How to Use Angelic Guidance to Build the Successful, Financially Abundant Business of Your Dreams and Live Your Spiritual Purpose at the Same Time!

Are you struggling in your business? Your angels can help!

DecisionsThere are so many decisions to make about your business. We have all struggled with these questions. What service do I offer? How do I attract clients? How should I spend my time? What’s the best way to advertise myself? How can I earn the money I'm really worth? Where do I start? It can be overwhelming, frustrating and even frightening.

Because you’re a spiritual person, you take your business very seriously. It’s important to you to make the right choices and decisions because everything you share is very near and dear to your heart. You are putting yourself out there in a very real and authentic way so you want to "do it right!" Trouble is, this can also leave you feeling fearful, stuck and worried about doing the wrong thing and wasting your precious resources.

I've been there with you. I stumbled into becoming an entrepreneur by accident and had to learn the hard way about how to grow a successful business. I'm still learning and growing every day, but what I've experienced is that amazing success occurs in my life when I consult with my angels for help with my business!

You’ll be amazed how you begin to magnetize and attract what you desire

Ali, Melissa and James

A few years ago I invested $15K to be part of a high-end mentoring group with Ali Brown and James Roche.

For the first time, I met million-dollar business owning women. I was amazed that when these millionaire women shared about their businesses they all talked about receiving “divine downloads” and tapping into Spirit to guide them through their next step in business.


I saw how these women were open and connected with their angels’ guidance in their business decisions. And, they were taking action on that divine guidance!Successful woman

Being in touch with their angels was the unspoken secret of their success! At that time, I realized how critical it was to teach business owners how to have a direct communication with their angels so they can get into their FLOW of their success too. And I began to apply this more into my own business.

When I first started my own business I was doing things the hard way. I was driving all over the state to meet clients, and putting out fliers on bulletin boards in the hopes that someone would hire me. It was a lot of effort, for little results.

Everything shifted when I got into my FLOW.

I’m now able to work with my personal team of angels to help me to know the projects and opportunities that are most in alignment with my life purpose.

Liam and I swimming in FebMost recently, it was a trip to New Zealand. My husband, son and I spent a month away visiting family and friends and enjoying the Southern Hemisphere summer while it snowed at home in Virginia! While in New Zealand we offered spirituality classes that both fulfilled my life purpose of helping others and earned the abundance we needed to pay for the trip.


When we first arrived in New Zealand attendance was looking a little low for the classes. We weren’t getting the number of registrations we would have liked. But rather than giving up, I stayed in my flow and trusted my inner guidance to point me to the next step.

Christchurch Expo photoOne morning in Christchurch I had strong hunch to go for a walk with my son in the stroller and on the walk I stumbled across a new age book store. It just so happened that the owner of the store was working that day and invited my husband and I to exhibit at the Body, Mind, Spirit Expo that was coming up in Christchurch. We only had one weekend available during our four week stay in New Zealand, and the expo was on that very weekend. I knew it was meant to be, thanked my angels for the hunch, and we got to work on preparing for the expo, which was a great success. We went from 2 Angel Encounter Workshop registrations to filling the workshop with the max 15 people.

These are the kinds of opportunities that show up when you are in touch with your angels. Business has become a fun journey for me now, because I don’t have to “figure it all out”. I’m always guided by my angels to the next step or resource that can help me. I set goals that stretch me, and I reach them because I’m in touch with my angelic team who can tell me the HOW. You can do this, too!

All I have to do is listen and TRUST

But don’t take my word for it. Read the stories of some of my happy clients who’ve made huge strides in their business as a result of connecting with angelic guidance.

Alicia Forest"Before I joined Melissa's Angelic Business Secrets course, I knew something was off in my business but I couldn't put my finger on what it was. I've been in business for myself since 2001, and it's successful, but still, something wasn't in alignment, and I knew that what I was struggling with wasn't going to be solved by me pushing and thinking and trying to figure it out on my own.

I've had several readings with Melissa, which have all been hugely valuable in guiding me in a much more positive direction, so when she offered a course specifically for entrepreneurs, I knew I had to sign up (I've actually taken the course twice – it's that good). Through the course, I learned to use spiritual tools that make running my business easier, more fun, and I've been enjoying much more flow. I'm letting my spiritual and material goals pop up instead of trying to figure out what they 'should' be. When I start to feel overwhelmed, I remember that I have team that's ready and willing to guide me, and that overwhelm disappears.

What I've always loved about Melissa's work is that she takes intangible spiritual guidance and turns it into tangible practical tools that anyone can apply easily and successful to both their business and their personal lives. If you know there's an easier way to enjoy more success in your business without the struggle, I highly recommend you join Angelic Business Secrets."

Alicia Forest, MBA

Beth Frede"I’m so glad to be a part of your class. For the last couple of years, I’ve been learning to actively open up my intuition and listen to my angels. Those abilities were growing, but "tuning in" still felt very hit-or-miss and somewhat forced.

With the tools I've learned from you to this point, I’m already able to channel messages much more fluidly. I had started doing intuitive paintings as a way to receive guidance for others because messages came through most clearly while I painted, but now I’m finding I don’t even need that vehicle to channel information. Everything I’ve been working on is falling into place now.

Thank you for sharing your gifts and helping us to do the same!"

Beth Frede,
Creative Revelations

You can access a higher source of wisdom to set goals and plans that are in alignment with your life purpose and know the exact steps to take to reach them. Eliminate all that time you are wasting in indecision, trying to decide what to do. Start living in your FLOW. Flow means being in the right place at the right time, attracting opportunities and clients to you and reaching your goals. Success is then smooth and not a struggle. I want that for you and your angels do too!


It’s time to team up
with your angels for
business success!

As a result of what you learn in Angelic Business Secrets, you can:

And that’s just the beginning.

Your angels (AKA: spiritual helpers/guides/inner guidance) have a bird’s eye view on your life. They have a detached perspective because they are not a part of Planet Earth energy. So they can see things that you can’t. They know what your life purpose is and they can see the best timing for you to be in your flow and reach your goals.

Your angels want you to be successful! And when you can communicate directly with your team, you have a distinct advantage. You’ll eliminate the guesswork from your life and stop wasting time in doubt and indecision. Your angels can tell you the best steps toward reaching your goals, the best timing to take action and when to wait. It’s your fast track to success and spiritual fulfillment in equal measure.

The Angelic Business Secrets has been my most popular online course ever and for good reason. Business owners get results from this program!

Alyssia JohnsonMelissa's Angelic Business Secrets program has been instrumental for the development of my business.  I took her course a year ago with a desire to create my own business, but with little idea as to what to offer.  Over the course of a year, I have gotten clear on the work that I love doing and want to bring forth into the world, as well as the steps to take to bring my ideas to fruition.

I love Angelic Business Secrets because I think it takes a "think outside the box" approach to business; an approach of following your joy to satisfy your business desires.  I am finding that following my joy, my hunches, and my inner knowing moves me much closer to my business goals than following traditional business guidelines. 

As a result of what I learned in Angelic Business Secrets, I regularly consult with my guides on my next steps in my business, and as I trust and follow their guidance more and more, I find that I receive even more "divine downloads" to help me in my work.  There are many phenomenal business coaches, but ABS rises above anything else I have studied because Melissa brings angelic guidance into the process, which makes business even more rewarding and fun.

Alyssa Johnson, Owner & Teacher

Peggie ArvidsonI've had breakthroughs in my business that are directly related to the information you have taught me about contacting and working with my angel guidance"

Before I enrolled in your Angelic Business Secrets teleclass I was making my way in my spiritual business journey. Some days were full of high fives and others were full of deep, muddy valleys. Now that the program has completed many breakthroughs have happened. I believe that they are directly related to your guidance, the information you have taught me to use as far as contacting and working with my angel guidance and the gifts of the community you brought together.

My clients are receiving more specific and practical information during our sessions together because I've learned how to trust my guidance and have asked for permission to serve my clients on a deeper level.

There have been positive changes in my business and my life as a result of working with you and my Angels. I'll be forever grateful that this opportunity came my way! If anyone is uncertain or on the fence about investing in a program with you, I would remind them that they already know their best answers and that their guidance sent them to you for a reason. I'd also be happy to chat with anyone who had questions about my experience.
I love how you're changing the world!

Peggie Arvidson

Now I have upgraded and refined this course to a higher quality than I have ever offered before. Here’s what you’ll receive with your investment in Angelic Business Secrets:

Angels Direct Connect Private Session:

Your very first step in the program is a private Angels Direct Connect session. This is an amazing opportunity to receive individualized, personal attention from Melissa or one of her trusted colleagues. (A $197 value)

In this private 60 minute session you will:Direct Connect

  • Discover your unique spiritual gift order Vision, Intuition, Prophecy and Feeling. You’ll truly be able to master your business style when you know what your principle perception is.
  • Discover the level of positive, negative and indecisive energy you have developed and receive guidance on how you can increase your positivity
  • Discover how many angels you are working with and how they communicate with you
  • Learn how to communicate directly with your angels and receive immediate answers to your questions!
  • Receive personal assistance from Melissa to work with finding answers to your personal challenges.

As soon as you purchase the Angelic Business Secrets Program you'll receive an email from my assistant Diana to schedule your private session. You'll connect directly with your angels and have one-on-one time to answer your questions and get assistance!

6 Video Modules with Worksheets to help you tap
into Divine Guidance for Business Success

Angelic Business Secrets is now an online, self-study program.

video iconEach week you will be delivered the links to a new module, which includes a video from me, and a PDF worksheet to write notes and practice the exercises. Each module is designed to be simple and to the point, giving you practical tools that you can learn easily and apply into your business for immediate results.

Then, each Wednesday, you will have the opportunity to join me on a live, interactive call. On the calls, I will answer your questions, girl on phonego over the nuances of the techniques so you feel really secure with them, and give you personal intuitive coaching on your business. If you’ve been looking for that extra boost of intuitive guidance to leap to a higher level of income and success, you’ll want to be on these live calls with me!

The first call will be on Wednesday, 27 May. Each call will be recorded, so if you can’t make it live on the phone, you can still have the benefit of getting your questions answered by posting them on our private facebook group in advance.

The intuitive guidance you’ll receive from me on the live calls will be PRICELESS. When I get into my flow of channeling guidance for you, you will receive your million-dollar ideas and be catapulted to a new vision of success and abundance.

(Fair warning! =)


“How to Communicate with Your Angels and
Receive Their Advice on Your Business Direction”

  • relaxexd womanHow to instantly relax and be tuned in to Spirit. (You can do this anytime, anywhere in just 2 minutes!)
  • How to create a calm, relaxed working environment conducive to success and money coming in to your business.
  • 3 essential tips on how to phrase the questions you want to ask your angels.
  • Discover the strengths and weaknesses of your primary spiritual gift and how to use this to your advantage. (You will learn your first gift in the Angels Direct Connect)


“Team Up with Your Angels for Daily Business Success”

  • crystal ballLearn two amazing tools for receiving insights and inspirations from your angels.
  • Discover how your angels will assist you to know ahead of time any possible problems that could occur in your important meeting, event or project, and know how to handle them ahead of time!
  • Learn how to TRUST and take action on the guidance you receive.
  • The secret formula to eliminate procrastination, doubt and worry. If you put this into practice, you’ll be in the flow all the time.


“How to Align Your Life Purpose with Your Business”

  • in her flow Learn your Unique Business Niche; the REAL reason your perfect clients will seek you out.
  • The SECRET to knowing which projects are in alignment with your life purpose, and which are not.
  • Gain the courage to put your real, authentic self in to your branding and business communications. The more authentic you can be, the more your perfect clients resonate with you and seek you out.
  • Receive personal coaching from Melissa on how to tweak and choose the business ideas that are in alignment with your spiritual purpose and will create more ease, flow and abundance in your results.
  • How to recognize your “sweet spot,” that high vibrational energy that lets you know you are fulfilling your mission and purpose in life.
  • Create more daily fulfillment and joy from your business activities.


“Secrets to Create Your Most Profitable Business Plan
with Your Angel’s Assistance.”

  • Learn how to organize your projects and work intimately with your guidance to come up with a business plan for success!
  • steps to successReceive from your Guides the best timing to take action and when to wait. This way you take the guesswork out of your business and you know exactly what to do and when.
  • Experience the feeling of being in FLOW with your business, always in the right place at the right time to attract clients and opportunities easily.
  • Learn a process of business planning WITH your team of angels, so you know the highest priorities for your business success, as well as exactly what to do first, second, third etc.
  • TRULY take the Guesswork out of business planning!


“How to Change Your Money Mindset to Attract More
Financial Abundance into Your Business”

  • How to shift your old programming about money that has
    limited your financial success in the past, so you attract
    financial abundance easily.
  • Why understanding and working with energy is the
    secret key to unlocking your financial abundance.
  • How your angels will help you to uncover secret
    treasures of new ideas and money just by
    raising your awareness.
  • Release fears about being spiritual and
    accepting money.
  • Learn practical tools that will shift your
    vibration into being a “money magnet."


“Set Yourself Up for Success and Abundance”

  • Learn how to maintain a high positive vibration each day so you reach your goals, instead of falling of the bandwagon.
  • Ways to incrementally expand to higher financial goals so your business and income grows without self-sabotage holding you back.
  • Learn to love goals as a measure of your ability to grow spiritually and be of service to more people.
  • growthReceive personal coaching from Melissa on the key habits for you to grow so you eliminate self-sabotage, get out of your own way and do the work you are here to fulfill in the world.
  • Secret strategies to leverage your business to fuel your freedom-based lifestyle on your terms; whether that means travel, more time with kids, working part time etc.
  • *(I’ll share my personal story of how my husband and I have traveled to New Zealand, the UK, Ireland, Scotland, Puerto Rico and Europe without using our savings, but earning the income through our business as we travel)
  • Eliminate excuses and live the life of your dreams! (I’ll share how I balance being self-employed and a Mom of a 2 year old, without letting my son be an excuse to hold me back from my dreams)

Learning Business Tactics alone is not enough!

80% of your results in business is due to your Inner Mindset and Energy Attraction. If you’ve been looking for that "oomph" that is going to take your business from so-so to spectacular, Angelic Business Secrets is the program for you!

Your business will become a lot more FUN! You will be fulfilling your mission and purpose in life, and nothing is more JOYFUL than that. And you will receive the profits and income you deserve.

The Entire Package

Here’s everything included in your Angelic Business Secrets Course


Direct Connect profile

An Angels Direct Connect Private Session with Melissa or one of her recommended Spiritual Consultants.

You’ll receive a 60 minute skype session to discover your spiritual gifts, learn the number of angels you have and how they connect with you, and establish a direct, two-way communication with your angels. ($197 value)




Connect with your Inner Guidance Workbook

If you do the Angels Direct Connect, you’ll receive your Orientation Profile consultation and accompanying 30 page workbook mailed to your door. ($25 value)



video icon

6 Video Training Modules delivered to you each week
Each video is short and to the point, yet jam-packed with inspiration and tools to connect you with the spiritual guidance you need to grow your business! ($297 value)




6 PDF Handouts– one for each module to deepen your practice and experience. Refer back to these handouts for the exact step by step any time you desire. ($197 value)

Keep these in a binder and use for years to come!



Melissa Kitto

6 weekly Live phone calls with Melissa for personal guidance & coaching. Receive business breakthroughs and shifts as a result of the intuitive coaching from Melissa. ($1800 value)



facebookPrivate facebook group exclusively for Angelic Business Secrets students. This will be the place to connect, share and grow together. You’ll form life-long friendships and connections with others who are on the same path. This could also be the place to find collaboration partners to accelerate your business success! (priceless !)


mp3A recording of each session so that if you can’t make the call you can still participate in the class through the MP3 audio recordings that will be emailed to you within 24 hrs. ($300 value)


Angels Inner Circle Group

You’ll receive one free month’s membership in the Angels Inner Circle, our cutting edge spiritual growth circle.
A $27 value!


Angelic Business Secrets LogoThe total value of all of the components of the Angelic Business Secrets program is worth over $2000. But you won’t pay that.

I want to get this information into your hands in an affordable manner, because your work and life purpose is needed in the world! So, the investment in Angelic Business Secrets is only $697.

And if you have already done the Orientation Profile with me or another ALC Certified Consultant, you can take the Angelic Business Secrets program minus the private session for only $497.

Option 1:
Angelic Business Secrets course including Angels Direct Connect private session

Option 1 pay now Pay monthly now

Option 2:
Angelic Business Secrets course only (for previous Orientation profile clients)

Order option 2Order Option 2 -3 payment

But Melissa, how will I find the time to do all these modules? I’m so busy already.

It will only take you about 30 minutes per week to work through each module. You’ll have them accessible to you forever, so you can go back to the materials any time you need a refresher.

Then, just schedule a 60 minute call with me on your calendar on Wednesday afternoons. Or, you can listen to the recording of that call in your own time. The tools you’ll learn in Angelic Business Secrets won’t take a lot of time to implement either. They easily fit in with the tasks of your regular day.

Will I get a return on my financial investment in Angelic Business Secrets?

Of course there are no guarantees, as that depends on your own efforts and to what degree you implement the material you learn.

But, I can share with you, that as my clients and I open up more and more to the flow of abundance available to us ... sales increase. What if you were able to make 10 sales of your private sessions in a week, instead of just 1? Results like that don’t come from pushing for sales, but by opening up to your authentic flow and attracting the right people. That’s what you’ll learn in Angelic Business Secrets. Your increase in sales will easily reimburse you for your investment in the course.

How will it feel when you can come from a place of absolute clarity and decisiveness every day?

How will it feel to know you are living your purpose so that joy and abundance becomes effortless?

I invite you to join me on this life-changing journey.

I can't wait to meet you in our Angels Direct Connect Private Session!

With love and backing,

Option 1:
Angelic Business Secrets course including Angels Direct Connect private session

Option 1 pay now Pay monthly now

Option 2:
Angelic Business Secrets course only (for previous Orientation profile clients)

Order option 2Order Option 2 -3 payment

You can thank our lawyers for this wordy yet apparently required Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, don't apply to an average attendee/purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Any claims made of actual earnings or examples of actual results can be verified upon request. Each individual's success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money.

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