It’s the perfect time of year to set new goals and direction for your life. What would you like to be, do or have in 2016? What really inspires you? The key to fulfillment is doing the things that really make you happy. If you see a person who really loves what he does and is happy and joyful it means he is living his spiritual purpose. If you went and did the things he is doing, you would probably be miserable! It’s his spiritual purpose – not yours.

Each person is here on Planet Earth for spiritual growth. Each person has a unique life purpose. Discovering your life purpose is actually quite simple. It’s so simple you might miss it. Here’s the secret to discovering your life purpose. Drumroll please!

Do what you truly want and desire.

That’s my challenge to you for 2016. Instead of limiting yourself because there’s not enough time, there’s not enough money, my parents expect this of me, my children need me to do xyz, the economy is bad etc etc etc…  Why not do what you truly want and desire?

Learn to look within and follow those inner desires. When you do, you will be guided toward the right path for you. If you feel stuck right now, you are resisting that inner guidance. It is always within you. It always has been. Here are 8 practical steps you can take to set a new direction for yourself this coming year.

1. Ask yourself what you really, truly want.

Take some quiet time to look within. Write down your big dreams and goals. Be honest with yourself about what you want. Don’t limit yourself! Imagine you had no limitations. Actually, you don’t have any limitations. The only limitations you have are the ones you think you have. If you want something – you want it! It’s OK!

Many people have concepts around money. They may have been taught that “Money is the root of all evil.”  Money is just a tool. It’s a form of energy. We live in an abundant universe. In order to have more abundance, organize yourself to offer some kind of service to help other people. Then, you have an energy exchange. The more people you help, the more abundance you will attract.

In Step 1 write down what you want in ALL areas of your life. Don’t be ashamed to include material and financial desires as well as relationships, family, travel, career, hobbies, friendships etc etc.

2. Now craft these desires into a goal statement.

What would be the end result, or desired outcome that you would like to have? Make it as specific as possible. For now, don’t worry about HOW you’re going to reach the goal. That’s not important. If you have the desire within, you have the ability to accomplish the goal. Otherwise, you would never have been able to conceive of the goal.

3. Rewrite the goal in the present tense, as if it has already occurred.

This will change your mindset. By writing the goal in the present tense you are making it more real and believable in your mind. For example, read these two goal statements and compare how each one makes you feel:

I will build an extension on my house.

I have built an extension on my house.

Notice the difference? When I read the first example it feels like a distant hope or wish that may happen someday. When I read the second example I feel powerful that I have accomplished something. I visualize the house having been built and imagine what I am doing in my house! Belief is a powerful energy.

4. Add to your statement how you will FEEL once the goal was accomplished.

When you add the feeling to your goal you will raise your energy vibration to be much more attractive. An example of adding the feelings to your goal is: “I am so happy and grateful that I have a beautiful new home that I feel relaxed and peaceful in. “

5. Sense the timing in which you can accomplish your goal.

You may be able to sense the best timing for your goal through your psychic sensitivity. Or, you can check with your guidance month by month. Or choose the time you want to have it accomplished by, then recheck with your guidance if it is realistic.

6. Write down the action steps required to reach your goal.

This is a critical step! Don’t miss this one. Write down the steps you will need to take to accomplish this goal and when you will do them. Start from the end date and work backwards. For example, Richard and I have a goal to do a workshop tour in England in June. So we can start immediately mapping out the action steps that will be required. For example: Book the flights by April. Book the workshop venues by March. Create a website to promote the events by April. Etc etc.

This forward planning shows the universe that you are committed. For me, if it’s a travel goal once I’ve booked those flights I’m going, and I’m committed to make the trip successful no matter what! That’s the kind of commitment and determination you need to FEEL within to manifest your dreams, particularly if they feel like a stretch.

Motion beats meditation. You need to take action! Don’t just think about it – do it! Don’t worry if you don’t have all the resources or education you need yet. Just start moving and your guidance will help you find the solutions you need. If you do nothing – you have nothing.

When your angels see that you are committed and you are taking action on your goals, they will back you with new opportunities beyond your wildest dreams. Your job is to keep taking action and never allow doubt to creep in.

7. Read and visualize your goals daily.

It’s so easy to slip back into old habits or to be negatively influenced by your environment. Read your goals daily (at least) to remind yourself of where you are headed. Stay in a positive frame of mind about yourself and your life as much as you can. Negative talk and self-criticism will sabotage your success. Think only positive thoughts about yourself and your life.

8. Keep rechecking along the way.

Circumstances and timing can change. Maybe you find that you change your mind about wanting a certain goal or that the desire for it has dissipated. This often means there is something even better for you around the corner. Your angels have a bigger picture than you do about your spiritual purpose. Trust your hunches and follow your desires!