Do you desire to create change, and new possibilities into your life? Your angels can help you!

In the video I share the steps that YOU need to take, and the steps you DON’T need to take because that part is your angels’ job. If you apply the tips I share in this video amazing possibilities can start showing up in your life. Enjoy!

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Hi, it’s Melissa with Communicate with Angels and today’s topic is how your angels will help you to manifest abundance. I truly believe that abundance is available to all of us and there is no lack or limitation. When I was growing up, I kind of was taught that there is lack, that there is not enough. I remember my parents telling me, “money doesn’t grow on trees” when I asked for them to buy me something. And so I’m now practicing and overcoming those beliefs and concepts about lack and tuning more into abundance. So I have some tips for you today that will help you on that same journey of living more abundantly and by working with your angels, they will help you to manifest more abundance and more success because along the way, you are growing yourself. You are learning and growing.

Now, achieving your goals and manifesting an abundant life with the help of your angels is a 50/50 relationship. There are some parts to that that are your responsibility. Your angels will help you and support you with everything, as long as you remember to ask. But there are some areas where they will not cross their boundaries. They respect your free will too much so they won’t tell you what to do. What I’m going to share with you now is the things that you can do in the relationship with your angels and the things that they will do that you don’t even have to concern yourself with.

The first step is to be very clear about what you truly desire. Ask yourself this: If you had no limitations, what would you truly want and desire? Don’t hold back. Get really clear about what you truly desire. And then, the second step is to set a clear outcome or goal or target. Imagine if you were programming in your GPS and telling your GPS hey, I don’t know exactly what my end destination is but will you just tell me how to get there? It sounds absolutely crazy to do that. Google Maps is going to go Mmmm, doesn’t work, but this is how many of you are working with your angels. You’re wanting them every single day to tell you what to do but you haven’t actually gotten really clear and communicated to your guidance what your end destination is. So if they don’t really know what you want, they can’t help you. This is about getting really, really specific about your goal.

The third step is to be open to things showing up in a way that you don’t expect. This is hard if you’re high in the gift of vision. Yes, that’s me. My first gift is Vision and as a visionary, I can get a picture in my mind of what I think it’s going to look like and that can actually hinder different possibilities from showing up because if it doesn’t happen in the how that I’ve decided it should, I think that it’s wrong and something is going wrong so learn to be really, really flexible and open to possibilities. Because remember, your angels are not bound by the pressures of Planet Earth. There is no limitation so they know that there are unlimited possibilities available to you.

Let me give you an example. Last year, we went to Canada, we went to Montreal, and we offered a series of workshops in that city and I set a goal for that trip to attract 35 new people to our introductory class. We were doing a series of workshops so once people had attended the introductory class then they could attend another workshop that went a little bit deeper and then a third one that was an even more in-depth workshop. But I knew that if I had 35 people showing up to the intro, then there would be a good percentage of those that would desire to continue.

It didn’t show up in the way I thought because what I had envisioned was 35 people sitting in a room together doing their intro class and that’s now what showed up. The introductory class, six people attended. You could say that was a failure and you could get disappointed but what actually occurred was really at the last minute, just before we left on the trip, I made the connection with the woman who had a spiritual bookstore in Montreal and she invited me and my husband to do a workshop at her place as well. So we scheduled a second introductory class and 20 people attended that one. And then three new people attended the deeper workshop even though it was the second, we still allow new people to come to it so that was three new people. Then I realized that I had had some one on one private session clients that didn’t attend any workshops but they were still new people so when I counted out all those people, the individual clients, guess how many people we attracted at Montreal? Yep, exactly 35 people but it didn’t look like how I had thought it was going to look but my angels still helped me to manifest that goal and particularly that spiritual bookstore connection. That was, I would say, the angels at work.

Here’s the part of it that is not your job. It is not your job to worry about the how. The how is your angels’ job. You can give that over to them. You need to just stay true to that goal, stay committed to the outcome that you desire to create and be open to it showing up in ways that you don’t expect and amazing things will start to occur.

Here’s the last step that you need to take. You need to be aware of when doubt or worry or fear creeps in because everytime you doubt and go “Oh, this isn’t working”, or “Oh, I’m never successful”. That is creating resistance that pushes the goal away from you. You don’t realize how powerful your energy so any resistance or doubt is actually moving it further away and it’s going to be harder for it to manifest. So if you do doubt, which we all do. I’m not sitting here telling you to be perfect because I’m not. But if you do, you want to catch it and do what I call a “pattern interrupt” and I’ll make a video in the future about “pattern interrupt” because I think it’s a really fascinating topic but you can either replace it with a positive. If you catch yourself having any thoughts of lack or doubt or fear, you can catch it and say, “oh, no, no., no, I choose abundance” or “I believe that success is on its way to me and just tune back into believing the outcome is there and all you need to do is to step into it and stay open to the possibilities. Watch what shows up. Follow your intuition and trust your sensitivity to be in the right place at the right time for things to occur. Seems like magic but its not.

 Allow your angels the opportunity to help you with these amazing possibilities so that you can manifest abundance and success in your life, whatever that means to you. If you’re interested in this topic of manifesting, I have a link for you below. It’s a download of my 8-Step Manifesting Formula that I put into place anytime I want to manifest something that seems out of reach but that I really want to bring into fruition. There’s 8 steps that you can take to manifest anything you truly desire in life. Download that at the link below.

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