It’s the New Year already, 2019 is here!

Did you set a New Year’s resolution? If one of your new year’s resolutions was to truly live your unique life purpose in 2019, then you are in the right place at the right time watching this video. You’ll learn some important keys to Living YOUR Unique Life Purpose this year in 2019.

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So it’s the new year already! 2019 is here. Did you set a new year’s resolution? One of your new year’s resolutions might have been to really live your unique life purpose in 2019 and if you have a desire to live your life purpose, you are in the right place with this video. I’m going to share with you some really important tips on how to embrace your unique life purpose more.

Before I do so, if you’re new to this channel, welcome. I’m  Melissa, I’m your guide to all things spirituality, especially finding your unique life purpose and communicating with your angels. If you like the topic, please subscribe to this YouTube channel and I look forward to sharing these videos with you every Wednesday.

How to live your life purpose in 2019.

Here’s some tips for you. First of all, realize that your life purpose is unique. No one can do what you came to do. So don’t compare yourself to other people. Allow yourself to move beyond these concepts that are so prevalent in our competition society. Go, “Hey, if I’m really unique, no one can do it like me.”

I want to really encourage you to start using your voice and communicating in whatever situation you’re in right now. If it’s just in your job or with your family or find ways to share more with people. When you share your message and just connect, that is how you’re expressing your unique purpose and vibration to others so don’t hold back and think that what you have to say is not important.

My first tip … really start sharing more with the people around you and see if you can take on new opportunities to share directly. Maybe you want to teach a class of something that you really enjoy. Maybe you want to enjoy a coaching group so you can share and connect with more like-minded people, etc.

Another way to really life your unique life purpose is to be honest about what you really, really want. If you don’t want your job right now but you’re staying in it because you’re scared you won’t be able to pay the bills, that is not what you came to do this lifetime. Start looking at what is the growth that I’m having in this job and what else do I really, really desire? It doesn’t mean you have to go and quit tomorrow.

You don’t have to do anything drastic but it’s about really shifting your energy toward you deserve to make your desires a high priority and society wants to keep you trapped. It’s like the right and wrong, good and bad of society. We can easily start taking that on and thinking that that’s just how it has to be.

  • Society keeps you trapped with the tax system.
  • Society keeps you trapped by thinking that you have to get health insurance through your job.
  • Society keeps you trapped by thinking that it’s a bad thing to quit, that you should stick with it, see it through and all of that is just concepts, okay?

… if what you’re doing right now is not fulfilling, allow yourself even the possibility to say hey, what else is possible?

You don’t have to allow yourself to take on any of those concepts. You get to choose at any time. So, if what you’re doing right now is not fulfilling, allow yourself even the possibility to say hey, what else is possible? What else could I be choosing? What do I really, really desire? If I had no limitations, if I had all the money, time and resources that I ever needed, what really would I love to be doing?

Imagine you had $10,000,000 a year.

It seems so crazy out of reach sometimes but there’s people out there that are earning $10,000,000 a year so it’s not impossible – people are doing it. But, imagine if you had that and it was automatically replenished every year. $10,000,000. You wouldn’t have a lot of the excuses that you’re now bringing up. That would allow yourself some freedom to go.  “Wow, what do I really want to be doing with my time?” Because you may think that you want lay on the beach all the time but probably after 10 days you’d have enough of that and you’d really want to start doing what you came to do. So that’s a good exercise to start actually identifying and then go do it, whether you have the $10,000,000 or not.

Then, my final tip for you to really embrace and find your life purpose in 2019 is to get more in touch with your spiritual helpers, your guides or angels. It doesn’t matter what you call them but they have kind of an inside scoop to knowing what your purpose is and they will share little keys and insights with you and you need to be willing to ask, just keep asking, “Wow, what else could I be doing or what is my purpose? What am I here to do?”

It might not reveal itself just in one day with one question but you stay in that mode of investigating, asking and exploring and you’ll start discovering more. Your angels communicate with you through hunches, ideas popping in your head, impressions and you’re doing that constantly. Start being aware and receptive of the guidance, the signs and symbols that are coming from your personal team of angels every single day.

Life purpose is a topic that I’m really passionate about and coming up, starting January 28, I’m going to be doing a free challenge. It’s called Live Your Purpose Challenge. It’s all online. You get an audio everyday. We have a Facebook group where I’ll be doing a Facebook Live everyday and you’ll get to connect with everybody else who is doing this challenge because I truly believe if every single person was embracing and living their unique life purpose in life then we would be living in much more harmony on this planet. We wouldn’t have a lot of the woes that we experience.

Remember by doing for you and finding your desires and purpose, you’re doing for your people around you and you’re doing positive for the world at large.

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