We all go through different phases in our lives.

Did you know that your life moves in 7 year cycles? Every Seven years you’ll move into a new spiritual plateau. In this video, you’ll discover what the 7 Year Cycles are and how they relate to your life experiences. Enjoy!

Comment below, what 7 year Cycle are you currently experiencing and how does that cycles’ theme fit for you?  xo Melissa

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Today I’m talking about a really fun topic which is the 7-year cycles of life.

I’m going to give you a brief rundown of these 7-year cycles of life and if you’d like to go deeper, there’s other resources available for you to do so but basically our life moves in 7-year cycles. Every 7 years all the cells in your body are replaced. Science tells us this. And we also have a different spiritual focus every seven years as well. Again, I’m just going to do this briefly so you can start to see how these cycles are played out in your life.

0-7 is the most critical cycle because this is where our basic personality is molded.

We call this the cycle of feeling and this time of life you’re pure feeling. You don’t really develop the intellect until you’re 7. So you just operate on feelings and this means that you’re so sensitive you absorb everything like a sponge – the good, the bad, the ugly. If you have any blockage areas, this is where it was formed. Because again you’re so sensitive you just absorb other people’s feelings and emotions and beliefs as if they’re yours. Primarily, your parents or whoever raised you

When you get to 7-14, we call this the cycle of the intellect.

This is where you’re becoming more into balance with your intellect and you’re wanting to understand things and learn about who you are and where you fit. Obviously school is a big important focus at this age so you’re learning a lot and finding your place.

14-21, we call the cycle of identity.

Usually the contact with your parents begins to change when you’re about 14 and you step more into your own identity rather than identifying so much with your parents. So, teenagers are sometimes rebelling but they’re doing that because they a strong desire to discover themselves and to detach from their family upbringing. That’s necessary for them to find their identity.

21-28, we call the cycle of maturity.

This is where a person really steps out into the world and finds their place out there. I know when I was this age, it was a lot of friends and traveling and career and relationships. Like, it’s really the first time that you dove into that more adult experience of life and so you’re trying different things out to see where you fit and you’re finding maturity. So hopefully most people find some maturity by the time they’re 28. Some people take a little longer.

28-35, we call seeking the kingdom within.

This is the time of starting to look within more like 21-28 is more looking out there. 28-35, you start to look at who am I as a person and what are the things about me that I like, that I want to change, how do I want to learn and grow? For some people this means kind of going back to church because you’re searching for more of a spiritual connection again. For others it might really be seeking out spirituality or life coaching or mentors of that nature.

35-42 we call the cycle of spiritual abundance.

Spiritually, the laws of abundance begin to flow around the age of 35 and so in this time in your life, it might be a search for purpose, fulfillment, freedom. Those aspects, to me, are spiritual abundance: joy, right? How can you find more of that in your life? And make changes in order to have it?

42-49 is the cycle of material abundance.

Material abundance and success in our society is a measure of how successful you are, what you have achieved and so the law of abundance will really flow in this area, particularly between the ages of 42-49. So I’m 41 right now so I’m about to step into this cycle and so I’m looking to increase my goals for my business in order to really have the reach and the impact of what I came here to do so that material success can be a motivator for you to expand more and to do more of your best week and to fulfill your purpose.

49-56 is the cycle of inventory

This is a really critical cycle because it’s a time of taking stock and evaluating what have you done with your life and where do you go from here? It’s a lot of regrouping and evaluating of yourself and what you’ve accomplished so far and kind of prioritizing what’s important to you and what’s not.

56-63 is the cycle of decision.

This is where the rubber hits the road so to speak. If a person has really gotten way off their intention for what they came to do this lifetime, they may decide to check out in this cycle. A soul will only waste so much time. Unfortunately this was the case with my dad. He died of a heart attack at 59 and for many, many years, he has been off track with what he came to do. It caused him a lot of depression and stress but he had too strong concepts about putting other people before himself that he wasn’t able to make the changes that he needed to, to fulfill his purpose. He actually, spiritually got off track.

Now that sounds very serious and a little doom and gloom. I don’t mean it to be that way but it’s a time of urgency for you. If you need to make some adjustments to really be on track with what you came to do, you need to do it in that 56-63 cycle.

63 and beyond we call the Golden Years.

This is where a person does their greatest work. There’s no particular stages by 7 years after that but it just continues to grow and evolve and you will do your greatest works because you’ve been through all that learning of the previous cycles and a person in their senior years, they don’t seem to care what other people think of them. They really know who they are in a deep way and so they can really fulfill in beautiful ways what they came to do.

How do those cycles fit for you? Are they accurate? For most people they will resonate even though we all have very different life experiences and different backgrounds often you’ll find you flow into those cycles and I notice that the transition time between those cycles can be a little bit of a challenging time.

You might feel like you’ve lost your footing a little bit as you step into a new phase so know that that’s normal. I remember having that big time when I was 21 and it’s happened a little bit in each of the transitions since then as well.

I would love to hear from you guys. What cycle are you in right now and does the description fit for you? How are you fulfilling your current cycle of life. Please give the video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it, comment below, let me know what cycle you’re in and again, subscribe if you haven’t already. I really look forward to connecting with you next week. Bye for now.