Melissa’s Spiritual Practices #3: How to Meditate with your Angels

Every evening I do a meditation with my angels. If there is anything that is bothering me or feels like a challenge in my life, I often receive ideas and solutions for that challenge during my meditation. I don’t actually ask direct questions during this meditation time. I just relax and tune in and amazing insights pop into my head!
I know it’s not coming from me, because I never would have thought of these ideas on my own. It’s also a time when my angels share things with me that they want me to know to enhance my spiritual path.
In this video, you’ll learn a simple process to meditate with your angels on a daily basis too. Experience the benefits of this communication in your life! It will help you in all areas.

Hi it’s Melissa with Communicate with Angels and today is the next video in the series I’ve been doing on my spiritual daily practices.

I wanted to kind of give you an insider’s glimpse of what I do in my life to stay spiritually connected, in touch with my guidance and on the spiritual journey that we’re really all on. But these simple tools really help me to stay connected and so I wanted to share them with you and kind of, like I said, give you a little glimpse into what’s going on in my world each day.

If you haven’t seen the previous video about getting a keyword, I do recommend that you check that out first.  Go ahead and go to my YouTube channel, there’s a link below, and you’ll find that video which is about getting a keyword. Today’s video expands upon that one.

What I’m going to talk about today is doing an evening meditation with your angels. Of course you can adapt this to fit into your life and your schedule but I find that doing it in the evening really works for me and I’ve done this for years – since I was a teenager – every night. I honestly don’t know how I would function if I didn’t do this every night now. Every now and again, if I’ve had a really late night out and I don’t do it – oh my gosh, I feel so out of balance. It’s rare that I don’t do this.  It’s just a really strong pivot point. People talk about feeling grounded or on my pivot. I don’t really like that word “grounded” but on your pivot – clear, this is what this will do for you.

I have used that word meditation and if you know anything about me, you know that I’m not a big meditator. I do not sit still for 20, 30 minutes, an hour and meditate. I’m busy. I just find it really difficult to make that kind of meditation a priority. But I have definitely made this kind of very simple meditation a priority. As I shared in that last video, you have your keyword for the day and it becomes a pivot point for your day. Then in your evening meditation, I actually do this in my bed, you know I cozy up in bed and I pull out my journal and i look at what my keyword was for that day.

I go a little bit deeper with it, like you do in the previous getting the keyword was: what does this keyword mean to me? How does it fit with what I experienced today? Sometimes it seems like it fits perfectly. Other times I have to maybe do a little bit more exploration and contemplation on how did this word fit?

The word that I used as an example last time was “now”. So imagine that your keyword for today was “now”. In this evening meditation I would just kind of mentally review what I experienced that day and how that word of “now” fit with all of those different experiences. I would maybe jot that down in my journal. Then I really take a look at what did I learn today? My keyword may be really important with that and then maybe other things that pop up. I just go with whatever comes into my mind and this is why it’s an evening meditation with your angels. Because little insights, hunches, a-ha! moments, insights, ideas are going to pop into your consciousness and if you’re anything like me, that’s kind of a random process. Maybe you guys are a little more structured than I am but ideas will just pop in and I write them down.

I might be thinking about something that happened in my business that day or working with a client, what I learned from that opportunity. Something that’s happened with my family, what did I learn from that? Any sort of insights and ideas that will help me with what I’m working on, what I’m working toward, reaching my goals.

I hope that gives you some clarity because it’s going to be a little bit different for everybody but the keyword then gives you a pivot to work with. If it was “now” I might say okay so how did I remember to be in the now or was I living in the now today or was I in the past or future? That would be the kind of pivot point for the regrouping on that keyword as an example.

If your keyword was “relaxed” you might say okay was I relaxed? How could I be a little  more relaxed? What could I do to be more relaxed? Maybe your angel is giving you a solution. Maybe they suggest, OK to be a little more relaxed how about you spend 15 minutes doing yoga in the morning? How about you walk outside at lunchtime? Those are the amazing solutions that will pop in from your angels that you’ll want to write down.

You live inside of a box. The box is your previous experiences and the understanding that you’ve put together up until this point. We all have a box. People have different sized boxes but our box does limit us because that’s all we know and see and understand. If you can imagine that your angels are way beyond that box, they have unlimited wisdom, that they will give you an idea that you  never would have thought of yourself that helps you to be more relaxed. Even if it’s a more concrete, material goal such as increasing your income or finding a new soulmate relationship. They might give you a little clue and a little insight. This is why I think this is so powerful because you are giving yourself that personal reflection time and that time to bring your angels in and really receive their wisdom on a daily basis.

We live such busy, overwhelming lives that sometimes when your angels are trying to get through, you’re not picking it up, you’re not perceiving it. So give yourself this time and I’m not talking about a lot of time, 5 or 10 minutes every evening to relax and reflect and check in. Try that for a month. Set a goal for yourself to do this for the next 30 days and I would love to hear what happens for you.  Please comment below.  How does this work for you? Do you meditate with your angels and if you start using this, come back and share with us how it helps you.

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I look forward to speaking with you with the next tip about my daily spiritual practices.

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