You have four spiritual gifts or means of perception. Each one of these gifts is vital in helping you to be organized to achieve your goals. As a soul you move by desire. Once you clearly define what it is you want, then you can fulfill the life purpose you were born for. Each step, of Planification, Execution and Labor is essential in getting you there too. You can use each of your four spiritual gifts in each of these three steps to fully master yourself, and fulfill your purpose.

The following description of the four spiritual gifts is reprinted with permission from the Astro Soul Home Study Program, Expanding your Psychic Energy Force, by Dr. Francisco Coll. Copyright. All rights reserved.


With this gift you are able to travel effortlessly through your past, present and future. You receive communication from master souls in the form of a hunch or an inner knowing. You are able to work with the language of Spirit through trance.

If your main perception is Prophecy, you have an active, creative mind. You do not like to feel hemmed in, but like to feel free to be involved in many projects. You are very flexible and receptive to new ideas. You work well with people and make a good executive because you sense the potential in others and can stimulate them to express their best qualities. You are very concerned about the future and have a strong inner knowing about people and situations. Your environment is relaxed and without a lot of restrictions. Keeping tabs on everything that is going on around you is important. If you are not careful, you may have a tendency to mind everyone’s business. You work best when you have well directed goals and a strong plan for the future.


Vision is the gift of clairvoyance or “clear seeing.” Your team of master souls communicate with you by giving you pictures or symbols in your mind’s eye. You are able to perceive auras or energy patterns around people.

If your main perception is Vision, you tend to think in pictures. Color is very important to you. You dress well and like your surroundings pleasant, balanced and pleasing to the eye. Once you get a picture in your mind, you can be slow to change it. You tend to be conservative and have traditional ideas. Once you have a clear picture of a project, you can organize all the details and communicate it clearly to others. This part of you is artistic and has a good sense of balance. You find a challenge in achieving harmony and peace.


Intuition is the gift of clairaudience or “clear hearing.” Through this gift you are able to hear the still, small voice within you. You are able to interpret the language of Spirit. Your team of master souls communicate to you through thoughts or inspirations.

If your gift of Intuition is highly developed or if it is your main perception, you are a natural leader. You have a very organized, creative mind. Once you understand what you want, you keep things simple to get things accomplished. You may have a tendency to be impatient with others less organized or less directed. You work is carefully thought out and quality is important to you. You like to have a challenge and can become quickly bored by routine work. You are sensitive to the thoughts of others and can become easily depressed in a negative environment. When you feel a need to move into action, you move with a strong directed energy that carries a lot of enthusiasm and determination to reach your goal.


Through your gift of Feeling, you are able to sense the vibrations or general mood of your environment. Through psychometry you are able to receive knowledge about an object or person through feeling impressions. You have the ability to channel spiritual energy to heal souls who are sick or confused. Your team of master souls communicate feelings to you when you trust yourself and the wisdom you have gathered through eternity.

If Feeling is your main perception, you are very sensitive to the feelings in your environment. You feel the thoughts of others. You like to touch people and things to get a “feeling” for them. Your energy is very smooth, gentle and healing. You are very concerned with details and like to have a blueprint for everything you do. You are patient and work well with others.

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