The first Step to Connecting with Your Angels


So you’re ready to connect with your angels? Or you’ve already tried but don’t seem to be getting clear messages? In this video, I reveal to you the very first step you must take to connect with your angels if you want this communication to be successful. If you miss this step, you just won’t get the crystal clear communication with your angels that you desire. It’s very important!

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Please comment below: How would it help you to be more relaxed and connected? And if you already use the Spiritual Cleansing Technique; how does it assist you?

Hi it’s Melissa here of Communicate with Angels.  I help people learn to communicate directly with their angels and their guidance find the joy of living your unique life purpose.

Today I’m going to share with you the first step to communicating with your angels. So if you have been seeking more guidance, more support, more clarity in your life, learning to have a direct communication with your personal team is going to help you so much. Whether you call them angels, guides, inner guidance, helpers, it doesn’t matter. But know that you have the support with you. If you’re feeling stressed, this can help you to relax. If you’re feeling frustrated, this will help you to get the clarity that you need.

So what is the first step to communicating with your angels?  

You do have angels, by the way. The first step is to relax and cleanse. Those two words are kind of saying the same thing to me. What we’re talking about is raising your vibration. You are energy and there are different vibrations or different frequencies of energy so if you are rundown or stressed or frustrated, you have a certain vibration of energy that’s a little bit lower.

Your team of helpers or angels, they always have a high vibration of energy. They’ve learned to maintain that. And because they’re not a part of planet earth, they’re detached so they’re not affected by the environment like we are so they know how to maintain a very high energy but you have the potential to have that very high vibration of energy too but sometimes we get affected and it’s like a roller coaster ride.

What you’re going to begin to practice is raising your vibration as often as possible and noticing when it gets lower. So whether you’re feeling tired or angry or sad or emotional and stressed, those are not your true feelings and you always have the ability to come back to your true feelings – to be more relaxed. That way, rather than being a disconnect between you and your angels, you’re right up here and you can connect with them.

You know how to relax – it’s just using the tools. Maybe for you it’s take some deep breaths. Close your eyes and imagine your aura expanding. Imagine that white light around you. Ask your angels for support and healing energy and my favorite way to relax is a technique we call the “spiritual cleansing technique”.

This is a way where you can just instantly raise your vibration and it only takes about half a minute to do. Anytime you notice that you’re feeling low or picking something up that doesn’t feel comfortable, you can use this simple technique as a quick, kind of pick me up, to be connected again.

If you feel like you have a lot of thoughts running through your head all the time or you have those ups and downs and emotions or you need to have more focus and clarity, this cleansing technique is going to help you so much and you’re going to be on that same frequency and energy as your angels, most of the time – so that when your angels are connecting with you or sharing something with you (a message, a hunch, an inspiration) you’re actually able to receive that and hear or see or feel it rather than it passing you by when you’re so stressed that you don’t realize that all that help is there for you.

I have a free gift for you guys today. If you would like to learn the spiritual cleansing technique, you can just go to this link and I’ve made a video for you where you can learn this simple tool.

This can really be life-changing. You can use this every day and it’s just going to shift how you feel to be more clear, more relaxed and positive. Not all those monkey mind but just clarity.

I would love to hear from you guys. Please comment below. How do you think it would help you in your life to be more relaxed and cleansed?

And if you do already know the spiritual cleansing technique, please share with others: how has this helped you and why would you recommend that other people use that tool?

I look forward to hearing from you guys and there are many more resources for you to learn how to communicate with your angels and find your purpose in life at my website:

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Melissa is an experienced spiritual coach who guides you to raise your awareness, heal yourself and align with your unique purpose. She has been working with her inner guidance since age 12 and enabling others to do the same for over 20 years.