Want to know more about your soul contracts?

Discover what spiritual contracts are all about. You’ll learn why you have a strong affinity with some people and not others. Understand that there is a deeper reason for why you attract people into your life.

Define what your contracts are with people, and when they might need to end.

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Today I’m talking about Soul Contracts

I did a video a few months back about Soul Contracts and why you attract certain people into your life and I wanted to expand on that topic today, and let you know that there are two types of connections you might say that you could have with people in your life. And we often don’t think about things this way so Number One is that you are here to learn and grow. This is why you’re really here in this lifetime. You’re not here by coincidence.

You have a unique purpose and every single soul on this planet right now is here to learn and grow. And here’s the thing – learning is just taking in information. Growing is when you really utilize something that you’ve learned and apply it into your life and make it a practice and a habit so that you have the wisdom as a result and then the next step is to pass it on to others.

Like attracts like.

Now, in our journey on planet earth we will attract certain people into our life. Like attracts like. There are some people that you would say you have a really strong affinity with. You really enjoy being around them. You feel a connection with them. You feel comfortable in their presence. You enjoy that exchange of ideas and communication with this person. And then there are people in your life that you have a contract with.

A contract is kind of a fancy word or a business-type word but it’s the best way that one could describe the arrangement – the agreement that we have with certain other souls. Now, you may have heard other people talk about a soulmate as if there’s only one person that could ever fulfill you and the truth is you don’t just have one soulmate. You have many soulmates that you will interact with in your life and that’s what a contract is. There’s some way that you guy’s can mutually help each other to learn and grow spiritually.

Yes, this does include a romantic or marriage-type of partnership or relationship but it’s not just limited to that. You know, we make a big deal out of that – watch any Hollywood movie but there’s so much more to it than just that and again in romantic areas you could have many different contracts over your lifetime. Society says you should marry one person and stay married but that’s really just a concept of society.

The contract is probably over because you’ve grown apart

From a spiritual point of view, you need to grow and if a relationship has gotten to the point where you’re not growing anymore and even if you’re holding yourself back spiritually, it’s not in your best interest. The contract is probably over because you’ve grown apart and I know I watched my parents do that. I never felt bad about it. It’s just kind of what happened and they needed to separate and go on separate paths in their lives so you’ve probably known people or had that experience yourself. So, we also have contracts with people in business, friendships, et cetera and what can be really, really helpful is to know, first of all, with a certain person in your life, do you have a contract or do you just have an affinity?

I’ll give you an example. I have two younger sisters and I love them dearly. I have a very strong affinity with them. I’m very lucky to consider that my sisters are like my very best friends. I honestly don’t see them that often because we live in different countries but every time I see them, it’s just so familiar, it’s comfortable, we have a great time, we really connect. At this time in my life, I actually don’t have a contract with them.

What I notice is I see them, like I just saw them at Christmastime, there’s a strong connection there, I had a lot of fun but after a week or two I start to feel kind of antsy. I start to feel oh I need to go do something now. Because there’s a connection but there’s not really something that we’ve come to do together right now. It’s just a friendship. So I hope that makes sense and maybe you can make sense of it by thinking of someone else in your life that you feel that way about. You love them, and you love being around them but yet there’s not really something that you need to accomplish together or learn and grow together about. Versus other friendships in my life, there is a growth attached to it. That’s why we have a contract as well as an affinity.

Now, if you really want to go deeper with this, start to ask your inner guidance or your spirit guides for some keywords about the contract that you have with someone.

  • Maybe it’s a business contract.
  • Maybe it’s a contract for spiritual growth.
  • Maybe it’s a contract for learning from that person.

A friend of mine is coming to mind who approaches life in a more open and free way than I do. My upbringing was, I tend to be a little bit shy and hold back from what I really want to say and my friend, she is the opposite. She will just blurt things out, sometimes a little bit too much but I learn from her how to be free and open and communicate without holding back so that’s what that contract is and whenever I spend time with her, that’s what I learn from her.

So you can start to get really clear about the contracts that you have in your life so you know what you’re working with. And you know the value of the people around you. The other thing to keep in mind is that contracts do change and sometimes contracts even end and that can be difficult. I know I have been guilty in the past of holding onto things too long and not just people but opportunities that didn’t really serve me anymore because it felt familiar and it felt comfortable and I feared change and loss.

But again, in that bigger-picture perspective that maybe your angels have for you, there will be times when, in order for you to keep growing and expanding, you need to end certain contracts and just be willing to know that when you end that contract, a new person will come into your life but sometimes you need to let go of the old before you can open yourself up for the new.

Remember you’re here to learn and grow and if anything in your life has become stagnant, whether it’s a relationship or a job or an opportunity or anything else, it may be time to take a step back and go hmmm, is it time to end this? Is is time to take on something new or is it time to change it? Only you and your guidance can answer that for you. There’s no hard and fast rules for all of this but just taking the time to discern how do I feel about it? Does it feel light and expansive or does it feel stagnant will give you those keys.

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I will share with you again on our next video next Wednesday. Have a great week.