About Melissa Kitto

Melissa is an experienced spiritual coach who guides you to raise your awareness, heal yourself and align with your unique purpose. She has been working with her inner guidance since age 12 and enabling others to do the same for over 20 years.

This Could Change Your Life

Today you're going to get a glimpse into your future. This is the future that is possible for you when you can communicate directly with your angels. I share 5 specific things that can happen in your new life. Believe this is possible for you! After watching this video, I hope your imagination is [...]

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Connect with Your Angels

Are you wanting to improve your communication with your angels? Struggling to connect? Today I'm sharing with you 5 tips to improve your communication with your angels. These tips are essential in having a clear, direct communication with your angels! Which one resonated with you the most? 1 ,2, 3, 4, or 5? Once [...]

My Response Doreen Virtue’s A-Z

All righty, I'm going there again! Following up from my previous video on "Moving beyond Doreen Virtue's definition of Angels" I felt it was important to share my response to Doreen Virtue's A-Z of New Age Practices to Avoid. In this blog post, she listed everything under the sun that you should avoid; from [...]

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How Angels Can Help

Need some help or assistance? If you're going through a challenging time - your angels / spirit guides can help. Don't forget to ask! They REALLY desire to help you. In this video you'll learn the 5 main areas that your angels can help you with. Hopefully this will spark some ideas and inspiration [...]

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If you want to be connected with your angels, you need to tune in! Tune in to a high frequency of energy that is. If you've ever felt that you just can't get in touch with your spirit guides, or that you feel disconnected from them - you've probably been making the mistake of [...]

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The 7-year Cycles of Life

We all go through different phases in our lives. Did you know that your life moves in 7 year cycles? Every Seven years you'll move into a new spiritual plateau. In this video, you'll discover what the 7 Year Cycles are and how they relate to your life experiences. Enjoy! Comment below, what 7 [...]

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How to be in BALANCE and Flow with your Intuition

Are you experiencing the "FLOW" in your life? In the right place at the right time? OR .. not so much. Here's how you can flow with your intuition more often. Discover the SECRET to being in Balance. Once you've watched the video, please comment below, what did you learn? Where do you have [...]

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Three States of Consciousness

We can all move in and out of 3 different states of consciousness. The first is a Balanced State. The second is Unbalanced Feeling - more in the feelings than the intellect. The third is Semi-Intellectual - more in the intellect and the feelings. In this video I'll explain these three states of consciousness, [...]

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