Have you ever met someone and instantly liked them?

Or perhaps the opposite where you instantly take a dislike to someone when you meet them for the first time?

The reason for this is Soul Contracts. In this video you’ll discover what soul contracts are, why we have them, and how they influence you in your life.

I even explain love at first sight!! Discover why you attract people in to your life in all different types of relationships and how you can clarify what your contract with them is all about.

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Hello this is Melissa again with CommunicateWithAngels.com. I help spiritual seekers like you learn to communicate with your angels, find and live your unique life purpose, so you can be more successful and abundant in everything you do.

Today’s topic is one that I haven’t ever really talked about. It’s about soul contracts. Why do we attract certain people into our life? So, have you ever met someone and you instantly like them? You feel like you’ve known them for years even though you’ve only just met? Now sometimes the opposite can be true too, that we meet someone and take an instant dislike to them. I have somebody in my life and I just feel like, I don’t know why, but she just doesn’t like me. I think I did something bad to her in a past life. So we have certain affinities with souls that we recognize from past lives that we’ve been with over and over and over again and especially if you’ve had a strong love affair with someone in the past you might feel an instant attraction to them.

So why do we have these soul contracts? There can be many reasons. A lot of times, when you feel a contract with someone like that, you are picking up where you left off. You’re picking up that relationship and that affinity that you had. If you’ve ever experienced love at first sight, this is a really strong example of picking up that affinity with someone that you’ve had before. I’ve experienced that twice in my life and I remember the day that I met those two people that I’ve had it with. It was wow, it was such a strong energy. It was…when you experience love at first sight, there’s two things going on at the same time. It’s a recognition of what you’ve been to each other in the past and the realization of a contract that needs to continue into the future in this lifetime.

Now, sometimes we can have an attraction with someone but it feels a little off. You probably know that you’ve known them in a past life but something about what you are together now is a little off. It just doesn’t come together if that makes sense. And so it’s really important, no matter who it is, whether it’s a romantic relationship or some other kind of relationship to actually clarify the facts. What, where, when, why. What is the contract now? And if it’s helpful, you can clarify with your angels what the contract was in the past but please don’t get fixated on that. Just because you were something to that person in the past does not mean it’s relevant now. It may be that the contract is going to continue in a future lifetime but it’s not your opportunity to have a close relationship now. So clarify what is the contract now? What, when, where and why.

One simple way to do this is just to ask your guidance for a key word about the contract and if you know how to really ask your angels direct questions, you can definitely clarify the timing. Is the timing right to fill this contract with this person now? And if it’s no, be willing to receive that answer even if it’s something that you don’t really hear.

Sometimes contracts end so you’ve heard that old saying, you know some people are here for a season, some people are here for a lifetime. If the contract needs to change, you might find that that person leaves your life or you have some kind of conflict and they move on, they disappear from your life and I’ve had that happen to me with friends and clients and felt kind of upset and disappointed by it but I had to regroup and clarify that that contract was ended for this lifetime, to wish them well, to detach and know that I’ll probably see them again in the future. So if you continue on a relationship past the “due date”, so to speak, when the contract together is over, it will actually be more harmful than helpful. That’s when relationships start to deteriorate into a lot of conflicts, arguments, etc. So, don’t be afraid to end something if it is really in both people’s best interest.

The contracts that we have with the people in our lives are there for mutual benefit. You’re getting something out of it, you’re learning and growing from it and they’re learning and growing from it too and that’s the perfect contract. You have something to learn from each other. A really strong contract that you have is with your children and vice versa with your parents when you were a child. You attract your parents because you have something to learn from their unique thrust, their energy and your children are attracted to you because they have something to learn from your unique thrust and energy and purpose for this lifetime.

I hope this helps to clarify your contracts. It’s a really interesting area to dive into. Please comment below if you have any more questions or let me know what you’ve learned from this video. And I invite you to my website, CommunicateWithAngels.com. I have a free gift there for you – The Three Steps to Communicate with Your Angels. If you haven’t subscribed to this YouTube channel yet, please subscribe, join this community, stay connected. I share these videos every two weeks and I would love to stay connected with you for the next one. And I will talk to you then. Bye for now