Melissa’s Spiritual Practices #2: Keyword for the Day

As a soul you need direction to pivot from. One practice that I do every single day (and have done for the past 25 years!!) is to ask my angels for a keyword. In this video, you’ll learn how you to ask your angels and how to receive a keyword for the day. You’ll discover how this simple practice provides you with direction, clarity and success with your spiritual growth.

You’ll feel more connected with your angels and your own spirituality every day.

Hi it’s Melissa with Communicate with and today we’re going to talk about another tip that I Have for my daily spiritual practices. I want to share with you what I do in case that it’s helpful for you.

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Today I’m going to talk about another one of my daily spiritual practices which is getting a keyword from my angels every day. So again. This is really simply but powerful as most of the techniques I work with are. Simple but powerful. I don’t like anything complicated. Simple words but it’s about doing it on a consistent basis. Small things on a regular basis.

This one, again is easy to do. I actually do this very last before I go to sleep at night. You could choose to do it first thing in the morning as well. Whatever works for you. But what you’re going to do is you’re going to relax and cleanse yourself if you know how to do that and simply say in your mind, Angels, give me a keyword for today.  Or if you’re doing it the night before, you would say, Angels give me a keyword for tomorrow.  Just take a deep breath and relax and allow that word to come to your mind.

Let’s go ahead and practice that now. Whatever time of day it is is fine, don’t worry about it. Just ask your angels: Angels, give me a keyword for today. Take a deep breath and relax and see what comes through. I would love it if you would post in the comments below what keywords you got. Please do that.

So when I just did it then, I got “Now”. My keyword for today is “Now”.  Once you have your keyword you will take a moment to reflect on what that keyword means to you. For me, if I got now, I might say I think the message my angels are saying is important today is to be very much in the moment, to live in the now, to be present and what’s the opposite of being present – dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. Neither of those things is productive, now is all that really exists.

That, then, is my message and my pivot point for today. That’s the purpose of getting your keyword is to give you a pivot point, a focus, a spiritual focus for that day, for what you might experience, what might come up or just your angels kind of giving you a heads up about here’s what’s important for you to focus on today. I mean, we’re all busy. We live very busy lives these days and having a simple focus for each day will kind of keep you spiritually connected. You might remind yourself in the day, OK, so my keyword is now so stop worrying about the future right now and come back to being present in the now

Whatever you keyword is.  I often get the keyword of patience, right, because you need to be reminded over and over again to be patient. Another common keyword that I get and I know a lot of other people do is trust or relax. Your keyword can be anything. Don’t think that it’s crazy, even if you get a keyword like tree. Maybe tree is very symbolic. It could be sky, I don’t know. It can be anything, maybe a color. Go with it. Trust what comes through and have it be your pivot point for the day.  This will just be a very simple way to stay spiritually connected with your angels and your own spiritual growth as you go about your day. So that is something I do every single day. I have since I was a teenager. It’s just really been such a strong pivot point in my life and we work with that a lot in the Spiritual Expansion Community. If you’ve been looking for spiritual growth opportunity that will keep you directed and regrouped and on your path, I do recommend considering becoming a member of the Spiritual Expansion Community.  You can check that out at

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I will see you next time on the next video about my spiritual practices.

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