Are you asking your angels/ spirit guides questions?

If you’ve been wondering what questions you can ask them, wonder no longer! Here are the 5 questions that I think are the best ones to ask your angels. Once you’ve learned the 5 questions let me know in the comments below which one of the 5 questions will be most helpful for YOU to ask your guides?

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Hi everyone, I’m Melissa with and I help spiritual seekers like you learn to communicate directly with your angels, find and live your unique life purpose so you can have more success and abundance in your life and today’s topic is all about the five best questions to ask your angels.

So, if you’ve been struggling to know how to phrase the questions or what questions you can even ask your angels, these 5 questions are really going to help you. Now, are they the only 5 questions? No. You can really ask your angels any question as long as it’s in your business to know. You want to maybe avoid the word should. I have a previous video about that if you want to check it out on the YouTube channel. But here’s 5 questions I really like to ask my angels so I figured they would probably help you, too.

The first question, and this is probably my favorite, is “What is the highest priority for fulfilling my life purpose?” Do you ever get indecisive? Do you ever feel stuck about making a decision or you’re trying to figure out what’s the right path or the wrong path? Little clues that there’s really no such thing as the right and the wrong path. However, you have an niche in life. You have a unique life purpose and so there will be some things that are good opportunities for you and others that just aren’t in alignment for you. If I’m stuck between choosing a few different things, I will ask about priorities. What is the highest priority for fulfilling my life purpose and then really clarify that.

The next question that’s really helpful to ask your angels is when is the best timing to do this? Timing is everything and this is one of the things that your angels can help you with that is something that we don’t know. We don’t know how things are going to pan out with the timing but because they have a bird’s eye view on our life they can see things that we can’t see and one of those is timing. Get really specific with your timing. When is the best timing? Would it be this month or next month, et cetera and then you’ll have that little advantage to help your flow and be in the right place at the right time.

Another great question to ask your angels is “Is this opportunity materially in my best interest?” Money is an interesting thing, right? We all have to make choices everyday about what we spend money on, what we don’t spend money on, et cetera and investing your finances into something can really be a good thing because that’s what we’re here to do and I choose to invest in things that are going to give me experiences, to help me serve other people and to be of service to myself and something that’s going to grow me as a person. So, this is a really interesting question to ask your angels:”Is this materially in my best interest”. Perhaps you’re like me and if you have to invest a lot of money in something it can seem scary. You don’t know if it’s a good idea and so if you get that confirmation from your angels that yes, this is a good investment for you, it’s in alignment, it’s part of your purpose then you’ll have confidence to take that leap and make that purchase.

Another question to ask is “Is this opportunity spiritually in my best interest?” And this is everything. This is why we’re here, to grow spiritually. So you can ask if it’s going to bring you spiritual growth, if it’s a good step on your spiritual path. Again remember, there’s no right or wrong but your angels are advising you closer to your niche in life, that path that’s most in alignment for you and it’s not the same as anybody else.

Another really great question to ask your angels is “What is the best first step to reaching my goal?” Here’s a caveat to this one: you’ve got to know what your goal is. You’ve got to describe what it is you really want and be as specific and clear as you can about that goal. You don’t know the steps to get to that goal but first decide what you really want, what your goal is and then ask your angels what eh best first step toward that might be. They can advise you and it might not always be what you expect so stay open to taking that leap and taking a step towards that goal that might always be what you thought it would be.

So those are my 5 favorite questions to ask my angels. Hopefully those will help you. I want to invite you to an opportunity today. It’s called the Angels Direct Connect Consultation. This is a one on one session that can be done over video, Skype or in person where I guide you to learn a method of asking your angels questions and get immediate, clear and direct answers and so these kind of questions that I’ve shared with you today, you’ll learn actually a method of asking your angels these questions that will give you really clear answers, there won’t be any doubt im your mind.

I invite you to check that out on my website, If you’ve really been looking for more clarity and the mosre direct connection with your angels, that’s is a really greats investment to make in yourself.

Please comment below, What questions do you like to ask your angels and if you’re not a subscriber to this YouTube channel, love to hear and if you’re not a subscriber to this YouTube channel, I invite you to subscribe. I put out these videos every two weeks and I will look forward to sharing with you in the next one. Bye for now.