1704, 2019

The 7-year Cycles of Life

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We all go through different phases in our lives.

Did you know that your life moves in 7 year cycles? Every Seven years you’ll move into a new spiritual plateau. In this video, you’ll discover what the 7 Year Cycles are and how they relate to your life experiences. […]

304, 2019

Three States of Consciousness

By |April 3rd, 2019|Life Purpose, Mindfullness, Spiritual Growth, Video|Comments Off on Three States of Consciousness

We can all move in and out of 3 different states of consciousness.

The first is a Balanced State. The second is Unbalanced Feeling – more in the feelings than the intellect. The third is Semi-Intellectual – more in the intellect and the feelings. In this video I’ll explain […]

2003, 2019

Soul Contracts: Going Deeper

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Want to know more about your soul contracts?

Discover what spiritual contracts are all about. You’ll learn why you have a strong affinity with some people and not others. Understand that there is a deeper reason for why you attract people into your life.

Define what your contracts are with […]