All righty, I’m going there again!

Following up from my previous video on “Moving beyond Doreen Virtue’s definition of Angels” I felt it was important to share my response to Doreen Virtue’s A-Z of New Age Practices to Avoid.

In this blog post, she listed everything under the sun that you should avoid; from chakras, to Harry Potter, to angels.. you get the idea. The sad part about this, is that she says that if you do any of these new age practices, you are inviting in demons.

This got many people confused and fearful – and this is what I’m addressing in this video.

If you need clarity about where you stand, and you’re wondering if you’re doing the right thing moving outside of a religious viewpoint – this video will help.

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xo Melissa

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Hi there, my name is Melissa and I’m with and I’m a spiritual consultant and teacher, helping you to develop your intuition, communicate with your angels, find your life purpose and more. And today’s topic is all about my response to Doreen Virtue’s A-Z list of spiritual practices to avoid.

I made a video about six months ago about Doreen Virtue. Not that I wanted to make it about her but I wanted to share with people that because she was so popular, her particular viewpoint on angels that, in my opinion, is limiting, became the most well-known kind of ideas and concepts out there and so I made that video with the intention to share with you an alternative approach. So if you haven’t seen that one yet, I’ll link it right here so you can view that video.

So, since I made that video, Doreen Virtue published a blog post called the A-Z List of New Age Practices to Avoid and there’s been kind of a little murmuring in the spiritual community all about this. So I wanted to share my particular response to this. Now, I don’t want to talk about that too long or make this about Doreen because it’s really not. I mean, I have no feeling about what she does and what she doesn’t do. She’s free to express herself as she sees fit but I do want to share – again, my approach – so you can see that there’s another possibility available to you because I know what’s happened is that if people had any fear or doubts about whether they were doing the right thing by maybe having a less religious viewpoint of things or exploring spirituality that maybe goes beyond the religious programming that you had growing up. You can start to feel fearful and in my opinion, what Doreen has started doing is feeding into those fears, which I think is a real shame. Fear is not real. You are energy. You are unlimited.

The real you is the good, kind, loving, sharing and fearless part of you. So anything that’s based on fear is based on emotions and things that have been created here on planet Earth. That is not spiritual truth. So if you don’t know what I’m talking about at all, basically very quickly is that she published like, in alphabetical order a list of things that you would avoid. It included, for example, chakras, yoga, Harry Potter, lots of things okay? Tarot cards, anything that she could really probably think of. The point that I want to make again is not to phoo-phoo that but to bring to your attention what was done there. Anything that she deemed to be outside of the church and Christianity she explained could attract demons and even what she was really known for was the Angel Advisor and she now says that connecting with the angels, angels are really demons in disguise.

So if you had any fear of that yourself, you’re now going oh my gosh, I’m doing something wrong. But it’s like you’re in two worlds. It’s like you have one foot in the church and one foot out of it and maybe you were dipping your toe in the water to explore something new outside of the sort of very limited box that religion can put people in and now you’re going oh, I’m doing something wrong. But it felt good, it felt fine, I was learning something but now this teacher is telling me I’m doing something wrong.

So it can put people in the spiral of indecision. If you didn’t have any indecision yourself, it probably hasn’t bothered you one bit. It hasn’t bothered me one bit but I’m making this video for those of you that are still wondering if you’re doing the right thing. And I really want to empathize with you if you’re in that place. Please don’t feel diminished or lesser than. It’s your personal journey and where you’re at is where you’re at. I have no animosity toward religion. I think that it has a lot of positives in a person’s life and it can help people in many ways. And so if it’s helping you and you feel comfortable in the church, that’s your choice and that’s your journey.

What I would invite you to is to not have fear be part of that equation and that’s where I think things start to get a little twisted because Jesus Christ did not talk about fear. He talked about loving one another, being an example to others and more, right? So I believe that Christ wanted us to live by his example, not to limit and live with fear. And Jesus Christ actually did work with demons. He would see that there was pressures around people and he would help them heal from it.

The Bible calls that demons but you could call that just outside pressures or confusion that a person is being…or depression or anxiety. These are things that you probably have some experience with in your life. So just because the Bible called it demons, there’s something about that word that becomes very, very scary, okay and it feels like woah, I just need to like stay away from that. I’m opening myself up to something that could really harm me and again I want to empathize with you if you’re in that place.

So here’s the truth guys, in my opinion – my truth. Nothing can harm you. Nothing in the universe can really hurt you. There’s nothing to fear. What you might call demons again could just be pressures or not so positive tendencies and you’re tuned into energy. If you’re experience with anything in the New Age realm or spirituality, is what I prefer to call it, is bringing you peace, is bringing you comfort, is helping you to grow, is helping you expand then you’re in the right place.

It’s good to discern that by feeling, not by intellect. It’s the brain and the thoughts that create the worries and the doubts but none of that is really the truth of who you are as energy so you can discern if it’s truly your guides simply by how it feels. Does it feel supportive? Non-judgemental, backing, comforting or do you experience something that feels like it’s imposing on you or telling you what to do? My guess is that as long as you’re relaxed, and you’re clear, your communication with angels and anything, any other practice that you’re doing, is probably bringing you peace and it’s contributing to your life.

I would suggest to you – don’t buy into other people’s fear. Don’t buy into somebody telling you this is wrong and that’s wrong. Trust what feels good to you because there are millions of people out there who are involved in it and are growing from the process. And if you do encounter anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, just leave. Many years ago, I went along to a Pagan thing with a friend and it didn’t feel right to me and I never went back. It didn’t harm me. I stayed the whole night. I wasn’t afraid but I thought you know what, this doesn’t fit me, I’m not going to go that route myself.

Same thing the other day. I actually had my son’s birthday party and a couple of the mothers that came with their children, started gossiping and complaining about something that was happening at the children’s school and the energy in that room felt really off to me because they were being negative and they were complaining and they were being emotional. And I could feel the energy that they were creating which didn’t feel good to me so I left the room and went outside and played with the kids.

It doesn’t meant that they’re wrong or bad, I just know that that doesn’t feel right to me so I’m not going to get involved in it. So trust your discernment about anything else and if it feels good and you know that you’re growing from it – trust it. This is a journey for some of you to really grow beyond the right and wrong, good and bad that maybe your parents or your church taught you to know there’s really no such thing as right and wrong, good and bad.

There’s no boxes, it’s all just experiences and after a while, you just know on a feeling level what feels good to you to be involved in and what doesn’t and you go with that and you have confidence in yourself that you’re on your own journey and you have to also get to the point where if people judge you for what you’re doing, you just don’t care. It just slides off like nothing. If you have any element of worrying about what other people think or thinking that their judgements of you are right, that’s when you start to get caught in the worry and doubt of yourself.

Hopefully that brings you some peace if you were one of those people who was getting a little frightened about demons or anything else that your spiritual practices were wrong or bad – there’s no such thing as right and wrong, good and bad. So that’s a religious concept to start moving beyond if that resonates with you.

My love and backing to you. I would love to hear in the comments below how this resonates with you. Does it help you? And I encourage you to trust your own journey of guidance. Don’t make anybody more important than you whether it be Doreen Virtue, or me or Tony Robbins. Don’t let anybody’s opinion more important than you. You have your own inner guidance and you can learn to trust it. My mission is to provide you with the tools to access that more directly for yourself so you never have to rely on anything outside of you when you don’t need to.

Alright guy’s, much love. Have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you on the next video next week.