Make 2015 the year that you discover your Unique Life Mission and Purpose so you can live the richly abundant and satisfying life you deserve.

Do you recognize any of these feelings?

  • an inner crying or yearning for something more?Photo
  • depressed for no reason?
  • trouble sleeping at night?
  • a feeling of emptiness within?
  • searching for something but not knowing what it is?
  • a feeling that you’ve lost your best friend?
  • don’t know what you want?
  • doubting your decisions?

If you’ve experienced any of these feelings this is a clue that you are not living your purpose right now. You’ve become sidetracked and you’re behind schedule with your life purpose.

But you can catch up! It’s time to course-correct and get back on track. But if you’re stuck, it can be hard to know what to do or where to turn. You need clarity, direction and guidance. You need support to get you out of this stuck place.

You want to tap the courage and confidence to make changes in your life.

I hear you and I can help!

Melissa in DublinI'm Melissa Kitto, the Angel Guidance Coach. I first learned to communicate with my angels at 12 years old. As I developed a closer and closer connection with my angels and strengthened my intuition, my life purpose was revealed to me step by step.

I didn't always know what the next step would lead to, but I developed the tools I needed to know my unique life purpose path, and keep walking down that path. At the young age of 23 I left my close-knit home town in Christchurch, New Zealand on my own and moved to the huge metropolis of London, England. When I made the decision to leave home I had nowhere to live in London, no job, no money, no work visa and no friends there! Six weeks after making the decision I was in London with ALL of the above. That's how quickly things can happen when you discover your life purpose path and take actions toward it with courage and decisiveness. Big Ben

Making that move to London was the best thing I ever did, because it led me to the next step and the next. One of those steps was to move to the United States. Another step was to quit school teaching and become a full time entrepreneur sharing the tools that I have learned to connect with guidance & live my life purpose.

Each step I take leads me closer and closer to my unique and authentic life purpose. How do I know what steps to take? I have developed a close communication with my angels who guide me in the right direction. Along with that, I continually work at removing blocks and limitations, becoming more spiritually organized and being aligned with my spiritual mission and my life's thrust.

Living your life purpose will bring you
the happiness, success and abundance you deserve
easily and without struggle.

After 10 years of working individually with thousands of people just like you, all over the world, I’ve discovered the very best tools to guide you to what your life purpose is, and how to live it!

The consultations that are included in the Life Purpose Breakthroughs package are incredibly direct and powerful. You’ll cut through confusion, doubt and fear and get right to the point of what you are here to do.

I’ll intuitively guide you to the path that is most authentic for you and tell you the stuff that doesn’t fit.

By the end of our 90 days together you will:

  • Truly know your life purpose and what specific actions to take to fulfill your purpose
  • Become unstoppable in reaching your goals
  • Develop a close relationship with your team of spiritual helpers, knowing who to call on for assistance in different areas of your life.
  • Develop the qualities and skills you need for success with loving relationships, increasing your income, and having more fun and fulfillment in your life
  • Align your work with your purpose & passions
  • You’ll experience amazing breakthroughs in our seven private sessions together that will have a direct impact on your success and bring positive results in your life!

Take a look at some of my previous clients success stories:

“I’ve never had someone so clearly and directly assess my life’s journey, my gifts and my challenges with such accuracy and grace.”

KrisThe Thrust Profile you created for me yesterday is wonderful.I have never had someone so clearly and directly assess my life’s journey, my gifts, and my challenges with such accuracy and grace.

I’m especially thankful for the more detailed description of my guides. They’ve become infinitely real to me now that I can identify them, and I feel them around me much more strongly than I ever have before. I’m so grateful that you follow your heart and have become so attuned to this work.

Kris Brown
Charlottesville, VA

“I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. I realized my fear of not having enough money was not really about the money at all.”

KrisI enrolled in the 90 day life purpose breakthrough program with Melissa. This was amazing and in 90 days my life has completely changed for the better. I was the owner of a business that was not making me happy. I thought I wanted to move back to New York to be closer to my sister. I had such a fear of of not having enough money. Within 90 days I had a buyer for my business that I did sell and now is moving forward with my dream being part of a yoga studio. In one session with Mellissa a realized I really did not want to move back to New York. This was so enlightening for me. I realized I had to stop trying to take care of others and make myself happy first. After this session I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off of my shoulders.

I realized my fear of not having enough money was not really about the money at all. Knowing this has made me start living life in a new way. When I stopped obsessing about this and letting go money seemed to just come to me. Things are just coming into place and I know that this program has helped make this happen.

Finding out about all my guides has been helpful. Now I know when I feel there touch on certain parts of my body I can stop and think about what they are trying to help me see.

I can’t thank you enough Mellissa. I am so happy I have met you .

Megan Cummings
Richmond, VA

“The best part was seeing in writing what my personal spiritual thrust is. It’s great to know I’m really following my true path.”

Hilary PhotoI highly recommend having a Spiritual Thrust Profile private session with Melissa. It was helpful for me on many levels. First of all, it was fascinating to learn about my angels-- who they were in their last life and where they lived. It is interesting that most of my angels lived in Western Asia since I am naturally drawn to the culture and customs of these areas. I also learned where each of my angels physically contact me when communicating. Now that I know I am more in tune to their vibrations.

Melissa intuited how each angel is assisting me. She wrote very specific and helpful information of how I can improve my quality of life and how my angels can help me improve my quality of life. Probably the best part was seeing in writing what my personal spiritual thrust is. It is great to know I'm really following my true path.

Melissa and Richard are the "real deal". They have inspired me to start a spiritual coaching business that has become very successful in just a few short months. I have known for a long time what my purpose on earth is and now with their expertise/guidance I am fully living it!!

Hilary Lowenstein, Boyds, MD

“Within a few days of becoming aware of a fear, I was offered my ultimate job position. I’m thrilled!”

Lisa PhotoIt never ceases to amaze me how instantly energy can shift and lift after making the commitment to self. Working with Melissa & receiving the 7009H profile My Spiritual Contracts  I experienced immediate shifts & changes. I witnessed instant results.

As soon as I became aware of a fear I was holding from an experience in a previous job, the restricting energy dissolved. Within a few days I was offered my ultimate job position. I'm thrilled! Working within Melissa's very clear and organized energy has also helped to consolidate and inspire my own... thank you to my spiritual "gift order twin."

Lisa Cunliffe, Napier New Zealand

"It's like this weight that I had been carrying around all my life has been lifted."

Stacy PhotoThank you so much for the blockage profile. I really appreciate how you lead me through my blockage and the areas that it occurred in my life. I can say that immediately afterward, I felt a sense of relief.

It's like this weight that I had been carrying around all my life has been lifted and I feel a deeper connection to who I truly am.

Thank you so much, Melissa. You are amazing! I am feeling more and more love everyday. Not to mention I had 2 more sign-ups for my program since our session! Stacy Stehle, Denver, CO

The Life Purpose Breakthroughs 90-Day Program
includes 6 Private Sessions with Melissa:

1002A Profile

Blockage Discovery Profile

Uncover the main blockage area that is keeping you stuck.

Release ways you have been unconsciously sabotaging yourself and holding yourself back.

Apply new beliefs and actions that will immediately bring change and success into your life.


7004 Profile

Inner Guidance and My Spiritual Thrust Profile

Discover your unique Spiritual Life Thrust and how you are uniquely talented to accomplish your purpose – Your Way.

Get to know your angels – who they are, where in the world they lived & how they can assist you to live your life purpose. What fun! Your angels have personalities, and strengths in the areas in alignment with your purpose. They'll become your very best friends.

Tune in to your spiritual vibration and receive tips channeled from your angels on how you can improve your life, immediately.


7009-G Profile

Concepts You Have About Yourself Profile

Learn about the 8 key areas of your spiritual life to identify blindspots that when healed; can catapult your success and happiness.

Develop new skills for unstoppable abundance and success.

Discover a system of personal organization that works so well that following it will assure you always know what you are getting out of every situation.


7009-H Profile

My Spiritual Contracts -
the Mission (Part 1) and
the Opportunities(Part 2)

Discover your unique Spiritual Mission. These are the ways you are going to fulfill your life purpose. You'll know the exact ACTIONS to take immediately.

Release limitations that have been preventing you from living abundantly so you can accomplish your BIG dreams.

Go deeper into experiencing and understanding your unique Life Purpose. When you feel what it feels like to be “on purpose” you can move back to this anytime you get stuck.

See how you can fulfill your purpose out in the world through your career, hobbies, relationships, service and more.


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An Angel Guidance Coaching Session

Halfway through your 90 day program we will regroup your progress through a 45 minute Angel Guidance Coaching session. This is personal guidance just for you in a less structured, free-flowing format.

Melissa will tune in with your guides and hers to provide practical, inspiring guidance and action steps for your happiness, abundance and success.

Gain specific guidance to release challenges and align with your life purpose.

Do you ever doubt your decisions? Melissa will discern what is in alignment for you and what isn't based on her strong intuitive sensitivity. Very valuable!


NOTE: Due to the depth of the Life Purpose Breakthrough, the Angel's Direct Connect consultation is a prerequisite. If you have not done the Angels Direct Connect yet, simply purchase that session here first, and then purchase the 90 day Life Purpose Breakthroughs. We'll simply add the Angels Direct Connect to the beginning of your 90 day Intensive.


BonusYou will receive one month's free membership in the Angels Inner Circle.

Through the Inner Circle audio classes, study lessons, interaction with like-minded people, & Intuitive coaching calls you will connect more closely with your angels, develop your intuitive gifts, and learn tools to feel more inner joy and live an abundant life.

There is truly nothing more important than
discovering and living your Unique Life Purpose

Get the clarity you’ve been looking for. Discover the next steps in your life to fulfill what you came to do this lifetime. Experience the inner joy and contentment that comes from doing what you came here to do while being of service to others and yourself.

I invite you to join me on this personal discovery journey in the Life Purpose Breakthroughs Program!

Popular life purpose practitioners charge $1500 or more for just one session. There is tremendous value in getting clear about your purpose in life because when you are on purpose everything will align more easily in your life. You will attract more income, great relationships, and abundance of clients and more..

Getting clear on your life purpose and the exact steps to take next to live it is an investment in yourself that will come back to you several times over; financially and spiritually.

"Incredibly helpful to me."

Ann FafardMelissa & Richard have been such a great resource for me as I venture deep into my spiritual journey. After years of putting myself on the back burner from mothering 4 boys and feeling very depleted, I made a commitment to get clear on who I was and how to move forward in a positive and an impactful way.

Melissa's gift of communicating to me my spiritual purpose, ways my angels are here to assist me and how to mind my own spiritual business (and let go of minding my adult children's spiritual business) has been incredibly helpful to me."

Ann Fafard, &

"Thank you, Melissa for digging deep with me and defining the intangibles!"

Holly SkeltonI was led to Angel Guidance Coaching by spirit, because I didn't know what direction to take for spiritual development. Melissa helped me tremendously by taking me on a journey of self-discovery through the Life Purpose Breakthroughs program. The results were learning how to clearly communicate with my spirit guides, who they were during their last incarnation on earth, unblocking fears and defining my spiritual thrust.

Thank you, Melissa for digging deep with me and defining the intangibles! I look forward to working with you again.

Holly Skelton
Neenah, WI


Considering the results you will achieve, the value of each of these 6 sessions is well worth $1500 each, which would make the entire program investment over $10,000.

But your investment in the Life Purpose Breakthroughs program is much less than $10K. Your 90 day journey to purpose, passion and abundance is only $1297.


Reserve your place in the 90 day
Life Purpose Breakthoughs program NOW.

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I look forward to working with you!

Melissa Kitto

P.S Now is the time to really step in to your greatness, your joy, your abundance and success. How long have you been putting off living your purpose? It’s time to stop procrastinating and start DOING. Take the actions that bring you the joy and fulfillment you desire.