We can all move in and out of 3 different states of consciousness.

The first is a Balanced State. The second is Unbalanced Feeling – more in the feelings than the intellect. The third is Semi-Intellectual – more in the intellect and the feelings. In this video I’ll explain these three states of consciousness, and you’ll get some clues to discover which you fit into most of the time. For many, the key is to develop the Feeling/Intuitive side of us more to be in balance instead of over-thinking!

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Today, I’m talking about the Three States of Consciousness.

Which one fits you best? There are three states of consciousness that you’ll recognize in people around you and in yourself and it has to do with the balance of your intellectual and your feeling natures. We have both of these aspects to our personalities while we’re here on Planet Earth. The intellect is the logical, analyzing, dissecting, proving part of you. The feeling nature is your intuition and your experiences. We need both of those to be in balance.

The first state of consciousness is the balance state where a person has a thought for every feeling and a feeling for every thought and when you’re in a balanced state of consciousness, things just flow more easily. You find yourself being in the right place at the right time. You don’t over-analyze things, you just kind of have an inspiration, organize it and then take action upon what you’ve organized and it keeps flowing from there. A person who has a more balanced state is going to be generally more relaxed and more at peace with who they are and what they’re here to do.

The second state of consciousness you might call a semi-intellectual person. This is a person who is way more in their intellect than in their feelings. This person might overthink. They might worry a lot. They might want everything proven to them. They might be a skeptic. This person will have a tendency to be an alcoholic or a workaholic or a golfaholic because they feel so much pressure that they want something to help them escape. It’s really common to be more of a semi-intellectual in our society because we’re taught to think, we’re not taught to feel and so we get way too much in our head, especially in Western society and this is where a lot of illnesses and troubles kind of arise.

The third state of consciousness you might call an unbalanced feeling person. This person is going in the other direction. They have more feelings than intellect so they are kind of operating from sensation. They go with whatever they feel and they don’t really organize themselves to accomplish much so they might find that they’re scattered or they go from one thing to another without really accomplishing much. They feel disorganized. They forget things. And they do more for other people and leave themselves out.

So, which one of those three states do you find yourself in most of the time?

If you’re not sure, here’s a clue: think of your five best friends. Where would you place them? In the more balanced state? In the more semi-intellectual state? Or in a more unbalanced feeling state and guess what, that’s probably where you are too – where your top 5 friends lie. If you are out of balance at this time, the key is not to lessen the part that’s overdeveloped but to bring up the part that’s under-developed. So, if you fall into that semi-intellectual state because I know I…most of the time I’m balanced but if I get out of balanced I’m going to go in that direction. I’m going to start overthinking.

Thinking so much that I’m actually talking myself out of my ideas. I’m coming up with all the reasons why it won’t work or I’m thinking about how am I going to do this before I’ve even stepped into it and made a decision. Mental gymnastics. So, if you can relate to that, the key is not to go okay, I’ve got to think less, it’s actually to bring up your intuition more. To have more practices where you’re using that part of you. You know, go along to an intuitive development group.

I invite you to check out NewSpiritualHorizons.com. This is an international organization where you can meet people in your community to share and to outflow and to develop that feeling, intuitive part of you. This is not something that you did in school, right? So you need to have your own practice of this and the best idea is to do it at least weekly because then you’re having a regular practice of spirituality and opening yourself up to energy, things that might feel uncomfortable right now but are really natural and normal.

This was a big part of my spiritual journey – up until this point – was coming back into balance. To know that it was okay to be in touch with my feelings, to not want to escape from my feelings and to be really honest about who I am, what I desire and what I’m experiencing and to have the confidence then to share my true feelings with others. That was not natural for me in my younger years so it’s something that I’ve worked on to bring myself back into balance.

Let me know in the comments below. Which one do you relate to most? Are you more balanced? Are you more semi-intellectual? Or are you more unbalanced feeling? No judgement just be honest with where you’re at and then you can start taking more steps to change it.

If you’d like to learn more about your intuitive gifts, I invite you to a free PDF I have, sharing about the four different intuitive gift types so you can understand more of that, the gifts that you have. I’ve posted that link below and please subscribe to this channel. I share these videos every week and I look forward to talking with you in the next one.

Have a great day.