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BRAND NEW Workshop Intensive:

Deepen your level of trust in your team of angels & make spiritual communication a way of life!

You’ve learned the tools to communicate directly with your team of spiritual helpers / guides, and ask them direct questions. We've had two totally different types of feed-back:

If you are in either of these categories,this live workshop is for you.

We know that the techniques we share to communicate directly with your angels are powerful and will change your life when you use them effectively. Yet, we’ve heard many of you are still doubting, not trusting or unsure how to really know for sure that it is the messages of your angels that you are receiving. You think perhaps you might be just making it up.

To address these concerns, we have created a full day intensive workshop to give you the experiences you need to fully TRUST in your angels and expand your "tool-kit."

For those already experiencing success in working with your angels; this workshop will take you to the next level of expansion and growth. Our personal experience has shown that working with guidance is an ever-refining process. This process happens faster when you invest in spiritual growth experiences on a regular basis. You'll learn new tools and techniques in this workshop and take your TRUST in your own intuition and your guidance to a new, deeper, expanded level.

You'll truly make working with your guidance a way of life, and use this inner communication to get into alignment with your purpose and what you are here to accomplish this lifetime.

What you need now is EXPERIENCES that validate your communication with your angels.  During the “Angel Encounter Workshop - Level II” intensive, you will be immersed in experiences and sharing so you can feel, hear and trust your communication with your guidance.

You’ll also receive practical tips and mentoring on how to approach your communication with your angels in the right way. You’ll receive a comprehensive workbook that you can refer to anytime you need tips and guidance on knowing the best questions to ask of your angels and the no nos and pitfalls to be aware of.

Your angels have been communicating with you all your life and are still talking to you every day! You may be getting in your own way, not recognizing or trusting how the communication comes through. Get the answers and clarification that you have been searching for!

In the “Angel Encounter Workshop - Level 2” intensive you will learn:

You’ll walk away from this day with more trust in your sensitivity and clearer communication with your guidance that you can use on a daily basis in your life.

Join us!

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