Do you have dreams that you don’t understand?

Interpreting your dreams can be tricky.. but it is a very insightful spiritual practice when you learn how to do it. In this video, I share with you three tips to learn to interpret your dreams.

The first step is to decide which of the 3 types of dreams you’ve had. Then, I’ll share with you how to decipher the symbols of dreams and to create your own personal practice. Thanks to Kate for suggesting this video topic and for being a subscriber!

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Hi, I’m Melissa, your guide to all things angels, intuition, purpose and more and today, I’m going to tell you about three tips to interpret your dream symbols. I was inspired to do this video by one of the YouTube subscribers, Kate,  “Hi Kate” – she lives in the Philippines I believe and she emailed me and asked if I had a video about interpreting dream symbols and I realized I did not and so that inspired me to do that today.

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Tip #1

Alright, so the first tip on interpreting your dream symbols is when you wake up from the dream, be sure to write it down and you can ask your angels which is it out of the three types of dreams?

It could be a regrouping dream, a symbolic dream or a prophetic dream.

Let me explain what those three types are.

A regrouping dream is one where you’re just kind of going over everything that happened in the day. You’re taking stock and just reliving the day or even the last few days. That is not necessarily a real meaningful dream. It’s just your subconscious is bringing things up that needed to be regrouped, that needed to be resurfaced. So that’s when you see people or things that you did in the day before. That’s your soul regrouping it.

The second type of dreams are symbolic dreams and this is the kind of dream that I have the most if I remember them. A symbolic dream is not literal. You can’t take it at face value. The people, the things, the animals, the activities that happen in that dream are a symbol for something.

Then you have a prophetic dream which is actually a dream that could come true, that is a premonition of the future. I very rarely have these kind of dreams myself but I know a lot of people do and they’ve had prophetic type dreams to predict something that’s going to happen in their family or even at large. Like 9/11, people dreamed that that was going to happen.

The first thing to do is to check in with your inner guidance or if you have that communication with your angels, ask them which of the three dreams it is. If it’s a regrouping dream you may not need to interpret it right away.

My second tip is to start creating your dream symbol dictionary.

This is something you can do right away. Here’s the key: Not every dream symbol means the same to every single person out there. We are so unique and you have a personal dream symbol dictionary with your guides. Your guides are the ones that are bringing you these symbols in your dreams. I remember years ago my mother had a book that was a dream interpretation dictionary and it was really long and it would say “if you dream about a cat, it means this”, “If you dream about a hospital, it means this” and it never quite felt right. So a cat or a hospital is up to your interpretation.

Here’s what you can do. Get yourself a separate journal just for this purpose and start your own dream dictionary. And you can start by just doing a brief meditation like this: So, you’re going to close your eyes and relax and bring to mind a symbol or ask your angels to bring to mind a symbol. Just whatever pops in your mind. So, what I started seeing when I did that was a night sky with twinkling stars and a bright moon.

Ok, so I write down that symbol and then I think, “What does that symbolize for me?” You know? So maybe stars at night represents future, ok? It could be anything, just whatever you think. Whatever feels right to you. And do that with about five symbols and the next day, do five more symbols. And you start to have your own personal dream interpretation dictionary and really do work with your spiritual helpers or your angels as you go through this because they will give you clues and insights.

Then, when you have a dream, you can say wow I dreamed about a tornado, let me see if that’s in my dream dictionary. What does that symbolize for me?

Tip #3

Tip three is if a symbol comes up in a dream that you’ve had that’s not in your dream dictionary yet – here’s what you can ask yourself as you’re interpreting. What does this person, thing or situation represent to me/? That question has a way of really getting to the heart of the matter. I’ll give you an example.

A couple years ago, I had a dream that was very vivid and I dreamt that my father, who has actually passed on – who is not around anymore – but in the dream I dreamt that he was driving up to my driveway in this very long car. It was like a long station wagon. Not quite a limousine but it was quite a long car and it was like he was pulling up to pick me up and when I woke up, I thought wow, why did I have a dream that my father came back to life? But the mistake I was making there was I was interpreting that very literally so then I took a step back and I said “what does my father represent to me?”

My father represents to me unconditional love and so I took my father as a symbol for unconditional love. Then I might say, okay what does the car represent to me? A car represents freedom. Freedom to move, freedom to go where ever you need to go. Ok, great so then you start bringing together all these symbols and what they represent to you and you start to piece together the puzzle of your dream.

Why do we have these dreams that are so difficult to interpret?

It’s the language of spirit. They are not part of planet Earth and so they are way out, sending you these more symbolic, divine spiritual messages in their method of communication and then we, with our intellectual brains, need to interpret it.

Have you ever had a dream or do you have a dream that you’d like help interpreting. Please post it below. Ask questions and again, please subscribe to this YouTube channel. Like this video if you enjoyed it. Please comment and I will see you next Wednesday.