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In this detailed report, you'll discover ways that you are already connecting with your angels- you just weren't aware of it before! Learn to recognize your angels' messages and the clues to connecting with them in simple and practical ways. When you're in touch with your inner guidance, it will become a strong pivot point for you to be on track with your life purpose, living a life of abundance and success.

FREE Audio: How Energy and Inner Guidance Can work in your life

Richard Lassiter shares insightful truths with you in this 60 minute free audio. Learn why you are here on Planet Earth, where you came from, and how to use the spiritual resources you have to fulfill your full potential. We guarantee you will be inspired and will laugh along with the audience who heard this inspired presentation.

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I love the ezine that we receive from you and it always arrives just when I need it! It's been wonderful to follow you on your travels and I especially like hearing how you yourselves are growing spiritually in your awareness.

I (and many thousands of others I guess) resonate strongly with your messages of action and encouragement and was totally inspired but the last teleseminar. It's almost, but not quite as good as actually having you here!
Julie Wells
Christchurch, New Zealand

I want to thank you both for sharing everything with me. I get chills every time I read anything you have written - and when I finally today listened to Richard's lecture - wow! chills the entire time. Being an Intuitive Healer, I am able to connect - but it often takes being reminded when I'm in a lower state ("just driving along" Richard said on the MP3 - ha!) like at work, or in the hustle-bustle. Easy to be Buddha on a mountain top.
Tara Michelucci
Intuitive Coach