Do you struggle with knowing what you truly want? It’s important to uncover your heart’s desires because they pull you forward to your purpose and direction in life.

Watch the video to learn what motivates you now, and how to be motivated by your true calling! Experience a process to uncover what you truly desire.


Hi, it’s Melissa with I help spiritual seekers like you find their life purpose and communicate with their angels so they can get the answers on what they’re here to do in this lifetime.

Today’s topic is How to Find Your True Heart’s Desire. Now, this may be something that’s a challenge for you because I know I was never taught growing up to find my heart’s desire. And I’ve had many clients who have come to me and said, “Melissa, I don’t know what I want.”  And I don’t buy it. If you’ve been telling yourself that, I don’t buy it and I’ll tell you why, though it sounds a little bit mean.

Because every single person that’s come to me saying that, I’ve actually helped them to uncover what they truly, truly want pretty quickly – sometimes within five minutes – because what you desire is innate within you. As a soul you’re naturally pulled to it. It doesn’t go away. As much as you might try and squash it, it’s part of your innate makeup for this lifetime. You’re just pulled toward it. It’s what motivates you from within. So what motivates you to get out of bed right now? Is it just obligation? Is it a feeling of responsibility for your family or for your life? Or is what motivates you to fulfill the desires and have the joy of doing what you really love to do?

Wherever you’re at right now is okay but something is motivating you right now and if you make a slight shift to be motivated from your true heart’s desire, you can have a life of more joy fulfillment and abundance. But like I said, I wasn’t taught to operate that way. I had to make some pretty interesting shifts to get there. So that’s what I encourage you to do too. The truth is you do know what you want inside but there’s some limiting beliefs or fears that are blocking you from being aware of it.

So what happens if you ask yourself, “What do I really want?” For a lot of people, they start thinking of all the buts…

Maybe for you it’s I’d really like to quit my job and do something different, start a business for example. But very quickly, all those “buts” come in: I can’t do it because I can’t afford it or that’s too risky or other people won’t like it, my spouse doesn’t support me, he doesn’t want me to do that, I’ll disappoint my parents, etc., etc., etc.

And the truth is none of those limiting thoughts and fears are real. They’re what’s blocking you right now from just truly moving toward accomplishing everything you desire in life. So one by one, start peeling away the layers of the onion to release those fears.

Here’s what I encourage you to do today. Imagine you have no limitations. What would you truly want to be, what would you want to do, what would you want to have in your life? There’s no right or wrong answer, it’s what you truly desire. Don’t think that anything is wrong or impossible. Just go with it and write down everything you truly would want to have in your life or experience in your life if there was no limitations and once you have that list, now you’re getting closer to what you really came to do and all you need to do is start replacing the limiting beliefs and fears with more positive beliefs and fears. Your angels are with you in this process. Your angels are solution-oriented. They know there is no fear and no limitation and so if you’re more open to it, you’re going to start getting ideas and solutions for things you can start to do differently to move toward your heart’s desire.

It doesn’t happen overnight. Be patient with this process. First, you take the first step and then the next step appears and then the next step appears. Learn to trust yourself and your inner guidance.