Do you ask your spirit guides for advice each day?

Or do you think they are too busy to be concerned with your little problems? Here’s some truth talk! Your angels are not there just to watch over you, but to provide you with practical, helpful advice to move you forward towards your goals, your purpose and find solutions to your challenges. If you’re not utilizing this help, you’re simply missing out!

In this video, you’ll learn 3 Steps to get Clear Advice from your Angels when you need it.

Comment below, which of the 3 steps do you most need to work on? The first key to being connected with your angels is to relax and raise your vibration. In order to do this simply and effectively, I invite you to learn the Spiritual Cleansing Technique. You can get this video here:

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Hi, I’m Melissa with Communicate with Angels and I help spiritual seekers like you learn to connect with your angels and find and learn your unique life purpose. Today we’re talking about what you can do to get clear advice from your angels or guides. There’s three really key steps that you can take. They might sound very simple but are you actually doing them? That’s what I want you to ask yourself as you learn these tips in the video.

The first thing to realize is that you can get amazing advice from your angels or guides or helpers, whatever you want to call them.

I wanted to say that first of all because some of you may not realize how incredibly helpful it is to be in communication and contact with your angels every single day. They really can become like your best friends. They will give you little jokes from time to time but they will back and support you in what you came to do and they have a perspective that you simply don’t have. Know that that advice and help is available to you, first of all, ok? So hopefully we’re on the same page there.

Here’s the first step that you really need to do to get clear advice from them and that is to relax.

If you’re not relaxed, if you’re tense, if you’re worried, if you’re stressed, if you’re rushing – it’s like this barrier of confusion between you and your guidance – pressure would be a better word. They just can’t get through. They always have a high vibration all the time so they’re like vibrationally up here and you’ve lowered yourself down here and so they’re just having trouble connecting with you. They’re always there, they’re trying to connect but energetically there’s too much distance for you to see them.

That’s actually, as a side note, why souls become confused after they pass on because energetically they’re so at a lower vibration it’s hard for their angels to help them move out so they need to move through that lifetime.

But I digress. So relax. There is an amazing tool that I learned through the Wayshowers College that I would love to share with you and it’s called the Spiritual Cleansing Technique and I’ve posted a link for the video for that technique below and this technique will just really help you anytime you need to be more relaxed or you feel pressured or you’re picking up all that other stuff in the environment that’s not you.

It’s going to help you relax and be tuned into spirit. Just on that energy level and when you learn to live that way all the time, oh my gosh, life becomes so much brighter. If you’re not relaxed, start doing that spiritual cleansing technique many times a day and notice the difference in how you feel and how much more inspiration and hunches you start receiving in guidance.

Then, step number 2 is to ask a question.

If you’re anything like me, you think you have to figure it all out on your own. That’s still my bad habit. But you get to ask questions. Those helpers are here for you. They want to help you, ask them to help you. They’re always backing you no matter what, but if you get more specific about what you would like to know, you ask a question, you can get an answer.

It may not come in a direct manner that you might hope. It might come in a dream, a symbol, a sign, an impression, a picture but start asking for what you want and you’ll be amazed. It’s like they say in the Bible: “Ask and you shall receive”. So think about that right now. What is it that you’re not asking about that you’re resisting?

And then just receive the answer through your intuition is step 3.

We can’t figure it out with our brain. The brain has its purpose, our intellect you know, pros and cons list that has its place but if you really want to be connected with your angels’ inspiration, you’re going to do that for your sensitivity, your intuition and that’s not always logical. It doesn’t always make 100% sense but you’ve just got to trust it. Allow it to come in and the impressions to come in and then you can discern the meaning of those impressions.

It’s a simple process but it just takes being relaxed, practicing it and trusting in you. Always remember that your angels are just here to back you. You are the most important person to you and you trusting yourself is more important than anyone else including the messages of your angels but they’re here to back you and give you a higher perspective so that you can never get your life and move through with more ease and joy.

That’s what you need to do to get clear advice from your angels. Get to it! Go do it! Remember that free gift, the Spiritual Cleansing video, I’ve posted below and I’d love to hear from you. Which of the three steps do you most need to work on? Which one is the most sticking point for you and what are you going to do to avoid that.

If you have any questions please post them below. If you haven’t subscribed to this YouTube channel, please do so, we’d love to have you be a part of this community. We’re sharing this information around the globe and I share these videos every couple of weeks so I look forward to sharing them with you in the next one. See you then.