7th Chakra - OutflowThe Pituitary Gland: OUTFLOW – SHARING

It is located between the eyebrows, just behind the forehead, and is associated with the brain and the eyes. It is called the third eye, and is responsible for inner vision or seeing on the screen of the mind. It is the center of outflow and giving. It has the color vibration white.


Is the willingness to give your time, knowledge or skill to other individuals who need assistance. It is the ability to share with a true sense of abundance, freedom and detachment. This is the outflow, the expressed awareness of the abundant life that is available to all.

Most graphic representations of the chakras show them from the front, stacked up in a straight line. When you look at the body from the side, the energy centers are not stacked in a straight line at all, but in a U shape with the Inflow (Acceptance Chakra) at the base of the skull and the Outflow Chakra (Sharing) in the pituitary gland between the eyes. Energy flows in the Acceptance Chakra, down your spine to the Coccyx (Wants Chakra) and up the front of your body through the other chakras and out the Outflow Chakra.

A balance of Inflow and Outflow is essential for
your physical and spiritual well-being.

If you have more inflow than outflow, you will feel pressure or bloated because you are allowing yourself to take in more energy then you are giving out. If you have wonderful ideas as to how you can enrich your life and the lives of others but do little to share those ideas in a practical way, you are inflowing more than you are outflowing.

If you are giving more than you are allowing yourself to accept, you will feel drained. This is having more outflow than inflow. An example would be doing, doing and doing for others but investing little energy in doing for yourself.

As a child you lived a balance of inflow and outflow; you were energy and self-expression in motion. Sharing of your ideas and feelings is something you learn when you are very young. Some people find it very easy to share and other people hold back. It is a pattern that you learned from your early environment.

Let take a deeper look at the Outflow chakra.

“The willingness to give your time, knowledge or skill to other individuals who need assistance.”

  • How do you feel you do in this area?
  • Do you give of yourself freely, or do you give with hooks (expectation of payback)?
  • Do you give to yourself when you need your assistance?

For example, if you know you would feel better and get more of your goals accomplished if you changed certain patterns, and don’t do it, you are not giving to yourself.

“The ability to share with a true sense of abundance, freedom and detachment.”

Do you have fears that time, money or energy will run out if you live to your potential? You can retrain yourself to share and direct your energy towards what you have a feeling for without concern about what the outcome looks like. You have a limitless access to universal energy.

If you let fear of being misunderstood, rejected or judged color your outflow, you are not outflowing the innate creativity you are. You may be communicating, but not truly sharing the pure you. There is no escaping the Law of Attraction. You will attract people and events that match what you put out there. As long as you express yourself with sincerity and respect, people will respect your opinions, even when they don’t agree with you. It is never what you say, it is how you say it.

When you outflow from your true feelings, you are helping the people your life affects to share of their true feelings with others. You are leading by example. In a sense, you are helping people to redesign their socialization process. If they have learned habits of holding back, you are showing them a way to trust themselves, to reach out toward others, and to share of themselves.

When you outflow sincerely you grow faster because you get feedback concerning how your truth affects others. This feedback enables you to refine yourself and continually expand your state of consciousness.

Your physical body is a direct reflection of your state of consciousness. It is a magnificent tool of communication and a barometer to let you know where you are blocking the energy flow in the seven major concepts that affect your inner peace and spiritual growth: Acceptance, Wants, Need, Identity, Drive, Relating and Outflow. When you have a grasp on what concepts affects a particular physical system, you can take steps to heal any stress in that area. As you expand your ability to refine your energy flow, “Physician, heal thy self,” becomes a reality.

Thank you for letting me outflow.