Past Life Mentoring Sessions

with Melissa Kitto

Heal your Hidden Fears & Self-sabotage
by Healing Past Life Trauma

You are a soul who has lived many, many lifetimes here on Planet Earth.
With each lifetime, you come in with specific lessons to learn and experiences to gain. At your core, you are the sum total of all of these experiences.

You were born with traits and tendencies that originated in past lifetime experiences. Many of these past life experiences were constructive and contribute to you in a positive way now.

Yet, there are experiences that you had in the past that were traumatic, emotional, perhaps even life threatening that have created fears and habit patterns that you’re still holding on to. The tricky part is that you don’t consciously remember these experiences. Yet, on an inner soul level, you are behaving as if they are still real.

You don’t have a conscious memory of traumatic past life experiences, yet the emotional impact is still within you, and affecting you on a daily basis. You react to people, situations and yourself from the framework of something that you don’t even consciously remember.

You have a created a pattern that you keep reliving over and over again.. that is until you find a way to bring it to the surface and heal it. If you keep sabotaging yourself or acting from the same habit pattern over and over again, chances are the pattern originated in a past life experience. It’s time to shift this, and take on new positive actions so you can experience more happiness, success and abundance in the present – right now.

zen stones & butterfly
Melissa Kitto meditating

Hi I’m Melissa, the founder of and your Past Life mentor. I did my first past life readings at the age of 14 years old! I have a gift for seeing clear visions of your past life experiences so you can bring to the surface what is hidden to clear it, heal it and replace it.

I’ve had profound awareness from my own past life healing work, particularly from my most recent lifetime in the Holocaust in World War II:

I have worked with thousands of clients on helping them remember past life stories that are still having an impact on their daily lives. I’ve observed time and time again, that when a client remembers their past life, and then gets the connection on how the patterns from the past are playing out now in their present lifetime, they can quickly release and replace a pattern that has been holding them back for many years.

You will leave your Past Life Mentoring Session with clear solutions, new positive feelings to incorporate into your being and actions and habits to take to solidify your new pattern.

During the session I’ll take you through a process to release the energetic blocks or limiting beliefs you’ve been holding on to; so that changing your actions from this point onwards is easy.

If you’ve ever found yourself saying “Why am I still acting this way? Why can’t I change this habit even though I want to?” – chances are you’re re-living past life patterns.

Denise Duffield-Thomas

I had a past life session with Melissa Kitto of Communicate with Angels who told me a fascinating story of one of my past lives. I was a Japanese artist and sculptor hundreds of years ago who refused to sell my art to the English – who were then coming to Japan in greater numbers. I was stubborn – wanting to be a purist and to sell only to local people – and fighting for the idea of “Japanese art for Japanese people”.

This decision sabotaged my business to the point of bankruptcy, and ultimately caused a lot of shame to my family.

This story provided a really clear message for me in my present life. It was an allegory for being stubborn to the point of not allowing my talents to shine for the greatest good. I could relate to that story, so I could forgive myself for past sabotages.” -Excerpt from Get Rich, Lucky Bitch

Denise Duffield-Thomas, Best selling author and money mentor

A past life mentoring session is the solution for you to get the change that you desire, by healing it from the inner first.

Teresa Navaro

Over the past 10 years I have had numerous past lives surface through body work, visions and dreams. After hearing Melissa on a tele-class (Discover and Heal your Past Lives) I immediately signed up to have a private session with her to see how she works and what would come through for me. The session with her was absolutely amazing.

Her connection to spirit and bringing forth the details and insights from past lives that I have lived was truly profound. Once we connected to issues that I am currently having in my life, I immediately felt the deep inner connections and could put two and two together to really know that the truth was coming forward from these past events and their connections to my current journey with others in my life.

This hour session was truly transformational. I feel so blessed and honored to have found Melissa and this work and I will, for sure, be back for another session sooner than later. Thank you Melissa for your insights and helping me discover and heal my past lives!!!

Teresa Navarro, Winterset, Iowa

In your Past Life Mentoring Session with Melissa Kitto, you will experience:

  • A clear connection between the fear/ emotions/ challenges that you have in this present lifetime and the past lifetime in which these tendencies first originated.
  • Melissa will share a specific vision and story of the past life experience.
  • You’ll recognize the patterns that you are re-living that are nothing to do with your current lifetime experience. (because they originated in the past)
  • Experience energetic healing to release the blockages from your spiritual energy field. (The method of this varies based on what is most in alignment and needed for YOUR healing)
  • In some cases, you’ll see how relationships that you have with people now are affected by relationships that you had with them in past lifetimes.
  • You’ll leave feeling lighter, free and able to make positive, tangible changes in your life in the areas that felt stuck before your session (past clients have healed relationship issues, made strides in their new business endeavors, increased their financial income etc)

Heal patterns quickly instead of staying stuck in them for years.

You have the choice of a 30 minute session or a 60 minute session.

Usually, the 30 minute session will cover one lifetime and the 60 minute session will cover two lifetimes.

Sessions are administered over the phone.

30 minutes


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60 minutes


Reserve a 60 min Session

Thanks for that Melissa 🙂 Was amazing learning about my past life experience and how emotions from that lifetime were blocking me in this one. I am sure I can already feel a shift in my energy since doing the reading with you, and a few things simply just fell into place later in the day. 

Jess Robertshaw, Tauranga, New Zealand

Thank you very much for the past life reading that you gave me today. It was both fascinating & revealing & I genuinely feel a sense of welcome release.

Fara Asamee, London, United Kingdom

I want to thank you so much for your time and for our conversation last week. It was such a pleasure. I did feel a healing just talking with you about feeling lesser. I know this healing will continue.

Mette Morche, Denmark