Are you searching for your life purpose?

Well, if you’re looking how will you know if you’ve found it?? Here are things to look out for so that you can truly know when you’ve found YOUR Unique Life Purpose.

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Hi! I’m Melissa with Communicate with Angels. I help spiritual seekers just like you learn to connect with their angels and find and live your unique life purpose and life purpose is our topic for today.

We’re talking today about how to know when you’ve found your purpose in life.

This is a question that so many people have like how do I find it, where is it, how will I know when I’ve found it and hopefully today’s video is giving you some clarity to answer those questions for yourself.

First of all I want to take a step back and explain to you what purpose really is. So, a lot of people are confused about their concept of purpose. People think that purpose is career or the way that they’re here to help people which is somewhat true but it’s not a specific career or job that is really your purpose. That is a means to an end. So when a lot of people talk about purpose they’re really trying to find their niche in life and that’s a totally different thing.

You have your profession.

What you’ve come to do spiritually is to live your unique vibration. We call it your spiritual thrust. It’s your essence of who you are and the way that you express your energy. Have you noticed that when you’re around someone a lot, you experience their personality, they’re expressing their energy and you feel that? And then when they’re gone you notice the difference. The expression of energy is not present and that’s what we’re here to do. We’re here to express and share our energy. Now, our vocation is all those different opportunities that you do in your life – your job, your roles that you play whether it be a parent or a wife or husband, a boss, a daughter, a son – all those opportunities and roles that we play and jobs that we do are really a means to an end for you to share your unique vibration and purpose and yourself.

When you find an opportunity that is a great match for your unique vibration and the gifts that you have to share, then you’ve found your niche in life and so if you haven’t found your niche right now you’re going to feel like a square peg in a round hole. Things just aren’t jiving. You feel like oh, this is okay but something just doesn’t feel right, I just can’t put my finger on what it is but something isn’t right here and that’s a sign that you have not found your niche yet.

When you find that niche, you are like the square peg in the square hole.

Everything just falls into place. It fits. It’s smooth and it flows. So probably most of you watching the video are really trying to find that niche. What is something that really fulfills you that brings you joy because your innate gifts are there. They’re not changing. They’re here to be expressed and shared and if you’re not giving yourself opportunities to share them, and express it and do it, then your energy gets off and you feel bleh, depressed, angry, frustrated, upset, whatever it might be. Those can be really good clues that you need to adjust. You need to course correct so that you really find your niche in life.

So how will you know when you’ve found that purpose, that niche? When you feel fulfilled. When you have lots of opportunities to learn and grow and expand yourself. See, if you keep doing the same thing over and over again, there’s not much growth in that after a while. You need to be continually expanding and experiencing new things in order to keep growing. And that’s why sometimes our life purpose or our evocation grows and changes over time. Society tells you you should find a job and stay there for 50 years. I don’t know, that’s such an outdated concept but it’s still out there right? But that’s not what you came here to do. You came here to learn and to grow and to expand and so you know that you’re living your life purpose when you naturally are expanding and growing and challenging yourself in new ways.

Ultimately, for me, I’m always looking for that fulfillment.

Am I feeling really fulfilled with what I’m doing and that’s why I love working with people and sharing videos like this because it just brings me such joy and fulfillment to share and to be of service and I’m guessing that service is a big part of what you’ve come to do as well. That’s where the fulfillment and the joy happens and the cool thing about that is we’re all here to help each other. We’re all here to lift each other up but you get to do it in your unique way that’s fun for you.

I really encourage you not to deny that. Don’t do a job just because it pays well or just because you get health insurance or whatever your excuse of choice is. Really find an evocation or any area of your life that brings you joy and fulfillment because if something’s not working you can change it. I give you permission to. Okay, so finding your purpose doesn’t mean that everything’s easy peasy and you have no problems and everything’s perfect, okay? There’s still going to be things that come up along the way but you can deal with them because you know deep down inside that this is what you’re here to do and you’re fulfilling it.

Another way to know that you’ve found the purpose is just because you just know it deep down inside and if you haven’t got that knowing yet, keep asking questions. Keep course correcting. Keep trying new things until you hit on something that’s like this is just fun to me and I could do it all day long. Okay?

Alright so, I have a free gift for you. I have a little worksheet that helps you to know if you are on schedule with living your life purpose or if you’ve gotten behind schedule or sometimes even ahead of schedule. So if you’d like to check that out, I’ve posted the link below for that free gift about finding your purpose or if you’re on schedule with your purpose and please comment below. Have you found your purpose? And if you have, what’s your next step? How are you going to move forward from what you learned in this video?

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