Ever wondered if you are an old soul?

An old soul is a person who has lived many, many lifetimes on planet earth and thus has a lot of experience here! You are more wise because you’ve been around the block and learned from your experiences more than newer souls.

Does that mean you’re better than new souls? No. There’s no greater than or lesser than. Just different levels of experience. If you’re curious to know if you’re an old soul, watch the video to learn the 5 ways to tell!

Comment below: Which one of these 5 signs of being an old soul did you relate to the most?

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Hi, it’s Melissa here with Communicate with Angels. I help spiritual seekers just like you learn to connect with your angels and find and live your unique life purpose.

Now here’s a fun topic for today’s video: Are you an old soul?

Here’s five ways that you can tell. You may have heard this term “an old soul” – what does that really mean? It means someone that probably has just a little more experience here on earth. Maybe they have had many, many lifetimes on planet Earth so that means because they have more experience, they’re more advanced in certain areas and it’s a not a greater than or lesser than thing. It really is not about judging or putting yourself on a pedestal or anyone else on a pedestal because they’re more experienced than you are.

We’re all very unique. We’ve all had very unique experiences on this planet and let’s just think of an old soul as being more experienced. You might have seen this with very young children. You see an old soul in a young body and you think wow how does that young kid have so much wisdom? Because they’ve been around the block a few times before and I’m willing to bet you have too. So if you’re wondering if you’re an old soul, here’s five ways you can tell.

Number 1 is if you’ve ever been drawn to certain places or even countries around the world and feel like you’ve been there before.

It feels so familiar. I had this with a place in London called Hampton Court Palace. I was lucky enough a few years ago to go to London a lot because both of my sisters live there so I would always be visiting and I did a lot of workshops there. Love it – I’m going to be back soon – if you’re in the UK, I’ll be coming back.

Every time I went to London, which I’ve been there about 9 or 10 times, I would go to Hampton Court Palace. I just wanted to go there every single time and after a while I had to think to myself, I think there is a reason why I love Hampton Court Palace so much – I had a past lifetime there. It just dawned on me one day like a duh moment. It just felt so familiar. It felt comfortable. It was like I know I had been there before. I actually started recognizing people that were there with me in that lifetime, one of them being my sister.

Here’s another sign that you might be an old soul.

If you’ve ever experienced that love at first sight and it doesn’t have to be a romantic kind of love. Often that’s the most noticeable but you might have had this with other types of relationships too where you’re just drawn to somebody. You know you have an affinity. You feel like you already know this person even though you’ve just met and oftentimes you get a sense that there’s something you can do together.

Just even be friends and share a relationship in that way or maybe it’s even more that you have work to do together. You’re here to help spread your mission in the world and you just have that knowing and familiarity. And if it is that love at first sight and a romantic love – I’ve had this a couple of times in my life and it just feels like being swept off your feet. It’s just this passion because it’s reignite a relationship that you’ve had in the past and all of those feelings and emotions that you had in a past lifetime.

Another sign that you’re an old soul is if some areas of life come really easily to you but you kind of don’t have any interest in it so you may have something like that where you can do it without thinking about it but it’s not really that much fun and that’s because you’ve done it before.

You’ve already mastered that area of life on Planet Earth and it’s not anything to do with your purpose for this lifetime, but you can do it if you need to and you can draw on all of those past experiences from previous lifetimes when you need it. One of these for me is actually mathematics.

I had an impression of a past lifetime from maybe ancient Greece where I was a young male and I was an apprentice to a mathematician and I saw myself working with abacuses and the version of calculators way back in that time of history and I realized that in this lifetime and I didn’t have any choice and I had to do the math class, I was good at it. It came easily and naturally and even when I was a teacher, teaching math came very easily to me. I didn’t really have that much interest in it. I was just doing it because I had to and I had all of that experience to draw on so I could get a good grade in math which was very convenient, right? Maybe maybe you had something like that for you.

Sign Number four that you’re an old soul is that you can avoid getting involved in games or gossip or conflict.

You may have had experiences where you see somebody going through something. Maybe they’re having an argument with a friend or maybe they’re complaining about something or bitching about something and you just observe this behavior and you just remain really, really detached. Why is that person even going there, like why do they even have to get involved in that right now and that is because you have already mastered what they’re going through.

You’ve done that before and so you’re so beyond that particular spiritual lesson that you just look at that behavior and go huh, that’s really odd. I want you to be really careful of not judging other people of where they’re at. Again, this is not a greater than or lesser than thing. It’s just different experiences. But know that you don’t have to get involved in drama if it’s something that’s just not a part of your state of consciousness anymore. Don’t even engage in it, just go the other way, okay?

And sign number five that you might be an old soul is if you have a sincere interest and desire in learning and growing spiritually and you really strongly desire to fulfill your life purpose.

You are an old soul if you are attracted to spiritual growth and so it’s pretty much a given that if you found this video, you are an old soul okay? Because you probably wouldn’t even be watching this if you weren’t. And again, it’s okay, it’s not a judgement but just acknowledge for you – just for you – the experience you already had, what you’ve already put together for yourself spiritually, all the gifts and talents that you’ve mastered over many, many lifetimes and don’t think that you’re not good enough or accept any judgement that anyone else says because you are an old soul and you have a lot put together for yourself.

Other people need to hear your wisdom. So don’t be afraid to share it. Share what you know and go out there and just give suggestions. Don’t tell people what to do but share your wisdom when it feels right to do so.

Ok, so five signs that you’re an old soul. Kind of a fun topic. You have a lot of experience in this lifetime for sure. If you’re interested in learning more, going deeper – I invite you to my website CommunicateWithAngels.com, where I have a free resource for you: The Three Steps to Connect with Your Angels.

Please comment below. Which one of these five signs of being an old soul resonates with you the most? What stood out to you the most? How do you know you’re an old soul? I look forward to reading those comments. Please subscribe to this channel so you can stay updated with these videos I share every Wednesday. I’ll see you in the next one.