Are you hiding in the spiritual closet? Do you secretly go to spirituality workshops or watch you tube videos like this but your friends and family have no idea?

I get you! I used to be right there with you. For more than ten years I hid my spiritual journey from people in my life – I share some of the story in this video.

What a lot of pressure and fear that created in my life! Now that I’m “out” of the spiritual closet I know how freeing it is, and so I created this video to encourage you to do the same.

In this video you’ll learn WHY you are afraid to come out of the spiritual closet, where the fear comes from, and a mantra/ affirmation you can say WHILE you watch this video that will heal it. (If you’re very sensitive you will feel an energetic shift and healing that I sent while recording the video xo)

So comment below, what is one thing you’ll do this week to come out of the spiritual closet?

Let’s support each other and come together on this spiritual journey!

Transcription __________________________

Hi there, this is Melissa with Communicate with Angels and I help spiritual seekers like you learn to connect with their angels and find and live their unique life purpose. Today’s topic is about How to Come out of the Spiritual Closet.

Is it time for you to come out of the spiritual closet? Are you hiding your true ideas and thoughts about spirituality from the people in your life? I am sharing this one from personal experience. I did this for many, many years. I became involved with a spiritual organization called the Wayshowers College. I encourage you to check it out online. When I was young, I was 12-13 years old, my mother was really searching and she found these group sessions that really helped her and she introduced me to that community as well and I loved it. I just jumped in with both feet and really took a lot of classes and courses when I was a teenager. When I was about, I remember being about 15-16 years old and I was going to classes on the weekends, after school on weeknights. I was doing quite a lot and my mom at the time was sharing evening lectures in our city where I grew up in New Zealand and she would put an ad in the paper (of course the internet didn’t exist in those days) and the ad had her photo in it and I remember seeing that and being absolutely terrified. I said I could never do what she’s doing. I could never be a spiritual teacher because I would have to put my photo in the paper and people would find out what I was doing.

It filled me with absolute terror. I told none of my friends at school that I was doing any of this stuff. I hid it from everybody that I ended up working with. The only person I maybe would tell was a boyfriend when I got a little bit older. Other than that, nobody knew a thing. It was only when I was about my mid to late 20’s when I really realized that I didn’t have anything to fear and my husband helped me through all of that. So, at that time, when I started to realize oh, I don’t actually have to keep this a secret, I could start telling people, it felt very scary but at the same time very liberating. I told some of the friends I worked with, I was a schoolteacher at the time, and they thought it was great. They were so interested and they were asking me a lot of questions.

So what was it that I was really afraid of? And when I was in that fear and just not communicating, not telling anybody really about who I really am, I was blocking the energy in my chakras. If you’re suppressing any area of your life and not communicating it, it’s going to start causing pressure in your energy and that can ultimately lead to illness. If you relate to this at all, if you have anybody in your life that you’re not open with, you’re hiding a part of yourself whether it be spirituality or something, let’s really have a conversation about why people tend to do that and a lot of times it’s from something that occurred in a past life, okay? So you are energy. You are a vibration of energy and you are the sum total of all of your experiences over many lifetimes. And you bring all of those experiences with you in your state of consciousness. You don’t remember them with your brain, with your intellect. Sometimes you do. But you don’t always have conscious memories of that but it’s a part of your energetic consciousness. So that subconscious you might say.

You remember those lifetimes where there was the inquisition hunting you down and killing you or accusing you of being a witch or even, in other cultures, like the Native American, they would shun people if they didn’t file the rules of the tribe, etc., etc., etc. There’s probably been many, many lifetimes where you’ve been excluded, shunned, killed, tortured for spiritual-type beliefs. We have to first of all acknowledge that that could have been the case. It doesn’t matter if you remember all the details. If you have some fear about this now, that’s probably where it came from. You can heal that and release it right now as you’re watching this video, okay?

Just say to yourself, I’m ready to change. I’m ready to grow. I’m ready to move forward. A piece of it too may be from this lifetime. If you’ve had very religious upbringing, religion teaches that there’s right and wrong, good and bad. And religion wants you to fit into a box. Now, I’m not here to diss religion. I think there’s some wonderful things with it. It helps millions of people around the globe so there’s a benefit to it. But what I give you permission to let go of is the thought that you have to think something’s wrong or scary or bad when deep down inside you know that it feels right to you. It resonates, okay? So I give you permission to be you, to trust in you and to go with what feels right for you.

Now here’s the piece of this too, is that if you’ve been in the spiritual closet, you’ve probably been worrying about what other people think. You think you’re going to be judged from all those past lives of being judged, excluded, killed and tortured and the truth is no one can hurt you. You are free. You are energy. You came here to learn and grow and holding back and being ashamed of a certain part of your life is out of balance, out of alignment with the real you, purpose here to learn and grow. Here’s the truth: If you come out of the spiritual closet, if you start telling your family and your friends and the people around you, what you’re doing, what you’re interested in, what your beliefs are, a lot of the times you will actually be helping them to grow and if some people judge you, that’s okay because guess what, when you’re more honest with yourself about what feels right to you, you can actually attract different relationships, people who are more aligned with where you are now. And if your family doesn’t get it, create a new spiritual family. Whether it be new friends, new business associates, a new romantic partner, you can attract people with similar beliefs as you so don’t go to that limited point of view that you’re stuck, that no one else gets where you are because I know that there’s millions and millions of people on this planet who are on the same state of consciousness that you are and guess what? If we all start coming out of the spiritual closet, we’re going to heal the planet because people are going to know that it’s okay and you’re a wayshower. You’re showing the way for new possibility. Are we going to heal the planet by staying in the closet or are we going to heal the planet by sharing our truth and not worrying about whether we’re going to be judged or excluded. Banding together in a community, supporting each other, that’s what you’re creating when you come out of the spiritual closet. I challenge you what is one thing you’re going to do today or this week to come out of the spiritual closet? Some of you are really hiding in that closet. Some of you have come out a little bit but I bet there’s something you can do to come out of that spiritual closet even more than you have already.

Let me know below in the comments what’s one thing you’re going to do this week to step out of that spiritual closet and be free to be you.

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