You’re Invited to the Life Purpose Revolution

It’s a revolution because for too long too many people have settled for a life they dislike. You’re going to work every day to pay the bills but you have no joy in it. That’s not how it’s supposed to be! But it’s not your fault because no one taught you how to do things any differently. NOW, you can learn a different approach that actually aligns with your life purpose and brings you joy and abundance at the same time.

It’s a REVOLUTION baby, and you’re invited! Watch the video to learn more. Join the Life Purpose Revolution Facebook Group HERE.

Hi, my name is Melissa Kitto. I’m the co-founder of Today I have a very special invitation for you. It’s something that I have had the inspiration to do for a few months now and now’s the time to really announce this and invite you to it.
It’s something that’s very near and dear to my heart. What this is about is really gathering a community of spiritually-minded men and women who know that they have a unique life purpose and they’re ready to discover what that is and to really take action on it.

We have an epidemic in this world, especially in the United States, where I currently live. Maybe other places too for sure, but I see it around me here in the US a lot. It’s people that are unhappy and people that have that state of consciousness of I’m not good enough. I think those are symptoms and ways that we’ve been raised because we don’t realize how unique and powerful we really are because you have a unique life purpose and a unique spiritual thrust. Your spiritual thrust is a way of describing your unique vibration and talents. It’s what you’re here to do, it’s what you’re here to share and express and so what I’m proposing here is that I am starting a Life Purpose Revolution.

A revolution – a change in the way that we approach our lives. Rather than just letting life happen to you or going along with the way that you were raised, going to work just to pay the bills, feeling like you’re in the rat race of life, feeling like you never get ahead. Really not enjoying what you’re spending time doing every day because you’re doing it just for the money or to support a family or whatever the reason might be. Or even limiting yourself, thinking I’m too old or too young or I should have done it by now or there’s no hope for me, I don’t have the skills, I don’t have the education. Whatever limitations you’re putting on yourself, it’s not real.

So this is a revolution for people who are going to start stepping up and really living their life purpose. All that really means is living your life for you. Trusting your true heart’s desires and feelings. Because I, 100%, to the core of my being believe that if every individual on this planet was aware of their purpose, and their true heart’s desire, then we would have peace and harmony on this planet. Because what I’m good at is not the same as what you’re good at and what you’re good at is not the same as what I’m good at. And hey, imagine if you were doing something that was really fun for you and you could earn an abundant living at the same time. And what’s fun for you might be miserable for me and that’s why, when we’re all really doing what’s fun and fulfilling and trusting your heart’s desire, then it all kind of works in a beautiful harmony. Because I can delegate to you the things that I don’t like and you love it. There’s a harmony and there’s a power in discovering your life purpose so that’s why I’m calling this the Life Purpose Revolution.
If you’re on board with this, then I invite you to become a member of a free Facebook group that I’ve started for the Life Purpose Revolution. This Facebook group is open to all, as long as you’re going to be respectful and not spam everybody in there. It is open to you as a safe place, a welcoming environment to start getting in touch with your purpose. Some of you watching this feel you know your purpose and you’re ready to just take it to the next level and to share it in the bigger scale.

Some of you who are watching this have no clue what your purpose is. You don’t know what you want and this is the place for you guys as well because you’re now claiming to the universe that you’re going to make it a priority to get in touch with what it is that you’re really here to do and to let go of any limitations that make you think you have to do work you hate to pay the bills, because you can do work that you absolutely adore and love and gets you so excited to get up in the morning and be financially successful and abundant at the same time. There is so much freedom available to you that maybe you haven’t experienced or acknowledged yet.

What would be your wildest dreams? For me it would be traveling the globe and offering this work and sharing with people and so that’s what I’m on the path to create in my life. What is it for you? What makes your heart sing. You have no limitations. It is a journey. Let’s not be unrealistic about this – you’re not just going to jump in this Facebook group and everything’s going to be roses. This is a journey and I invite you to be in the journey. The revolution of taking a stand or hey, you’re going to do it for you and you want to collaborate and be a part of a community of other men and women that are doing that within themselves too because that’s when we can truly be of service for each other.

Go ahead and check out this Facebook group. I invite you to start being a part of the Revolution because the more of us that take a stand and join this revolution, the more change we’re going to create on the planet at large and let’s face it – the planet needs it right now.

So, Life Purpose Revolution. Join the Facebook group. There’s going to be some really fun stuff going on in there and I can’t wait for you to be a part of it. See you there!

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Melissa is an experienced spiritual coach who guides you to raise your awareness, heal yourself and align with your unique purpose. She has been working with her inner guidance since age 12 and enabling others to do the same for over 20 years.