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Let Your Angles Show Your Life Direction And Help You Create A Clear, Personal Action Plan for 2012

You're invited! Save yourself years of heartache and frustration by tuning in to your angels' guidance to create the results you desire in your life and business…
with a Life Purpose Action Plan that gives you
Ultimate Direction and Clarity for Years to Come!

You Angel Vision Day CoachesReceive our individual, undivided attention for an entire day so you can finally move beyond what's keeping you stuck and create a customized plan for living your life purpose with success!

If you're really serious about moving beyond your own limitations, and living a life that is truly satisfying, rewarding and abundant while fulfilling your deeper mission in life, we invite you to join us in the Washington, DC area for your Angel Vision Day to immerse yourself in your personal growth and true alignment with your angel's guidance and the Real You.

You will get results. Whether it be:

The outer results you seek will flow naturally into your life when you align with your divine life plan and purpose.

We know you've tried to figure out your life direction and path on your own. Although you have glimpses of it, it can be hard to be detached enough to get the clarity you need on your own. Your angels know what your life purpose and plan is and can direct you toward it. But if you still struggle to access your angel's guidance on your own - you're stuck.

Struggling to Find Direction and Meaning in Your Life? Here's How to Get the Clarity and Focus You So Desperately Desire.

You need to get out of your own way; to detach from the fear, self-doubt or indecision that creeps in when you're trying to make decisions and plan what is really best for you. That's why we created the Angel Vision Day. To support you to get the clarity and focus you need.

During our day together, if you hit a block, we'll recognize it quickly and steer you back on course toward the path for ultimate success and fulfillment for you. You will leave your Angel Vision Day with concrete, actionable plan. You know exactly what to do first, second and third to create success!

"If you had told me what today would be like,
I would have never, never believed it!"

Barb, career and life coach, shares her
thoughts and feelings after her Angel Vision Day



"I now know how to get out of the place that felt like I was spinning and get more into the flow and moving forward again."Alicia Photo

What I really appreciated was that it's given me the insight and the tools to get past this plateau at a whole other level than I was aware of before. I now know how to get out of the place that felt like I was spinning and get more into the flow and moving forward again. And for that, I am so grateful!

This is not the first work I've done with Melissa and Richard, nor will it be my last, but one of the best things about doing any level of work with them is their incredible ability to take the spiritual and make it practical. As open as I am to another level of consciousness, flow, Source, etc. I'm also a very grounded gal – so I need the practical to make the spiritual work!"

Alicia M Forest, MBA
6-Figure Business Breakthrough Mentor


What are your secret dreams and desires? Perhaps you want to write a book and speak on stage, or open your own healing center, or grow a successful practice. Whatever your dream is, it is valid and waiting for you to fulfill it. We attract ambitious people who want to make a difference in the world, and create an amazing, freedom-based lifestyle for themselves and their families at the same time. If that's you - we can help.

Here's what you'll experience in your Angel Vision Day with the support of our coaching, and the assistance of your angels!

Westin HoteWe'll meet together at the beautiful Westin Hotel in the Washington DC area. This stylish venue creates the abundant, serene experience you need for breakthroughs, transformation and clarity. By leaving the stresses of your every day life you'll immerse yourself in the truth of your true feelings and inner knowing, the part of you that is fearless, loving and kind.

As a bonus, you'll receive two 30 minute phone consultations with us, one prior and one after your Angel Vision Day.

And we'll treat you to lunch during our Angel Vision Day together. We will take care of the details for you so you can relax and focus on getting the guidance and clarity you need.

Special Opportunity


For a limited time in February-March 2013, you have the option of doing your Angel Vision Day virtually! We will get together with you on the phone or skype and create your Life Purpose Action Plan with no travel required.


The Angel Vision Day is for you if you're ready to stop spinning your wheels, get focused and clear on the answers that you need for a customized action plan based on your unique life purpose. It's for you if you're ready to move past excuses, limitations and blocks. And it's for you if you want to take action in your life, you just need a little more clarity on the exact steps to take.

The Angel Vision day is probably not a good fit for you if you're resistant or would rather stay where you are now.

If You Are Ready to Receive Your Custom Life Purpose Action Plan - Direct From Your Angels - and Move Into Your Happy Future With Confidence, Abundance and Ease, Then Take This Next Easy Step with Us.

Because of the intensive work and preparation it takes to create a customized Angel Vision Day tailored to your uniqueness, we need to be sure that we take serious applicants only.

So in order to be considered for an Angel Vision Day we require that you complete a short application form. This does not lock you in to make the financial investment required but starts the conversation to see if you will be a good fit for this program at this time.

You'll find that many coaches offer one day sessions at rate of $10,000, $12,000 or even a lot more. That's actually a pretty standard fee for this level of intensive work we are offering you.

But we want to make sure that the Angel Vision Day is accessible to everyone because your life purpose and service is needed in the world! So we won't be charging you $12,000 or $10,000 not even $5,000.

The Angel Vision Day investment is only $1497. Your investment of $1497 is such a drop in the bucket compared to the value of the clarity and action plan, Life Purpose Blueprint you'll leave the day with.

Don't wait! Click on the Apply Button below, and fill in your details to receive your Angel Vision Day Application form.

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We look forward to the opportunity to devote an entire day to YOU and guiding you to the happiness, fulfillment, success and abundance you were born to experience.

With love and backing,
Melissa Kitto & Richard Lassiter
Angel Guidance Coaches