Fear is Not Real

Did you know that fear is actually not real? Say what?

Fear is something that you might experience, but it is not a part of your Feeling/Psychic Nature. Fear is the creation of your intellect and is simply an indication that you’re experiencing a conflict between the beliefs you learned in your early years.

Learn how to be more in your TRUE feelings, so you experience less fear and more joy. Experience how Powerful, Unlimited and Expansive the Real You truly is.

Learn what you can do when fear comes up, so you can move it out of your energy with speed and ease.


Hi, I’m Melissa with CommunicateWithAngels.com. I help spiritual seekers like you learn to communicate with their angels and find and live their unique purpose in life.

Today’s topic is “Fear is Not Real”. Just take that in for a moment. Fear is not real. We might experience fear and hey, I’m not sitting here saying I never feel fear because I do, but fear is an experience but it’s not the real you. What’s important to understand is that you have two parts to your nature: your feeling nature and your intellectual nature.

Your feeling nature is the real you. It’s the good kind, loving, sharing, understanding fearless part of you. It’s your hunches, desires, experiences – your sensitivity, your psychic tuning you might say.


Now your intellectual nature is the logical, analyzing and dissecting, proving part of you. It’s the thinking mind. It’s the organizing part of you and any fear that you experience is actually the creation of the intellect. It’s not the real you. If you have reactions to things or feel emotional or stuck or confused it’s because your intellect doesn’t fully understand and we have limiting fears and beliefs that we learn from the people in our early years, the people that raised us. You’re so sensitive in that first seven years of life that you absorb everything like a sponge and most of the fears and limitations have actually come from somebody else. They’re learned and the good news is that anything that is learned can be unlearned and replaced with a new positive solution.The more that you are in your true feelings, the less you will experience fear.

I encourage you to spend a little time each day just being in your true feelings. You’ve heard people encourage you to do meditation. I don’t meditate for a long period of time. I don’t feel like that’s necessary. Just take a couple of minutes to be quiet and to be still, to ask your angels to come close to you and to be in your true feelings and to have an experience of how unlimited and powerful you truly are.

Not powerful in the way of controlling somebody else but just how expansive and unlimited your energy is. The more you can feel that and just feel the contentment and relaxation of being in the real you and your true feelings, the more that will filter out to your daily life. And it just brings you a sense of peace and calm knowing that there really isn’t anything to fear.

Now if fear does come up in your life, which it probably will from time to time, recognize that it’s really coming from a limited belief because the intellectual thinking mind is very logical and it has a hard time believing that anything could really be true that they haven’t experienced before. It lives kind of inside of a box and your intellect will want to bring you back to your old way of doing things.

You have to just take a deep breath and relax and remember that there is peace and calm and being in your true feelings and knowing that anything is possible.

If fear comes up, identify the limiting belief that it’s come from. It’s the way that you were taught to be and it doesn’t have to be real. Try this on for size: I remember when I first heard this concept that dear is not real. It was a huge awakening. Try that on for size in your life. What would your life be like if fear was not real and what would you do if you knew that fear was not real?

I’d love to hear from you. Comment below. What would you do if you knew for sure that fear was not real?

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