Discover the Most Important Habit for your Spiritual Growth & Development!

I’ve been doing this daily since I was a teenager and honestly I can’t imagine life without it. When you incorporate this important habit, you will feel more balanced, experience abundance in your life, and feel happier and more joyful every day. This is about putting your spirituality to the forefront of your life, because EVERYTHING else improves from there.

Discover what this most important habit is – watch the video!

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Hi, I’m Melissa, and in today’s video I’m going to share with you THE most important habit that you can develop for your spiritual growth and awareness, so stay tuned.

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Alright, so I’m really excited about what I have to share with you today. This has been a part of my life since I was a teenager. It’s the most important habit that you can develop for your spiritual growth and what is it? It’s regrouping.

What is regrouping?

Regrouping is giving yourself a chance to take stock and evaluate your progress each and every day. And I’m not talking about material progress – although that’s important too – and it’s actually an important part of it but, it’s more your spiritual growth and your personal development each and every day.

 You are here to learn and grow.

That is your purpose for being here on planet Earth. That’s why you chose to come here. To learn and grow and experience and you can do that at a faster pace here on planet Earth in a physical body than out there in the universe which is your true home. While you’re here, make your spiritual growth your number one priority because that’s the whole reason that you’re here and it’s all that you take with you when you pass on from this lifetime. Spirituality undercurrents everything. It undercurrents every area of your life. Your relationships, your business, your job, your family life, etc.

All of it is opportunities and experiences to learn and grow so if you don’t take time to evaluate what you are learning and ask yourself some questions around it, you are going to get full up, stagnant, stark. Because you’re not acknowledging the growth that you’re having.  

Regrouping actually balances your chakras.

When you take time to regroup daily, or even more than once a day, it allows you to balance your energy. Regrouping actually balances your chakras. You have an inflow of energy and an outflow of energy and the inflow is all the things that you’re taking in all the time, even in your own thoughts or what you’re learning from others or what you’re doing and learning as you experience each and every day.

The outflow is the sharing of that and you need a chance to put it together. Even if you’re just sharing it by putting it in a journal, but not sharing it with any other person, it’s still a need for outflow because then you’ve freed up your energy. It’s flowing again and you’re ready for the next growth opportunity.

I used to have these concepts of really striving and working hard for things and that meant that life felt like an uphill battle and I didn’t give myself enough opportunity to regroup. I felt like I had to go, go, go all the time and I’ll be honest with you I can still fall into that mode at times but by regrouping every day, you give yourself a chance to reflect.

 I’ll tell you how I regroup.

Every night I grab a journal and I look at a keyword that I set for a day and I write a few sentences sometimes more about what did I experience that day? What was the highlights and what did I learn from it and by giving myself that time to do that, I’m processing and seeing the growth and the opportunity. I’m seeing things not as a problem but as an amazing opportunity to learn and grow. Even if challenges come up, I’m giving myself time to reflect on it from that spiritual point of view where I say, “Okay, this is what happened, so what did I learn from it?”

I really encourage you to start making this a practice in your life and I have four key regrouping questions that I’m going to share with you in next week’s video so stay tuned for that if you’d like to get some very specific questions to ask yourself on that.

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