by Richard Lassiter

“Wisdom is an energy pattern that stays with you for eons of time,” Dr. Francisco Coll.

My life’s work is freeing myself from my self-imposed limitations in order to evolve into a higher state of consciousness. My thrust this lifetime is, “I am the freedom lover.” My limitations enslave me and dilute my thrust. When I become aware of how I limit myself, I take action to replace that limiting habit with one that is self-elevating. My first policy this lifetime is ACTION. I know I am off my pivot point when I don’t take positive action toward my goals … or worse yet, don’t invest the time to organize clearly defined goals to take action on.

The speed of my spiritual growth is directly proportional to how often I regroup myself. I get a key word from my Helpers everyday and regroup at the end of the day and I do a decent job of regrouping what I am learning throughout my day. I am militant about keeping my buffer zone maintained. Staying regrouped keeps me on my spiritual pivot point, organized and in the now. I regularly involve myself in another way to accelerate my personal growth … I present lectures, workshops and courses to the public. I am a professional spiritual consultant – it is my business to share my understanding with others.

I share with others because doing so turns my understanding into wisdom. My training is that, “Knowledge becomes wisdom when you pass it on,” and for me, this statement is truth. And passing it on is a very key aspect of spiritual evolution. The pay off is the wisdom I gain from sharing with people. I get feedback from people and my angels when sharing my understanding that consolidates my knowledge into wisdom. I give myself an opportunity to honestly look at what I have and refine it. I always ask my guidance, “How could I have done a better job communicating? How can I refine my message and be of greater service to others?”

For me limbo energy can best stop me from doing at the planning phase. This shows itself as procrastination and lack of follow-through on my ideas. For others limbo may move in at the execution or labor phases, but for me, it is mostly the planning stage. My Helpers once shared with me that I can have anything I want in life as long as I am willing to earn it. For me, I earn it when I create an actionable plan, execute and labor that plan.
If I want to reach people, I need to get in front of them … whether at a live event or on the web or teleconference, I must give them the opportunity to hear my message. For this to happen I need to do my part and keep expanding my role by passing on the skills and knowledge so others can do what I do. The entire Americana Leadership College structure was created to facilitate passing it on.

If a person comes to an Orientation Lecture and wants to present it themselves, they can take ALC Course 500: How to Present the Man & the Universe Orientation Lecture and start reaching the people they came here to reach. Every lecture, workshop and course in the College inventory (to date over 690 courses and growing) is designed so anyone with true concern for themselves and others can pass it on. The only thing you need to do be willing to “earn it.”

Spirit has organized a system I can use and will spiritually back me in wonderful ways. It is my opportunity to be the Doer. I find the meeting room, market my service, show up to provide the service, and schedule and do the follow-up. When spirit knows I can be counted upon to do my part, magical things happen and I have the energy of a 2 year old. When I do my part, I have earned it.
I find “passing it on” works in every opportunity in life. Whether you earn your daily bread as a teacher, mechanic, artist, machinist, parent … whatever, you grow at a deeper level when you pass it on. Passing it on clarifies what you are gaining spiritually from your opportunity and frees others from dependency on you, thus freeing you to do greater things. What ever you do, be sure to pass it on and you will earn the personal freedom and fulfillment that come with being of service. When you pass your knowledge on, not only do you gain wisdom, but you are being love in action

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