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If you’re going through a challenging time – your angels / spirit guides can help. Don’t forget to ask! They REALLY desire to help you.

In this video you’ll learn the 5 main areas that your angels can help you with. Hopefully this will spark some ideas and inspiration for you!

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Alright so today I’m talking about some ways that your angels can help you in your life.

Now, the truth is your angels can help you with so many things and when I say angels you could call it spirit guides or any other name that fits for you but you have a personal team of guides, helpers, angels, available to you with a high level of wisdom and support for you. So there’s so many ways that they can help you but today I’m going to share with you the five areas that they help me the most and I would say that this is the same five that help my friends and my clients the most as well so I’m guessing that it can help you too.

The number one way that your angels can help you is with your spiritual growth.

This is really what it’s all about. You’re here on this planet to learn and grow. Not just to learn and to fill your head with information but to grow which means living life and putting things into practice, having experiences, making mistakes and learning from the journey, mastering yourself, mastering your wisdom. THat’s really what it’s all about the. The material world is just a means to an end.

So your angels really want to partner up with you on your journey to spiritual growth and awareness. They will never lie to you. They will never pressure you. They will never tell you that you’ve done anything wrong. They really know that every experience can be a learning opportunity and if anything, they’re guiding you to take action so stop procrastinating. That’s one way they can really help you have more awareness of the things that you need to learn, change and improve about yourself. It’s a continual journey.

The second way your angels can really help you is with your timing.

Timing is everything and I’m going to make a whole video about this area soon. They can help you be in the right place and the right time because they have a birds’ eye view of your life. They can things you can’t see and timing is one of those things that is really hard for us to see from our physical Planet Earth perspective.

Because they have that birds’ eye view and are detached from Planet Earth, they can help you to see when would be the best timing to do something in order to really have a flow and to be effortlessly moving you towards your goal, whether it be moving your house or quitting your job or any other big changes or even little changes in your life, they’ll help you to be in the right place in the right time. This is really helpful for me when I’m planning workshops and I’m planning a retreat for women in the early fall and I worked with my guides to get the best dates for that retreat.

The number three way that your angels can really help you is to find and life your unique life purpose.

You have a unique purpose. No one came to do what you came to do and sometimes it’s hard for us to see that, right? We’re living life, we have responsibilities, we get busy, but your angels always know your purpose. You came in with a purpose. You still have that purpose and again, because they’re detached from the pressures of Planet Earth, they can be guiding you step by step closer to your niche in life. Close to that purpose to really be living the life that fulfills you, that brings you joy that you were meant for.

The fourth way your angels can really help you is to define your spiritual contract.

Don’t know what a spiritual contract is? I’ll link a video right here where I explain all about this idea of spiritual contracts. Basically it’s about relationships about people who come into your life. You’ve probably heard the saying, some are here for a short time, some are here for a season, some are here for a long time, what is that all about? What does that mean? Well your angels can actually help you to know what is the purpose of each relationship and when it begins and when it’s over or when the contract will change to something different. It’s so helpful to just get clear on those facts when you’re dealing with the people around you so you know what you bring to each other and you’re not questioning and wondering.

And number five of the ways that your angels can really help you is to make clear decisions.

This is huge guys. So do you ever feel self doubt, questioning yourself, not trusting, wondering do I do this, do I do this, what’s right, what’s wrong, what’s the right decision, what’s the best choice? It’s mental gymnastics. It’s draining. Instead of all that wandering and getting in your own way, you can tune into this high source of wisdom that’s available to you all the time and they will help you to make the decisions that are most in alignment with your purpose and lead your to successfully reaching your goals and your spiritual growth.

And once you have that clear guidance from your angels – they’re never telling you what to do – but it’s a really wise perspective that you probably want to pay attention to and once you get that, you’re clear, you have a road map. It’s like using a GPS. You’ve got the directions to where you need to go and all you need to do from that point is just follow those directions.

Those are just five of the many ways that your angels will help you in having peace and clarity and purpose in your life every single day so you can start to see how beneficial it really is to develop this communication with your personal team of angels or guides or whatever you want to call them.

If you’re ready to get started with me, I have a resource for you. It’s a guide to giving you the first three steps that you need to take to open up your communication with your angels, to improve it and to really trust in what you’re getting.

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