effective, nor clearer, spiritual home study program than this one. Each month you will experience techniques that strip away the limiting concepts that affect your ability to live to your full potential. Created by the Americana Leadership College, it is the "continuing education" rescource we subscribe to ourselves.
We are happy to have reached an agreement with ALC that allows us to make this wonderful product available to our Angel's Inner Circle members.


Monthly Intuitive Coaching Call
Photo Melissa & RichardThis call is your opportunity to share, outflow, connect and learn! Each month you will get the opportunity to ask Melissa & Richard your questions and receive personal Intuitive Coaching time. You’ll learn just as much from the opportunity to share your insights and hear the other Angels Inner Circle members share, as you will from asking your own questions.
We alternate the time of this call from 1pm to 8pm Eastern so that whatever time zone you are in the world (including Europe!) you will be able to join us live as much as possible. You won’t be left out if you are not in a US time zone! If you do miss one, a link to the recording will be available within minutes after the call.


Regrouping & Goals Worksheets
worksheet graphicEach month, you’ll receive a downloadable Spiritual Regrouping & Goals Worksheets. Track your insights, the keywords you receive from your Angels and take the opportunity to consolidate what you are learning in your spiritual journey.
The importance of consistent, structured regrouping and reflection is greatly underestimated by most people, and this worksheet will assist you to make regrouping a consistent routine that propels you forward to your heart’s desires. It is a valuable tool for helping your angels help you with your material and spiritual goals.


Private Facebook GroupFacebook graphic
Connect with your fellow Angels Inner Circle members and make friendships and connections. Ask questions, give feedback and share your progress. The Angels Inner Circle is a community of like-minded individuals who accept you as you are and cheer you on! You’ll make lasting friendships with people who support you, and will help you stay on track even when the going gets tough.


MP3 Recordings
PhotoAll calls are recorded so that even if you can’t listen in live you will be able to access the downloadable MP3 and receive all the benefits of your membership. You’ll be able to listen to these audios over and over because as you grow and change the material will have different and deeper meaning for you!


Join the world’s premier spiritual membership club today! Become a member of the Angels Inner Circle and receive all of the amazing benefits above, the support of two stellar intuitive coaches, a caring like-minded community & the opportunity to accelerate your spiritual growth to receive everything you seek in this lifetime.

All for just $27 per month.

The Angels Inner Circle investment is less than dinner out for two. For just $27 a month, you can invest in your spiritual enhancement and growth and get real benefits that last the entire month, year and beyond. Joining the Angels Inner Circle gives you the tools to create joy, personal growth, and give you a close connection with your angels each and every day. After all, you are here this lifetime to grow spiritually and live your life purpose. At last, we can provide you the program at an affordable cost, on an ongoing basis that provides you with the learning and tools to live your spiritual life purpose abundantly!

Good News! In addition to your Angels Inner Circle membership benefits you’ll receive access to these FREE bonuses:
bonus graphicBONUS 1
Spiritual Cleansing Technique Video

This 10 minute video explains in detail how you can instantly raise your vibration of energy to be at your highest potential. In this state, communication with your angels becomes more easy and natural, and you will naturally be more in tune with your intuitive gifts.

bonus graphicBONUS 2
10% savings on all Angel Guidance Coaching Products

Angels Inner Circle Members can save 10% on all our products, from Chakras Healing Mastery, Angelic Business Secrets and How to Create your Heart’s Desire, you will gain practical tools to release limitations, connect with Spirit and live more abundantly.

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Upgrade graphic

**Just 10 spots left in the exclusive Gold membership.
Claim yours now!

If you want individual attention and personal coaching from Melissa Kitto, highly-skilled channel and Angel Guidance Coach, then the Gold Level of the Angels Inner Circle is for you!

Melissa KittoYou will receive ALL the benefits of your basic Angels Inner Circle membership described above, AND:

Private Coaching with Melissa Kitto,
the Angel Guidance Coach

Each month, you will receive a 30 minute private Angel Guidance Session with Melissa by phone or Skype. You’ll receive direct guidance from your and Melissa’s angels about how to be in alignment with your life purpose, get solutions to your challenges, and release blocks to your abundance and success.

Receiving private coaching from Melissa on an ongoing basis will always help you stay pointed in the right direction and aligned with your purpose and your highest good. You may be too close to your own problems to get past indecision and doubt. An Angel Guidance Reading will by-pass personality and get to the root of your situation and give you clear solutions.

You get all this for a $97 monthly investment in your personal growth.

If you were to invest in a 30 minute Angel Guidance Reading with Melissa, the investment is $157. But your Gold Level Membership includes all of the benefits of the regular Angels Inner Circle membership PLUS a monthly 30 minute reading for only $97. This is a 39% savings on Melissa's normal coaching fees, so it's incredible value!

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Melissa's approach is very practical and calm and so with her help I was able to examine my situation in a truthful, honest way and the steps to move me forward became clearer. With Melissa's support I was also able to see some very subtle insights into the fears that were holding me back. This enabled me to make real changes on a deep level. So as well as getting help with moving forward with the specific goals I came to the sessions with I now have insights that have a much wider impact.

Coming to the end of a set of sessions, I am now much clearer about my goals and the steps I want to take. I am also much more able to take the steps without worrying about what other people think!
I would recommend working with Melissa because it combined very practical and grounded help with moving forward with my goals with a deeper look at the big picture of what was holding me back in life that will serve me for years to come.
Rosie Holroyd, London, UK

Melissa and Richard’s work offers practical, easy-to-follow guidelines for improving any aspect of our lives spiritual, business, relationships, etc. By using their techniques, what may seem impossible or overwhelming is achieved in manageable, well-defined steps.

This program is packed with details and examples that provide the guidance to make positive, lasting change in all areas of our lives as spiritual beings living a physical existence. Ultimately you may come away with the answers to experience peace and joy exactly as you are now, knowing that you have the tools to create the life you always dreamed of.
Stacie Keezer, Seattle, WA

Melissa and Richard’s work is packed with useful information that is presented in a very grass roots style. It really helped me delve into a deeper understanding of myself and how my issues can manifest themselves onto my physical wellbeing.

It has really helped cement the theory that I am ultimately responsible for how problems affect me in all aspects of my life and how I am in control of how I deal the them. My spiritual and physical health are very much a product of how I relate to myself and the world around me. I highly recommend this program for anyone wishing to work on their personal development and gain a better understanding of themselves and the world around them.
Lisa Lambrecht, Richmond, VA

Melissa, I honestly can’t thank you enough for this experience!  It has made a profound impact on my life in every aspect possible.  You gave me the motivation I needed to go after what I want and everything I needed to do it.  The guidance you offered gave me a new sense of clarity and purpose.  You have been challenging, encouraging and inspiring.  You gave me so much incredible insight and furthered my ability to get guidance from my own angels.   That has been the greatest part for me - the skills you taught me that I can use every day for the rest of my life. With the knowledge and confidence you inspired in me, I know I can and deserve to achieve all my desires.            
Karen Byrne, Canton, MA

I want to thank you both for sharing everything with me. I get chills everytime I read anything you have written - and when I finally today listened to Richard's lecture - wow! Chills the entire time. Being an Intuitive Healer, I am able to connect - but it often takes being reminded when I'm in a lower state ("just driving along" Richard said on the MP3 - ha!) like at work, or in the hustle-bustle. Easy to be Buddha on a mountain top.

Anyhow, thank you again for keeping me connected.
Tara Michelucci



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