If you’re struggling to find your purpose, there’s a secret key you’ve been missing.

First off know that it’s important to look within, as in our society we are taught to look outside of ourselves. Discover in this video what the key is that you’ve been missing in the search for your life purpose. Hint: It’s not “out there” in the perfect job or relationship. It lies within.

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Hi this Melissa of CommunicateWithAngels.com. I help spiritual seekers like you learn to communicate directly with your angels and find and live your unique life purpose. And purpose is the topic of today’s video.

This is a key that you may have been missing in your search to find your unique life purpose. In our society, we’re taught to look outside of ourselves. It’s all about the outer. And we forget or miss the inner. But guess what? The inner is more important. Your inner feelings, your inner motivations and your inner desires. And so if you’re struggling to find your purpose right now, this is probably something that you have been missing. And I’m going to reveal what the secret is…keep you in suspense.

The key that you’ve probably been missing to finding your life purpose is to really get in touch with your heart’s desires. What is it that you really want? If you have no limitations, what you really want to do, be and have? Start writing that down. Don’t worry about if you think it’s realistic. Just write it down anyway. What would you really be doing? This is something I’ve been doing a lot lately because I wanted to get clear about what are the next steps in my work, in my business and my service to people like you and I felt like I was a little bit stuck. So I started looking at “what is my future vision? If this business is really having the impact that I would like it to have, what would that look like?” And so I write out that vision and then I come back, take steps back from there. What can I do today to move toward that vision? So that’s another bonus tip for you as well.

Here’s the thing. We’re taught, it’s kind of a religious concept, that something outside of you is going to reveal to you your purpose so you’re looking to God for the answer or you’re looking to everybody else. You’re looking out there to find the perfect career or the perfect job that’s supposed to be your purpose and if you’re using that word “supposed” to, that’s a clue that you’re on the wrong track. There’s no supposed to.

Instead, flip that around and say what is it that I truly desire? What would make me so excited, so joyful that I would just love to get up every day and do it? You may not have anything that is that exciting to you yet. Don’t worry about it. Just start writing down what it is that you really want because you’re here to fulfill your desires. I remember when I first heard that concept it was totally foreign. I felt that I knew that it was true on a deep level yet it was the opposite of the way that I’d lived my life – the complete opposite. And so when I really started embracing this concept that what I truly desire is my purpose, I was able to step into new opportunities that I never would have done before. That’s your purpose. It’s laying a little bit outside of your comfort zone right now but those desires are pulling you forward to where you need to be.

You came here to learn and grow and that means not continuing to live the same day-to-day boring life all the time. If your life has become too routine, you really need to change it up and start striving for a new desire, something that’s going to stretch you a little bit but in a good way, something that you really want to do. No one else tells you what you want. No one else has to like it. It’s what you really, really, really want and desire. And that’s where your purpose lies. If you’re looking for a pathway, that’s where you’re going to find it and you have to look within to really be honest with yourself about what you really want. Alright? So, I give you permission to live your heart’s desire, okay? Because everybody’s going to be more better off if we all do that.

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