Is it even possible to find your life purpose in 30 days? YES!

In this video you’ll learn the 5 key tools that you need to Find your Unique Life Purpose in 30 days. With these 5 key tools in place you will have the elements that you need to get into alignment with your purpose.

Feeling lost? Stuck? Desiring more? Then this video is ESSENTIAL for you to move forward with what you truly came to do in this lifetime.

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Hi guys, I’m Melissa and find your life purpose in 30 days? Is that possible? Yes, it is. Live your life purpose in 30 days, is that possible? No, it’s not.

You are going to spend your entire life living and fulfilling your unique life purpose. But if you’re trying to find your purpose right now, in today’s video I’m going to share with you the five important tools that you need to find your life purpose.

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First of all, I do want to make it clear that your life purpose will go through evolutions and changes.

Is my life purpose now, at 40 years old, the same as it was when I was 20 years old? No way, my life looks completely different. So, we will go through these evolutions and changes and you might need to reevaluate these five tools that I’m going to share with you today a few different times over the course of your life. Make sense? Cool.

But these five tools are really the key to having and finding your unique life purpose.

So, let’s jump on in.

Tool number 1 is to discover your spiritual thrust in life.

So, what is your spiritual thrust? What does that even mean? Well, what this is about is your unique expression. Your spiritual vibration. You just emanate this energy from you when you’re doing your thing – when you’re being yourself, when you’re being in your true feelings and it’s your unique skills and talents that come so naturally to you, you probably don’t even know that you know you have them.

People always tell me, “Wow Melissa, you’re always so calm and I feel so relaxed when you talk”. Let me tell you guys I don’t always feel calm inside but that is my expression. That’s the energy that people feel from me so it’s really wonderful to get that feedback because I know that that is me, living in my unique spiritual thrust. Each person has this unique vibration, this expression and you can actually kind of encapsulate that into words so you understand it in a more tangible way.

Tool number 2 to finding your life purpose in 30 days is to find the avocation or job or career or business role or opportunity that is a perfect match for your unique spiritual thrust.

I could be doing anything I want with my spiritual thrust but there’s certain avocations and things that I’m drawn to that are a really good match. Now, one of them is actually I am, believe it or not, I work part time as a gymnastics instructor. I just love this avocation. I love the sport. I always have. I’m not really desiring to be doing a whole lot of flips upside down myself right now but I still really enjoy sharing that with other children. I have a skill in this area and so when I’m doing that avocation, I’m actually doing my spiritual thrust as I do it.

I’m really helping the children to feel calm, to feel welcome, to nurture them, to slowly but surely progress their skills. I always emphasize that in my gymnastics classes that hey, you don’t have to be at the same level as another kid in the class, but if you’re making progress every week then you’re doing awesome and I think that is me doing my unique thrust because there could be lots of different approaches to teaching gymnastics class. That is the way that I bring my uniqueness into that avocation.

You need to find a job that’s a good match for your spiritual thrust because if your job has nothing to do with your unique expression and your energy, you’re going to not be very happy and so many people are kind of forced into a job that they don’t like from other people and you really have to find that for yourself.

Tool number 3 to finding your unique life purpose is to really be clear about what you truly, truly desire.

What is your heart’s desire? What is it that you really, really want? This can be tough for a lot of people. They get scared about even going there. I don’t know what I want, but you really do. In your heart of hearts, you know what you want and that is a key to giving you direction to your purpose. You unique expression is like cool, I’m doing it. But when you know what you want, you’re putting direction toward your energy. You’re moving toward something and that’s really, really important.

A soul moves by desire. Are you blocking your desires and not moving? That’s getting in your own way. That’s called driving with the brakes on so we don’t want to do that. Really acknowledge what you truly desire and trust that if you have a desire for it, there’s something in it for you. You wouldn’t have that energy be a part of your desires if you couldn’t accomplish it. It’s a universal law. It’s what you’re here to do. Stop denying those desires. Write down what you want each day. Get clearer and clearer and make them into specific goals and then you’ll be getting somewhere.

Tool number 4 to finding your unique life purpose is to find your mission in life.

What is it that drives you? What do you want to offer the world? Now this one I would say is sometimes the trickier one to really define but once you get it, man it just really helps that inner motivation and drive to accomplish. I actually found my mission in life when I was 25 years old and at that time I had been connecting with my guides and doing some of the tools that I’m sharing with you in these videos and in my courses and consultations. I’ve been learning that since the age of 12 so I had 13 years’ experience under my belt at a really young age and I started to realize that, wow, this has helped me so much in my life and most people don’t even know that they have angels.

They don’t know that they can connect with them in a practical way. They’re seeing it in more religious terms where God’s out there somewhere. And so I really knew that this was my mission in life. My mission in life is to help as many sincere people as possible have a two-way communication with their own inner guidance. It doesn’t matter whether you call that angels or spirit guides or I don’t care.

We have guidance and I want you to be in communication with it and have that be just a normal, natural part of your daily life, like it’s as natural as breathing. That is what drives me to do what I do. It’s a passion, it’s a drive, it’s a mission and if you don’t have that yet, be patient with yourself but it’s going to be a really important key that gets you up in the morning because it’s not about money. It can’t be about that or you’re never going to be quite fulfilled. There’s got to be that mission behind everything you’re doing and the abundance will follow as a result.

Alright, so tool number 5 in finding your unique purpose in just 30 days is to be of service to more people.

The more people that you can really be of service to in the way of helping them on their own journey, helping them to make progress in a certain area, fulfilling a need, solving a problem for them. The more that you are going to be fulfilling your purpose. If you’re watching this video, you’re here to be of service. You’re here to help people in some way. But it doesn’t have to be doing real spiritual, spiritual thing. It could be just offering a product or service or what you do in your job. But if you want to be more purposeful, find more ways to be of service and then all you have to do is organize yourself into offering a product or service that people really want or need and are willing to pay for. We make it really complicated but it really is as simple as that. Keep serving and the energy and the abundance comes back to you as a by-product. If you’re just out for what you can get, it never quite aligns.

Ok guys so those are the five tools that you will need to find your unique life purpose in 30 days.

You might be saying, “Okay well Melissa, this sounds really great but how do I know what my spiritual thrust is or what my mission is? I mean you’ve given me the tools but how can I find what it is for me?” That’s a really good question my friend because I am offering a free webinar to share with you the essential keys and steps to finding and living your unique life purpose where I’m going to go deeper into everything that I’ve shared today and more and make it real and practical for you.

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