Your Life Purpose is Not an Assignment!

This week it’s tough love time! Over many years of helping clients to find and live their purpose I’ve noticed that most people treat their life purpose like an assignment they are supposed to complete. If you are using the words “What am I supposed to be doing?” (Keywords “supposed to!” ) then you have made this mistake.

It’s not your fault, because no one taught you any differently. But if you keep treating your life purpose like an assignment you’re supposed to complete, you will end up feeling pressured and frustrated. You may feel that you just don’t know what your purpose is and you don’t know what to do. Good news. In today’s video and blog post, you’ll learn how to take a different approach to finding and living your purpose that you CAN succeed at. It will feel so freeing when you do this! Enjoy!

Hi, it’s Melissa here with Communicate with Angels. I help spiritual seekers just like you learn to communicate directly with your angels or inner guidance and live your unique life purpose. Today we’re doing some truth talk, people!

Today’s topic is your life purpose is not an assignment.

Have you been treating your life purpose like an assignment? If you have, you’ve been using words such as “this is what I’m supposed to be doing” or “what is it I’m supposed to be doing?”, “what should I do?”. If you’ve been treating your life purpose like an assignment, it feels like pressure. It’s something to live up to and you may feel like you still haven’t found your life purpose. Even if you’re getting on in years, you’re wondering “when am I ever going to find it?” and all of that is about looking outside of yourself for the answers.

Most people were trained this way in their early years – to look outside of themselves for approval and for where the answers are. If you think about school, it makes sense, right? We’re looking to that teacher to tell us the answers. We’re looking to our parents to tell us what we should and shouldn’t be doing.

I really want to help you today to turn this around. It might take a little practice to shift this in your life but it is going to be incredibly rewarding because if you’ve been feeling like your life purpose is an assignment, you’ve been looking in the wrong places.

So here’s the truth guys: Your life purpose is the expression of your unique talents, skills and desires. You are unique. You have a unique personality and there’s certain areas of life that you’re going to be drawn to based on what’s going on within. It’s like your inner expression, your unique vibration that you’re here to experience for yourself and to share with others and I want to share with you a definition of what true responsibility means and this is from Dr. Francisco Coll, who is my spiritual mentor from the Wayshowers College, which is where I get my training. I’m going to read this definition to you.

“Responsibility is being accountable for your actions in fulfilling your desire, depending on yourself and counting on yourself and performing the obligations of your life’s thrust (and that’s another word for purpose). Your obligation is an inner integrity towards securing your contracts for this lifetime.”

What I love about this is it’s really saying that your responsibility in this lifetime, while you’re here on planet Earth is to fulfill your desires and to depend on yourself and count on yourself to do that. You’re not counting on anyone else, you’re not depending on anyone else. I’m not saying you can’t ask for help – please do!  Please collaborate with others but at the end of the day, it kind of all comes down to you and the essence of finding your direction and what to do next to fulfill your purpose is to get in touch with your true heart’s desires and that’s got to come from you.

You can definitely get help and resources from others but at the end of the day you need to filter that through “Is this what I really want?” “What will bring me joy?” “What is my true heart’s desire?”, “If I had no limitations what would I be doing?” And if you’re asking yourself those kind of questions, you’re on the right track with finding and living your life purpose.

Can you see the difference and feel the difference in the energy compared to “What am I supposed to be doing” as opposed to “What do I really desire to create in my life?”  Do you feel how different that is?

So you have choice. You have freedom. You get to choose the things that feel fun to you, that bring you joy, that bring you abundance, that allows you to be in an environment that really is conducive to expressing what you really love to do. The more time you spend doing those things that bring you joy, the more you are in alignment with your life purpose.

I would love to hear from you guys. Is this blowing your mind?  What have you learned from this video today and what are you going to now do differently on your journey of fulfilling your purpose?

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I hope that helps you out a lot.  and I have many more resources for you on my website,  If you enjoyed this video, please subscribe to my YouTube channel as I put out these videos weekly.


Comment below, What did you learn from this video? What will you do differently now to find your life purpose?
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