Did you know your angels have the inside scoop for you to know what your life purpose is and how to find it?

That’s right!

Discover how it is that your angels know your life purpose, and how they connect with you and send you messages every day. Experience along with me a tool to receive a message from your angels as you watch this video!

Please share in the comments, what message did you receive from your angels today?? I can’t wait to hear from you!!

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Did you know that your team of angels have the inside scoop on what your life purpose is and they can help you find it? Yep, in today’s video I’m going to teach you how to receive messages from your angels to help you find your unique life purpose. But before we get there, have you subscribed to this Communicate With Your Angels YouTube channel? I invite you to subscribe you can stay in touch with these spiritual, inspirational videos every Wednesday. Go ahead and click the Subscribe button right away.

So, how is it that your angels can help you find your unique life purpose? Well, your personal team of angels are souls that you attracted before you were even born and they have strengths and have had experiences in the areas that you’ve come to work on in this lifetime. They’ve been where you are so to speak. Your angels are souls who have mastered planet Earth, they’ve mastered the lessons here so they have a very high vibration, but that doesn’t mean they’re beyond learning and growing.They’re still learning and growing just like you are and that is your main purpose for being here on planet Earth. You also have a unique purpose, mission and niche in life. Those things that you’re naturally attracted to are the areas that your angels can help you and so they have that bigger picture perspective. They remember what you’re here to do and you might have forgotten so they’re uniquely suited to help and assist you find it if you feel like you’re searching for your purpose at this time. For some of you, that may be the next evolution of your purpose because as we grow and we get older, it can expand and change how it looks and how it feels.

Now, because your angels know your life purpose, they are guiding you to it all the time. You are receiving hundreds of impressions and hunches from your personal team of angels every day and many of those impressions are guiding you to what you came to do, to your next steps or to be in the right place at the right time but here’s the key: they communicate to you on that soul level. You are energy and so are your angels. They’re a form of energy and as energy as spirit, you naturally can connect with spirit but you don’t do it on a physical level. You don’t do it with your brain. You do it with your intuition, sensitivity, that radar system that you have that’s picking up ideas and inspirations and receiving guidance all the time. So, in order for you to be tuned in with the messages of your angels, to help you find your purpose or to help you with anything else, you really need to develop and strengthen that intuitive part and trust in it yourself. It’s so easy to start talking yourself out of things and doubting so keep developing your intuition and trust it.

It’s also really important to be clear about life purpose really means. So many people have a slight misunderstanding about what life purpose is. They think it’s their job, their occupation, their business or they think that it’s this mission or job or assignment that maybe God chose for them. And this is just a little bit misguided. Really what your purpose is, is your unique spiritual vibration. Your unique gifts and skills and talents and the ways that you can share them and also it’s about learning and growing and expanding your state of consciousness.

If you’re new to this whole conversation, I’m going to direct you to one of my previous YouTube videos to learn more. It’s called Your Life Purpose is Not an Assignment and that will give you some clarity about what we’re really talking about here when we say life purpose because if you have a misunderstanding in this area and then you go asking your angels for a message, you can see how the communication is going to be skewed. It’s not clear because you’re assuming that life purpose means something that it really doesn’t.

So, now that we have those important tips out of the way, I’m going to guide you through a technique, a simple method that you can use right away to receive a message from your angels about finding your unique life purpose. So the first thing to do is relax. Always relax and tune in when connecting with your angels and if you know the spiritual cleansing technique, I invite you to do that first. If you need to learn the spiritual cleansing, take a look at the description below for a link to a video so you can learn that too. If you don’t know the spiritual cleansing right now, not to worry. What I’d like you to do to relax is just close your eyes and take a few deep breaths and just be present.

Either out loud or in your mind, you’re going to communicate with your personal team and you’re going to direct them to what we’re doing here. So, you’ll simply say “Angels, give me a message regarding my unique life purpose at this time”, and then say “angels, give me one word”. Take a deep breath and relax and allow the word to come to your mind. When you have it, write it down. Write it down no matter what. Please don’t start talking yourself out of it or saying it’s weird or crazy or whatever else, just write it down – trust me, okay? Close your eyes again and ask your angels, “Give me two words”. Take a deep breath and relax. And when you have two words, write them down.

Next, close your eyes and say “angels, give me a phrase”. When you have a phrase, write it down. In this way, you’re practicing your inner communication, tapping into that inner guidance. This is actually the clairaudient gift that we’re using. Once you have your one word, two words and a phrase, I want you to look over your piece of paper and just meditate on this. Tune in to your own sensitivity, your own common sense because that’s okay too, and your own awareness and intuition. What does this message mean to you? How does it apply in your own life? What is it that your angels are wanting you to pay more attention to that maybe you’re ignoring or that you don’t want to look at or that you’re resisting. Or maybe it’s a message of encouragement where they’re saying keep going, keep going with what you’re doing. That interpretation is up to you and remember there’s no wrong answer for that.

Trust what you feel inside.

So this is a great way to start opening up that communication with your angels and get some really great messages about your unique purpose. Please share in the comments below what were the messages that you received? We would love to cheer you on as you continue to journey and find your unique life purpose.

Did you know that I have a private Facebook group called the Life Purpose Revolution? Yep, it’s a revolution of spirit seekers who desire to find and learn their unique life purpose because here’s what I know to be true. When you are living your purpose you are doing the best for you. You are doing the best for your loved ones and you’re doing the best for the world at large because if everyone is in their niche in life we have more balance and harmony with everything so if this message resonates with you, hop on into that private Facebook group and join the revolution of spirit seekers who are living and finding and continually developing their unique life purpose.

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