If you’ve been involved with spirituality for a while, you’ve probably heard people share about being grounded. In this video, I share with you why I suggest that being grounded is not the best goal to have and why this is actually limiting. An expansive being wouldn’t need to be grounded! Learn what you can do instead to stay relaxed as you become more psychic and aware. Enjoy!

Hi I’m Melissa from CommunicateWithAngels.com and today I want to share with you about a common question that people ask me, which is “How can I get grounded?” Now, I’m going to again probably surprise you with my answer is that you don’t need to be grounded. So I think this is a common misconception out there when people start delving into spirituality they hear people talking about you need to be grounded, you need to be grounded. And I think this is a little bit of a misunderstanding.

You are a soul.  You are energy. That is the real you. Your body is a vehicle to allow you to experience planet Earth. So you have to look after it if you want to stay healthy and enjoy your experience of being on planet Earth, but it’s not the real you.  It’s just temporary. So being attached to planet Earth is the idea that I’m going to stay grounded in my body and stay on the planet. But that’s really not your natural state. Your natural state is actually to be flowing and free in spirit. So as people start to get more into working more with their energy, or healing or using their intuitive gifts, it can feel a little bit uncomfortable at first. It can feel like you’re maybe floating or dizzy or out there and it’s simply because you’ve gotten out of that habit. Your habit has become being more attached to planet Earth and it’s really based on fear. It’s based on the fear of death. So if you understand that there’s nothing to fear, that you can move in and out of your body all the time – you actually do it every night when you go to sleep – you feel fearful that you need to stay grounded.

Instead of thinking about being grounded, I suggest that you just try to be relaxed. Be comfortable with the feelings that pop in. Be comfortable with feeling light and free, but stay relaxed. I encourage you to delve into our materials to learn the spiritual cleansing technique. You can learn this in the How to Communicate with Your Angels ebook, which is only $27.00. That is a tool that will actually help you stay relaxed and discerning.

If somebody meets you one day and they’re in a bad mood, do you feel their negative energy?  You probably do. When you’re cleansed and relaxed, you’ll notice that they’re in a bad mood, you have the awareness that they’re in a bad mood but it doesn’t affect your state. You still observe that but stay relaxed within yourself. It’s like the feeling of Oh, Ole! You know the bullfighters with the red blanket? But the bull comes at them and they just Ole! Go that way, go past me, don’t hit me. That’s what you’re going to learn to do. So rather than being grounded to the earth, that’s going to be more in your body, you’re just going to be cleansed and relaxed and comfortable with the discernment of the energy that you are.

If you imagine that your energy is moving out 100 miles on all sides of you, it’s actually very easy to do and that’s going to give you awareness and discernment of energy so that you can stay relaxed with everything that’s happening in the environment at all times.

Here’s a simple version of cleansing. Close your eyes, take a couple of deep breaths. That’s a good way to cleanse. A spiritual cleansing technique is going to take it even deeper but even taking those two deep breaths is going to help you to be relaxed. I know that sounds a little too simple but it is simple because this is being yourself, it’s being the energy that you are. So don’t worry about being grounded. Think about being relaxed, discerning the energy but not letting it affect you, not be a part of you, knowing where your energy begins and ends.

Hope that helps and if you’d like more tips on how to connect with your angels and trust your inner guidance, check out our website at www.communicatewithangels.com, we have some great free tips and resources there for you.