This is part 6 of a 7-part series on the chakras and the glandular system. Energy flows through your physical body. Your body is constantly receiving and sending out energy waves. There are seven centers or chakras in your body to receive and send energy. As you become aware of these energy centers and learn to control the flow of energy through them, you learn to be the master of your situation.

6th Chakra - RelatingThe Thyroid Gland – Relating

The relating chakra is associated with all expressions through sound. Energy is released from this center through the verbal expression of thoughts and feelings. In its balanced state, it is associated with a friendly, open and relaxed sharing with the world. It has the color vibration purple.

Relating –

The ability to meet other people easily and enter into constructive relationships with them. It is the ability to remain relaxed and comfortable in all circumstances or conditions involving other people.

A wise friend (Tiger Coll) once shared with me, “I don’t treat everyone the same. I am the same with everyone.” What this meant to me was to do my best to not let anything influence my relating. It meant communicating with the same love and true concern to a stranger that I have for my children. That no one is more special to me than anyone else. Clear relating is communicating my uncolored opinion freely, with love and respect.

When anything creates tension or catering in your communication, you are not clearly relating with YOURSELF in the situation. Your true feelings are never thinking ahead as to how to respond, are not concerned with whether or not someone agrees with you, and enjoy hearing different points of view.

Communication is what makes the world go round. When you don’t relate clearly with what you are communicating, you will be constantly clearing your throat because you can feel the clog in the energy.

  • Do you have feelings that you do not seem to be able to express?
  • Do you express theories and concepts that your feelings don’t relate to?
  • Are you patient to discern what you feel?
  • Do you feel secure expressing your feelings comfortably?
  • How well do you sense your inner comfort as you express yourself?
  • Are you patient to discern what you feel?

If you do not discern your feelings and organize them into an impression before your intellect selects an interpretation, you will not have a thought for every feeling and a feeling for every thought, prior to expressing yourself. Your communication will be emotional.

You are emotional when you
indulge in personality.

How do you do this? You get puffed up in your own importance and very soon you’re caught up in religious concepts of right and wrong, greater and lesser, and likes and dislikes.

Whenever you have a thought that is not crystal-clear, you create a clog. A “clog” is an obstacle to the free flow of energy. And it is contagious. The person you communicate with encounters this energy clog and immediately “puffs up” his defenses to deal with you. This creates another clog, further cutting the flow of energy. It doesn’t take long before the flow of energy reaching those you are communicating to becomes so weakened that they are vulnerable to outside influences.

Your desire to heal is your Antidote. And the healing starts within you. It starts the moment you are patient enough with yourself to allow yourself the extra moment you need to discern what your feelings are feeling so you can communicate sincerely. It starts the moment you stop thinking about how you want to reply to another person and allow yourself to feel the depth of what they are communicating. Relating is being honest with yourself and sincere with others.

Read this aloud to yourself:

“Relating is my constructive relationship with my thoughts and feelings. It is remaining relaxed and comfortable in all MY circumstances or MY conditions involving MYSELF.”

When you communicate from your feelings with true concern for others, the energy through your 6th chakra will flow beautifully into the world and you will attract back to yourself what you send out.