Do you love goal setting? Or perhaps you hate goal setting?

If you have a love-hate relationship with goal setting, I’m going to share with you some tips in this Video to Set Some Amazing Goals for 2019. With these tips you can create a positive mindset around goal-setting. You can EMBRACE it and ENJOY the process.

Without goals you lack direction.

Learn to set some goals/ targets for 2019 to focus your energy towards creating more joy and abundance in your life. Learn to set both material and spiritual goals and bring them into fruition. Let’s make goal setting fun and fulfilling! So have you set Goals for the New Year yet? Please post them below!

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Do you love goal setting or do you hate goal setting?

Well if you have a love/hate relationship with goal setting as many people do, then I’m going to give you some tips in this video to help you to set some amazing goals for 2019.

Happy New Year!

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Rather than use the word “goals” think of targets

Goal setting. This is an area that can bring up some pressure and resistance for people but I want to give you some tips today that will hopefully help you to have a different mindset around goal-setting and to embrace it and to enjoy it. So first of all, rather than use the word “goals” think of targets because here’s the spiritual truth: A soul moves by desire and we need direction in order to put our energy toward something. So, a goal is simply a line in the sand, a target that you are reaching for so that you know what to put your energy into now. We don’t want to live in the future but every single day we can kind of be moving toward a future goal. Without goals you lack direction. It’s as simple as that.

When people feel pressure around goals, they sometimes see it as something that they have to do or that they should do. They’re setting goals, not based on what they really desire. They’re setting goals based on what they think they should be doing or what they’ve been taught to do by others so here’s a tip that can help you to make goal setting really, really fun.

Explore and imagine what is my true heart’s desire? What would be fun?

What would be joyful? What would make me feel WOW! I really accomplished something amazing? And go to town. So, again, a soul moves by desire. Your desires are a key factor in moving toward your purpose and accomplishing it for this lifetime. So don’t see that as a selfish thing. See it as actually the best way that you can be of service – to you and the people around you.

When you set goals for things you really want, it’s fun and you’ll be a lot more motivated to go after them.

What would be fun for you? I have a secret crush on Justin Timberlake and on my Facebook feed the other day I saw a concert coming up for Justin Timberlake and I thought darn, I’m going to be traveling at that time but it planted a seed and I said you know what, how could I do something like that, that’s just fun and set it as a goal and invest in a little cash in that, you know – don’t be so conservative all the time. So, something like that. Maybe it’s travel for you. Maybe it’s a yoga retreat. Maybe it’s a spiritual retreat. Whatever it is like set that goal and make it fun and fulfilling so you’re actually willing to do something about it.

Material goals are often our first thought, right?

My last tip for setting goals for an amazing 2019 is to make sure that you are setting goals of all different areas of your life and to have a balance of material and spiritual goals. Material goals are often our first thought, right? I want to increase my income, I want to buy a house, I want to buy a car, I want to take a vacation and that’s all good. Like I said before, go for it, don’t hold back but also balance it with a spiritual goal.

What person do I need to become to manifest this material goal?

Maybe I need to be more disciplined and saving a little money away each month toward my vacation. Maybe that’s the spiritual goal I have as well as to balance the material goal. Maybe your spiritual goal is to be more patient with the people around you. Maybe your spiritual goal is to be more organized and you take action on that by decluttering some stuff around your house that’s not serving you. So make sure you have a balance of both because ultimately that spiritual growth and working on yourself will lead to manifesting the material goals as well.

If you’re stuck on a spiritual goal, ask yourself what habit would i need to change in order to manifest this material goal? What person do I need to become and grow into in order to manifest this material goal and that will give you some really good clues. I’m going to be working on this exact manifesting process.

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Alright, have you set goals for the new year yet? I would love to hear from you if you’re willing to share. What are your goals for the new year or have you started this goal-setting process.

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