Learn to Receive Direct Messages from Your Angels

Yes! It’s possible.

Let me, Melissa Kitto, the Angel Guidance Coach, show you exactly how to connect with your angels to solve not only your big questions about life, but also the everyday ones — for clarity, freedom and joy in life.

In your spiritual quest, you’ve probably tried to connect with a higher source of wisdom, whether you called it Spirit, God, Angels, Guides or the Universe.

Do you ever experience:

  • Feeling unsure whether it’s your angels communicating with you or your own mind making things up?
  • Being too busy to take the time to be still and connect with your guidance?
  • Inability to focus and relax when life is chaotic?
  • Doubting your hunches and impressions or talking yourself out of them?
  • Asking your angels a question and getting no response?
  • Looking outside to channelers, mediums and psychics to tune in to your angels for you, but feeling frustrated that you don’t trust yourself?
woman struggling with a decision

Well, the good news is you’re normal!

Most adults have become comfortable being in their “head,” constantly thinking and analyzing. They’ve lost their connection with Spirit.

Notice I said “lost” their connection with Spirit. It’s not that you’ve never had it, because as a very young child you had a direct communication with your angels every day.

You don’t need to learn something new – you just need to reawaken what you’ve always had inside.

You need to learn simple, practical tools to awaken your communication with your angels.

This can become a way of life for you.

Communicating with your angels has so many benefits in your life and it is simpler to do than you realize.

When you can communicate directly with your angels, your life will change in the following ways:

  • You’ll feel spiritually connected every day, and have a pivot to work with for your spiritual growth.
  • You’ll feel a mission and purpose to your life.
  • When you come to a challenging situation in life, you’ll have the support and guidance to find solutions and come to a positive outcome.
  • You’ll always be in the right place at the right time, because your angels will tune you in to the divine timing to act and when it’s best to wait.
  • You’ll align with your purpose in life as your angels are always guiding you closer to your life purpose.
  • You’ll move out of your limitations and expand into new areas of success.
  • You’ll manifest abundance in your life. I can personally credit my angels with assisting me to manifest travel to Europe, New Zealand and the Carribean, building an extension on my house, overcoming infertility to conceive my beautiful son and more.
  • You’ll find work that aligns with your life purpose and the service you are here to provide to others.
  • You’ll grow in confidence and release fear.

I could go on …

Isn’t it fantastic to know that your are surrounded by not just one guide, but a team of guides who have the wisdom and experience to help you create an amazing life? Your angels/guides want to help you in any way they can.

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I’m Melissa Kitto, the Angel Guidance Coach

At the age of 12 I learned to communicate directly with my angels. At the time I didn’t know if I even believed that angels were real, but when I asked them a question for the first time I received an answer. And it blew my mind!m Melissa Kitto, the Angel Guidance Coach

At that moment I came to know that we live in two worlds at once; the physical world we can see and touch, but also the spiritual world of energy. The more I became tuned in to my own psychic senses, the closer the communication of my angels became. Now, I can talk to my angels anytime I desire.

My angels help me manifest my goals and desires in life. They help me takes risks and be more successful. They reassure me when I’m feeling stressed. They are my support system through each step of my life.

My mission in life is to help as many sincere people as possible to have a direct communication with their angels, just as I have learned to do.

It is simpler to do than you realize. And it will change your life.

Practical in your daily life

Everyone has angels, yet few people know how to communicate with them in a direct and simple way. And unfortunately, there are many misconceptions being taught out there about angels. It’s been made way too complex. If you like things complicated, then this angel course probably isn’t for you.

Woman celebrating success

However, if you’re looking to access your guides in simple, direct ways and make it practical in your life; you’re in the right place.

Let’s face it, you have real-life goals, desires and challenges in life that you want help with. Perhaps you are looking for a change in your career, or to be a better parent, or to manifest a car or a new home.

Instead of learning a bunch of theory that’s not relevant to your everyday life, let’s learn how to access immediate support from your angels to help you with your most important concerns. Your angels will help you with ANYTHING, as long as it is your business to know.

The popularity of mediums, psychics and channelers is growing because people are searching for answers. My husband and I recently presented at a local spirituality expo and there was a long list of presenters channeling or contacting dead loved ones at Tarot cardsthe front of the room. It can be interesting to watch, but this approach to contacting Spirit is like reality TV. It’s fascinating, almost addictive, to be a part of (because you’re hoping you’ll be the one to receive a reading), and the drama makes an entertaining show.

There is nothing wrong with getting someone else to channel for you, however, it doesn’t really give you lasting change in your life. The only way to grow and improve your life is to have a relationship with your OWN angels. Learn to trust your Inner Guidance rather than thinking that someone else has to do that for you.

Take a PRACTICAL approach to your spiritual life.

I’ll teach you how to do it for yourself.

Rebecca OversonI just wanted to take a moment and thank you for your Communicate with Angels course.

I saw your name mentioned online and immediately went to your website and purchased the course. I went through it as quickly as I could and did all the exercises. I love your clear, professional, down-to-earth style of teaching (and your beautiful “accent”!). I was able to use your clearing and communication tools right away, and found that I could easily connect with and receive messages from my Angels. I have even taught my very intuitive oldest child how to do it.

I was raised in a family that taught and talked about Angels it all the time. While I make no attempt to “define” angels, I truly believe we are surrounded by other beings, knowledge, wisdom, guides, and information, whether that be from the subconscious or other realms I can’t explain, but I do know that we all have access to a higher level of wisdom, and your course gave some very practical tools to “play” with. You give a very concise framework that I feel is useful to anyone with an open mind and a desire for further enlightenment and inspiration.

Sometimes when I am feeling stuck, I just ask my angels to come closer and I immediately feel more peace. I was doing the course during a tumultuous time in my life and it has been wonderful to be able to stop, cleanse the negative energy, tune in, and simply LISTEN to my guides.

Keep up the good work. You are doing a lot of good for so many people! Much love and gratitude to you, my friend.

Rebecca Overson
Salt Lake City, Utah

Communicate with Angels Course

In the Communicate with your Angels online course, you will learn how to develop your intuition so you are more receptive to the hunches, ideas and inspirations your angels are sending you daily. You’ll learn ways to receive their messages, and how to get the answers and support you need for your most important questions.

These simple tools have worked for thousands of people around the world. I’ve now taken the proven tools and techniques that WORK to help you communicate with your angels simply and directly and put them in an online course that you can access from the comfort of your home.

Hundreds of students have successfully established a close communication with their angels in this online format since it was first launched in 2015.

So I am thrilled to bring you the tried and tested techniques that work in an online format!

Welcome to the “How to Communicate With your Angels” online course! Here’s what’s included:

The course contains 4 Modules that lay out, step-by-step,
how you can access Spirit and guidance immediately.

Module 1

Discover the Truth about Your Angels & Get Connected!

In this module you will learn:

  • The Fundamental Truths about Angels
  • The truth about what your angels WILL and WON’T do for you. Understanding these guidelines first will ensure your success in communicating with them and will help you avoid a lot of frustration.
  • How to be more Tuned-In to the messages your angels send you so you can hear them not ignore them.
  • Learn to RELAX and be more sensitive to the energy of Spirit.
  • Receive your First Message from your Angels! I’ve set this up in a simple way so you WILL be successful and will be ready for more.
  • Discover the most tangible sign that your angels are communicating with you, and how to interpret what this message means.
  • Learn a daily practice of raising your vibration so you can be centered, relaxed and calm each day.

Module 2

Learn to Hear Your Angels & Interpret Their Messages

In this module you will learn:

  • Develop your gift of clairaudience to hear your angels directly.
  • Learn to raise the energy vibration in your environment so you can be energetically supported no matter where you are.
  • Learn a daily practice of connecting with your angels so they can assist you to unfold your purpose & accelerate your success!
  • Receive support & guidance from your personal team of angels on a challenge you need help with at this time.
  • Refine your sensitivity and trust in Spirit.
  • Learn to TRUST the guidance you receive, and release self-doubt.
  • Bonus video on how to be Mindful of what Triggers you so you can stay relaxed and positive on your spiritual journey.

Module 3

Seeing, feeling and knowing: Expanding the messages of Spirit!

In this module you will:

  • Learn to receive pictures and visions from your angels to clarify what you have come to do this lifetime.
  • Tune in to the gut feelings and sensations that come through your psychic gift of Feeling to raise your awareness.
  • Receive premonitions and glimpses of your future via your gift of Prophecy. Your angels will share the next steps to live your purpose in life.
  • Learn tips to improve your TRUST in what you receive and know how to apply this knowledge to your life in a practical way.
  • Begin to know your angels personally and find out the areas that they help you with!
  • Bonus video on how to discern your own mind from Angelic Messages.
  • Learn to quiet the analyzing and dissecting mind and simply trust the guidance you receive.
  • How to discern the difference between your own mind and the messages of your angels so you can always trust your angels!

Module 4

How to Trust the Angel Guidance You Receive

In this module you will learn:

  • The 3 Step Process of How Energy Flows so you can Always Be in the Right Place at the Right Time to Achieve your Goals in Life
  • How to make the messages from your Angels Practical! Learn how to apply the guidance you receive to make positive changes in your life, including finances, relationships, business success etc
  • The Secrets to Trusting your Inner Guidance
  • To develop a Deep Unshakeable Confidence in your Ability to Connect with your own Guidance so you have this connection as strong pivot point in all areas of your life
  • My key tips on ensuring your success in connecting with your angels on an ongoing basis – stop getting in your own way!

Alma Gonzalez“Taking this course was the start of so much spiritual growth for me. I learned how to communicate with my team of angels, and continue to do so today.

This course gave me the confidence to trust myself and my team of Angels. Everything I learned within the course empowered me to know I am not alone … that my Angels support and love me every step of my journey here on earth. The best part about learning to communicate with my team of Angels is that anything, from little questions to big life changing questions, I know I can get the best guidance if I ask. I love that the course is available online because of how easily I can fit the lessons into my schedule.

There is a sense of community in the Facebook group where I can ask questions and share what I experience while taking this course from home. It was really great for me to sign up at a time I really wanted to learn how to connect with my guidance.” 

Alma Gonzalez
Raleigh, NC

Each Module is Simple and Experiential

I know how busy you are, and that it can be a struggle to make time for your spirituality as it is. So that’s why each lesson is short, and to the point. You will be able to have success immediately!

All the techniques in the Communicate With your Angels online course are simple, and anyone can learn them. Don’t let simple fool you though. These techniques are simple but they are extremely powerful, deep and profound. Complicated doesn’t mean better! In fact, if you’ve been taught spirituality has to be complex, it’s time to learn a better way.

It’s time to get out of your head, and access more of your inner feelings. Through your feelings you will have EXPERIENCES of communicating with your angels, and with each experience you become more and more confident in your ability to connect with your team of guides anytime, anywhere.

Each module is delivered to you weekly, and you will have the opportunity to go through them in your own time. There’s no rush. You have lifetime access to this course and you will be able to go through it as many times as you need to.

Beth Frede“I’m so glad to be a part of your class. For the last couple of years, I’ve been learning to actively open up my intuition and listen to my angels. Those abilities were growing, but “tuning in” still felt very hit-or-miss and somewhat forced.

With the tools I’ve learned from you to this point, I’m already able to channel messages much more fluidly. I had started doing intuitive paintings as a way to receive guidance for others because messages came through most clearly while I painted, but now I’m finding I don’t even need that vehicle to channel information. Everything I’ve been working on is falling into place now.

Thank you for sharing your gifts and helping us to do the same!”

Beth Frede, New Market, NH
Creative Revelations

Kate Navaro-Freeler“I am so glad I found Melissa and her programs! I wish I had known how to communicate with my angels sooner, it’s such a comfort knowing I have such an amazing team on my side, 24/7. Looking back on experiences I’ve had in my life, now it all makes sense. I feel such a sense of purpose and empowerment.

Thank you Melissa, for sharing your gift!”

Kate Navaro-Fessler, Seattle, WA

Your investment in the Communicate With Angels Online course includes:

Course outline:

Module 1: Discover the Truth about your Angels and Get Connected Includes:

audio lesson Audio Lesson: The Fundamental Truths about Angels

Video Lesson Video Lesson: Raise your Spiritual Vibration

audio lesson Audio Lesson: Receive a Message from your Angels

pdf Module Handouts

Module 2: Learn to Hear your Angels & Interpret their Messages Includes:

Video Lesson Video Lesson: Expand your gift of Intuition

Video Lesson Video Lesson: Your Daily Keyword Practice

audio lesson Audio Lesson: Meet your Angels

Video Lesson Bonus Video Lesson: Be Mindful of your Triggers

pdf Module Handouts

Module 3: Seeing, Feeling and Knowing: Expanding the Messages of Spirit Includes:

Video Lesson Video Lesson: Expand your Gift of Vision

Video Lesson Video Lesson: Expand your Gift of Feeling

Video Lesson Video Lesson: Expand your Gift of Prophecy

Video Lesson Bonus Video Lesson: Discerning your own mind from Angelic Messages

pdf Module Handouts

Module 4: How to Trust the Angelic Guidance you Receive Includes:

Video Lesson Video Lesson: The Feel, Think, Act Process

audio lesson Audio Lesson: Trusting your Inner Guidance

Video Lesson Video Lesson: Making it Practical

pdf Module Handouts

That’s 4 Audio Lessons and 10 Video Lessons, a $500 value!

worksheetsEach short, succinct video/audio lesson includes a PDF handout containing more techniques and “How to” information and areas where you can make notes.
$100 value


Private Members Only Facebook Group to connect and share with your fellow class mates, and ask Melissa questions! – unlimited value! =)

One FREE Month’s Membership in our Spiritual Expansion Community – $29 value

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Developing a close communication with your angels takes practice

This program will provide you with many opportunities for practice and experience.

You’ll be supported by me every step of the way, and gain support and tips from your fellow classmates through our private Facebook Group.

You’ll begin to discover your purpose and see how your angels can help you to fulfill that purpose in practical ways. You’ll have the divine guidance you’ve been asking for, direct and accessible every day. Your life will take on new meaning as you raise your vibration to be connected with Spirit!

Communicate with Angels Course

Don’t wait! Sign up for the Communicate With your Angels Online course today and make trusting your Inner Guidance a Way of Life.

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I’m so looking forward to welcoming you to this intimate group experience! Gain the inner healing you’ve been looking for. Join us!

With love and backing,

The Angel Guidance Coach

Please note:
If for some reason the Communicate with Your Angels Online Course does not provide you with value, contact our support team within 14 days of purchase and share the efforts you’ve made to get results, and we will offer you a credit toward another product or service of your choice.