Ready to Manifest some amazing things in 2018? Learn 3 Key Steps you can use to Manifest Amazing Possibilities in to your life.

These are simple practices, but if you actually DO them, you’ll be amazed at what starts to show up.

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Hi I’m Melissa with I help spiritual seekers like you communicate directly with their angels and find their unique life purpose

Today we’re talking about what is really possible for you. I’m going to share with you three really key steps that you can use in your life to help you to manifest more amazing possibilities into your life. You probably have heard that you can create anything you desire in life. Most people have heard somebody say that at least once but it can be hard to believe and it can be hard to really put that into practice. There’s so much pressure in the environment and old bad habits that can pull you back into the old way of doing things.

Using these three tools will help you to stay forward to creating those amazing possibilities and manifesting the life that you truly desire.

Step No. 1 is about belief. You really have to start believing that you can have the life that you desire. What is it that you truly want.  You need to clarify that first. But once you’re clear on what you really want, spend a little time each day to start actually believing that you can have it. The truth is, nothing will manifest without this. If you don’t really believe that you can have it deep down inside, it will never happen. It’s about practicing or faking until you make it, just start believing that you can truly have that in your life and it’s amazing how quickly things will actually shift when you get to the place of belief.

For example, for years I never believed that I would ever be able to afford an extension on my house. It’s something i really wanted but I just didn’t believe I could ever do it and then I practiced. I started to believe it. I didn’t know how it was going to happen but I said you know what, I really believe that I could create that. And as soon as I came from a place of believing it, I had some unexpected money show up. My father passed away and I thought that all the estate and the inheritance I got from that was finished. But then some shares that he had in a different country showed up out of the blue and when those funds were distributed, I had enough money to build the extension on my house. I manifested it. Maybe you have a story like that where you, as soon as you shifted your belief, the way showed up.

Belief has to come first. Don’t worry about the how, just start believing.

My second step or tool for you guys is to have a little meditation time each day. It’s really important to affirm and visualize that you are creating what you desire. Come from the place of belief, spend five or ten minutes to yourself saying affirmations or visualizing what you do have the things or you are experiencing what you would like to create. I know for me, I’m not really that materialistic. I don’t care too much about material things. I like some material things but for me it’s more about experiences: travel, doing things with my family and friends and having amazing adventures and so I spend a little time imagining and visualizing that life for myself. So that actually helps you to reinforce the belief because you’re bringing it into your consciousness every day.

Start carving out a little time to do that in your life.

The third step is a little exercise that will actually help you uncover what’s been blocking you thus far. Because if you haven’t been manifesting things easily, there’s some inner beliefs or fears that are actually blocking you and there’s many ways to approach this but I find that this technique really gets to the point and can help you change things quickly.

What you want to ask yourself is “what am I afraid will happen if I have X”. Maybe you would like to have a successful business. What am I afraid will happen if I have this successful business? What we’re kind of looking at is what are the negative consequences that you’re afraid of and this will start bringing up the things that have been hidden under the surface. Maybe my friends won’t like me or I will disappoint my parents or I won’t have the steady safe income. I’ll lose my health insurance benefits. Like all the things you’re afraid will happen if you move toward that goal. And then once you’ve brought them up to the surface, you can shift them. Maybe you want to hire a coach to do that or take a course. The Life Purpose Mastery course is one I would recommend. You can check that out at  But at least now you know what’s blocking you instead of living blind. You’ve got to bring that out from the subconscious and shift that and sometimes even just the process of bringing it out of the subconscious will help you realize this is a silly fear, it’s not even real, it probably won’t even happen so I can let it go.

Three steps for you to take: daily affirmations and visualization, uncovering those negative consequences and truly believing. Believing you can have it. If you’d like to go deeper with this, I have a free gift for you guys today. I have an 8-step manifesting formula that I put together but I’d like to give you the 8-step manifesting formula today for free. Go to the link below to receive that and you’ll get my entire eight steps to manifest anything you desire in life.

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