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Chakra Power Course

Chakra GraphicNow is the time to gain intimate awareness of your chakra system. If you want great health, happiness and abundance that is lasting, not temporary, in your life you need to gain an intimate knowledge of what you are doing to block your energy flow through your chakras – and fix it!

We will show you how.

You have 7 chakra energy centers. Each chakra has the potential to be 100% open and balanced. Through your own habits, beliefs and fears the chakra can contract below 100%. It's like a 20 inch pipe through which your energy flows. When you put yourself under pressure that 20 inch pipe contracts to a 6 inch pipe. This limits your energy and you'll feel it mentally, spiritually and physically.

For example, have you ever started coughing or clearing your throat while you talking to someone? This conjestion in caused by pressure in your Relating Chakra. The Relating Chakra affects the throat area and the functions of the thyroid gland. The pressure and contraction occurs when you are not relating 100% to what you are communicating. To some degree you are holding back ... communicating what you think the other person wants to hear rather than your true feelings.thumbs up photo

In the Chakras Healing Mastery Program you will learn the connection between the limiting beliefs and habits that you have and see how they affect you mentally and physically. You will have a blue print that guides you in quickly identifying where an emotion or physical illness is coming from – so you can quickly heal it!

You'll also learn several energy techniques to heal yourself, open and balance your chakras again. If you feel low or sluggish, you can use one of these techniques as a quick pick-me-up to get back to feeling healthy and energized very quickly. Instead of an emotional roller coaster of ups and downs in your life, you can feel calm, enthusiastic and directed.

Class #1: Self Acceptance & Aspirations
Wednesday February 17th
Part 1 Pineal Gland: Inflow/Self Acceptanceaccepcance
Do you feel comfortable with yourself? Or do you feel like you’re not good enough and hold yourself back from doing what you really want to do? When you accept yourself as you are, you have the capacity for abundant inflow of energy through your pineal gland and a strong base for moving energy through the other 6 chakras.
Part 2 Coccyx: Aspirations/ WantsWants
Are you denying yourself what you want? You may have been taught that it is selfish to have what you desire. When you deny yourself it cuts off your flow, often resulting in money problems.
  • Discover the POWER and gift of receiving things, thoughts, feelings and energy from yourself, others and the universe.
  • Increase your capacity to receive abundance into your life.
  • Feel one with all things
  • Get clear on the practical goals and direction for your life at this time.
  • Know what it feels like to be in a progressive state of unfoldment, well-being and satisfaction.



Class #2: Maturity & Empathy
Wednesday February 24th
Part 1 Reproductive Area: Maturity/Needsneeds
The needs chakra is the center of creative expression and manifesting ideas into physical reality. However, if you are making your needs unimportant, or putting others before yourself you will experience pressure in this area. Heal your Needs chakra to feel the fulfillment of expressing your creativity.
Part 2 Solar Plexus: Empathy/Identificationidentity
Do you ever feel afraid to be taken advantage of? Or feel possessive of your ideas? This will create pressure in your identification chakra. Heal this chakra by feeling one with all things and everyone.
  • Uncover your spiritual needs that truly motivate you and bring you fulfillment in life.
  • Learn to have empathy for others but not to take on their problems (or their feelings)
  • Learn to discern other people’s energy and know how to help them while remaining detached.



Class #3: Drive & Relating
Wednesday March 2nd
Part 1 Heart : Drive/IncentiveDrive
Are you so enthusiastic about life that you look forward to jumping out of bed in the morning? Or do you have a lack of motivation to be involved and reach your goals in life? This can result in depression and heart problems. Heal your Incentive Chakra to feel happy, motivated and excited again.
Part 2 Thyroid Gland: Relatingrelating
How comfortable are you relating to others? Do you get shy and quiet in certain situations? Heal your Relating Chakra and learn to speak confidently in any situation with any person.
  • Unlock your power of creativity.
  • Put your full enthusiasm into creating, developing and following through on the projects of your life and business.
  • Create well-defined goals that light up your energy and turn you on to be a charged up battery of enthusiasm for life excited to get out of bed every morning.
  • Learn to have more ease with other people in your life.
  • Create constructive not destructive relationships with others that lead you closer to your goals and purpose.
  • Don’t let anyone rattle your cage.
  • Remain relaxed and comfortable in all circumstances involving people.



Class #4: Outflow + consolidation time
Wednesday, March 9
OutflowHow willing are you to be of service? Learn to increase your willingness to share freely as a “Wayshower,” leading by example and allowing others to do for themselves and grow at their own pace.
  • Tap in to the abundance that is truly in your universe allowing it to flow out of the pineal chakra in order to create space to receive more inflow.
  • Let go of the fear of losing what you have or “not having enough” which restricts your chakras.
  • Give freely of yourself without judgment.



In each of these 4 classes you will:

  • get the necessary skills and understanding to maximize the energy and vitality in your life.
  • immediately identify the limiting beliefs that are blocking your flow of energy, and receive a solution to heal the blockage. Feel healthy, energetic, abundant and joyful as a result!
  • Learn new and unique ways of healing your chakras with color, psychic energy, and more!
  • Radiate your true self from the inside out.
  • Discover ways to be more financially successful, joyful, heal relationship issues and more.
  • Discover the Secrets to heal any dis-ease, illness or injury that your doctor never told you about!
  • Radiate at your highest possible energy vibration so you can easily attract success, more clients, more opportunities and an increased bank balance.
  • Learn the simple shifts you can make in your thoughts and feelings so you can release fears and embrace inner happiness and abundance.
  • Balance your energy field and heal stuck energy so you can feel good all of the time!


In addition to the four teleclasses, the Chakra Power course includes two private sessions with one of our Masterful certified Spiritual Consultants to help you heal blockages and unlock your subconscious fears that are restricting your chakras. This private work is going to add immense impact to your course.

Sub-conscious fears are just that – subconscious! You don’t know what is blocking you because it’s buried in your sub-conscious mind. This is where a skilled spiritual consultant can tune in to guidance and help you to see the blocked areas that you can’t see for yourself. It’s like we have blinders on when it comes to our own blocks!

If you are feeling lack, resistance, pressure or stuck in any area of your life – these deep consultations will unlock the true cause of this. Perhaps you’re feeling unlucky in love? Frustrated with your finances or just getting by? Stuck on what to do next in your career?

Anything in your life that is not moving forward in the way you would like is the result of a limiting belief/concept that’s blocking your chakra flow.

These in-depth sessions are the way to uncover these subconscious beliefs in a way that’s tough to do on your own. This is why we felt it was essential to include two private sessions in the chakras course to get the full benefit.
[insert photos of 4 consultants]

Your two profile consultations that are included are:

Blockage Discovery Profile

The Blockage Discovery Profile is a powerful way to identify the number one blockage area that’s holding you back right now.

A blockage is concept and behavior pattern that works against you. Generally, blockages are picked up in your first 7 years – it’s not the real you. If you are feeling stuck, this session is an excellent way to release that blockage area.

Your consultant will show you the pattern that’s occurring so you can see it for what it is – just a not so good habit. Then, we’ll spend time working on your solutions and how you are going to integrate a more positive pattern into your life.

(If you’ve already done the Blockage Discovery Profile, you have the option of switching this to a more advanced chakra session)

1003-A sheet

The Percentage of Balance in the Glandular System Profile will heal your chakras by helping you be aware of the concepts and attitudes you carry that block the flow of energy within you spiritually and physically.

Discover the exact percentage of energy flowing through each of your 7 chakras, so you have the big picture of where you are at, and what needs to shift.

Then, you’ll experience a powerful healing technique to balance all 7 of your chakra centers instantly. Feel healthy, vibrant and energized. Finally, we’ll take and in-depth look at the one chakra that is causing you the most pressure at this time, so you can work on the solutions to shift that pressure out of your life ... forever.

Join us and Discover the Little-Known Secrets of Mastering and Healing your Chakras!

"It really helped me delve into a deeper understanding of myself!"

Lisa PhotoI've visited websites and picked up books about Chakra healing in the past and while I loved the idea of what it suggested, I always felt like the premise was just another fanciful ideology that just didn't apply to me. I have worked with Melissa on and off over the past few years and when the Chakra Healing Mastery program was offered, I jumped on the opportunity to learn about the subject from a source that I've come to trust and respect.

The series is packed with useful information that is presented in a very grass roots style. It really helped me delve into a deeper understanding of myself and how my issues can manifest themselves onto my physical wellbeing.

The series really helped cement the theory that I am ultimately responsible for how problems affect me in all aspects of my life and how I am in control of how I deal the them. My spiritual and physical health are very much a product of how I relate to myself and the world around me. I highly recommend this series for anyone wishing to work on their personal development and gain a better understanding of themselves and the world around them.

Lisa Lambrecht, Richmond, VA


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Meet, share, ask questions and grow with the otehr members of the course anytime, 24/7.

Bonus 2

One month free membership in the Angels Inner Cicle

Your body is constantly sending out and receiving energy waves. When you become aware of these energy centers and learn to control the flow of your energies, you will learn to be the master of your situation.Live Photo

You can become happy, balanced and directed toward the goals that you have for yourself in this life. Anything is possible! When you release the stuck energy and blocks in your chakra system, you are taking the vital steps toward inner healing, mastering yourself and accomplishing your life purpose.

The Chakras Healing Mastery Program gives you the tools you need to do this. You'll get the roadmap to discovering the changes you need to make inside to vibrate at your 100% potential.

This program is literally worth thousands of dollars to you in the value that you will receive from it.

The inner happiness and health benefits you'll achieve are priceless!

We debated on how much to charge for this program, knowing that the value of the information is in the thousands. But we were inspired to make this investment accessible to everyone, so we can serve many more people, and further our spiritual mission.

Your health insurance, doctors bills, vitamins and prescriptions likely cost you much more than that in just one month. Instead of masking the symptoms of the physical body with pills, invest in shifting your internal energy system and treat the real cause ... for good! Don't delay.. sign up now.

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"I feel fabulous!"

LindaI can't begin to thank you enough for the Chakras In Depth Healing private coaching program I just completed with you. It has taken my "Living My Life Purpose" to the next level. This program has helped me remove great longtime blocks that were preventing me from fulfilling my life purpose. I am so much more free and open to be my true self and do what I came here to do. I feel fabulous!

You are such a pleasure to work with - so gentle, yet knowing when I need a nudge. I can't wait to move forward with the next phase of our work together. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to move to their own next level.

Lynda Sowers, Roanoke, VA


We can't wait to hear how the Chakras Power Course changes your life.

With love, respect and backing,

Melissa Kitto & Richard Lassiter

PS: How much is your health and spiritual wellbeing worth to you? Make this nominal investment in your spiritual understanding NOW and heal the pressure before it becomes much more costly to your health and finances in the long run.