Do you follow Doreen Virtue?

If you’re interested in angels you probably own at least one of Doreen Virtue’s angel card decks. Well in 2017 she shocked the spiritual community by announcing that she was a born again Christian and no longer endorsed her more “new age” teachings, products and services.

Most people were shocked. But I wasn’t. I always knew that Doreen Virtue took a religious approach to spirituality since I read her first book back in 2003. The way she approached angels in her teachings was very religious. I knew there was a different way to work with angels & spirit guides yet most people followed Doreen’s approach, particularly in working with archangels. Now finally,

I’m ready to set the record straight. It took me a year to work up the courage to record this video. I didn’t want to offend anyone.But, in offending some, I believe I am freeing others, and showing YOU that there is a different and more spiritual approach to angels available.

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About a year ago, Doreen Virtue, the popular spiritual teacher, announced that she had become a born-again Christian and that she was going to completely renounce all the work and the offerings she had done in the past. In this video I’m going to share why I think it’s time to move beyond Doreen Virtue’s definition of angels and try on a new, more spiritual definition.

Hi spiritual seekers, I’m Melissa of Communicate with Angels and today I’m going to talk about Doreen Virtue. Yes, I’m going to go there. This is something that’s been brewing in me that I’ve wanted to share for a long time and I’ll be honest, I’ve been a little bit hesitant to go there. I certainly don’t know Doreen personally but I have been observing and watching over the years and I want to share with you a different perspective.

For those of you that may never have heard of Doreen Virtue, she was a very popular, new-age, spiritual teacher who had many card decks about angels, books about angels and she also certified people to become angels card readers. She did conferences and trainings all around the world and as she expanded her work, she also started talking about spirit guides, fairies, mermaids, dolphins, butterflies. I mean, it really was anything goes. I kid you not, she talked about all of those things.

She kind of dropped a bombshell about a year ago, towards the end of 2017 and said that she was no longer supporting the card decks, the books, the trainings that she’d done before and she went so far as to tell people that if they had any tarot decks, to throw them in the trash, to burn them. The things that she, herself, had profited from, she was now telling her followers and fans to completely throw them in the trash.

This left a lot of people feeling kind of hoodwinked, perhaps.

And a little discouraged and left thinking what do I do now? So, here’s the thing. I was not surprised at all by Doreen Virtue announcing that she was a born-again Christian and she’d been baptized because in my mind, Doreen Virtue had always been religious.

I read a book way back in 2003 that Doreen wrote, one of her first guides on connecting with angels, etc. And at that time, having had a lot of experiences myself and learning tools to connect directly with my spirit guides and to have a two-way communication with them and that my angels could help me in practical ways in my life such as how to get a job that would be good for me or how to know the right time to do something…all of those real practical things that we come across in life, I was expecting Doreen’s book to be along those lines.

However, I found that not to be the case at all.

What I found in that book was very detailed descriptions of all the different kinds of archangels and what each one represented and telling people to do a prayer or an invocation or some kind of ritual in order to bring forth the energy of an angel and also advice such as “your angels won’t help you unless they ask you to. Otherwise they won’t intervene” and immediately I could see that this approach that she was taking had come from the Catholic church. The Catholic church has talked about this for centuries, right? The different archangels and spirits that you can invoke.

Doreen also talked a lot about there being a difference between angels and spirit guides.

Her theory is that angels have never incarnated into planet Earth and for that reason they are of a higher nature. There’s a hierarchy of these different types of angels. Greater than, lesser than. The lesser than souls are the spirit guides who have incarnated to planet Earth before and she also talked about people’s loved ones becoming one of their angels which can actually be very confusing to a person who is grieving and wants their loved one to stay close to them after passing on to think that they should be their spirit guide and the truth is that’s not the case. That loved one needs to move on.

I saw all these concepts and ideas that conflicted with the more free and spiritually-grounded approach.

I want to say right here and right now, I’m not against religion and I’m not against the church. What I see is these different religious paths are choices that individuals make for a different spiritual path to whatever brings YOU connection and I know that church and religion is helping a lot of people so those that are now following Doreen and her more religious approach – more power to them. That’s great.

What I want to offer here is that there could be a different approach to you for you that you just weren’t aware. Doreen Virtue was immensely successful (and more power to her). She trained tens of thousands … at least – maybe more – people to become her certified angel therapy people and certified angel card readers and because she was the one that was really spreading the message, all of those people that were certified under her took on this sort of religious approach to how to work with angels and, because all of those people went out to their communities and started sharing that, it kind of became the dominant understanding in spiritual circles and the communities or workshops you might have attended this more kind of religious approach.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had people questioning me when I teach classes about things like well hey, there’s a difference between angels and spirit guides, like you’re wrong. Here’s the thing. If that works for you – awesome! Because this is not about judgment. I respect and love religion and the Bible has some amazing wisdom in it. It’s totally up to each individual on how they choose to worship. That said, there are some things about religion that become judgmental, narrow-minded and bring in concepts of right and wrong, good and bad. It pains me to see people trapped into tradition or religion because they think if they step out of this very narrow path of spirituality that they will be judged by God or they will go to hell or they will be a sinner and it’s just my opinion, but I don’t think that’s what Jesus intended.

It’s time for us now, if you’re with me, if you’re still watching this, it’s time for us to let go of these concepts of judgment, of I’m right and you’re wrong or these people are greater and these people are lesser and let’s replace those kind of concepts with love, acceptance, non-judgement, accepting people where they’re at and embracing that we’re really all one. There is no greater than or lesser than souls. Okay?

Here is an alternative approach to angels …

One that’s going to help you to move beyond these more religious concepts of angels, whether you learn them from Doreen Virtue directly or you might have learned them from other people. For me, it’s kind of time to set the record straight because rather than learning about all these different archangels and having about 100 archangels under your belt, why not make the number one priority moving forward in your life, making it practical, doing what you came here to do, be more happy, be more abundant, be more successful and here’s the tools that you have available if you want to do that.

Okay so, here are some, in my opinion, more spiritually-balanced concepts about angels.

You have a personal team of, whether you call them angels, guides, helpers, that are available just for you and many people call them spirit guides. Awesome. Call them spirit guides. They are energy. You are energy and because you are energy, you have a natural inner communication. But guess what? If you have this personal team that are there just for you, why not utilize that help first and foremost? Rather than trying to get Archangel Michael where everybody in the world is trying to contact him, you’ve got these guides, these amazing master souls and your personal team and many people are surprised to find out how many they have.

I do a consultation where you learn how many helpers you have with you and many people have five, six, seven, sometimes even more. Wow, you have so much help available to you. Start with what you’ve got, right here, right now, sitting on your shoulder. Don’t look out there for Archangel Michael unless you want to – I’m not judging it, but I’m offering you a different approach.

Number two, it doesn’t matter what you call them. You could call them Bob – Bob’s your uncle, I don’t know – Kiwi term. Spirit guides, guidance, messengers. You could call them archangels if you want, you could call them archetypes. You could call them your inner guidance, whatever. Master souls, ascended souls, whatever. These are just simply expressions of energy, just like you are, who have mastered the lessons of planet Earth and there’s not this hierarchy where this soul’s at a better level.

There’s certainly different levels of experience. There’s certainly areas where your spirit guides, your helpers, have learned things and mastered things that you haven’t yet but that doesn’t make them better than you and it doesn’t make you lesser. Okay, so a more spiritual, non-religious approach is that there’s no greater or lesser. There’s just always an evolution and so this helps to lessen that judgement as well. There’s souls on planet Earth right now who are newer. You don’t have to judge them as they’re lesser than you.

You can learn from everybody and there are sometimes high souls who work with you for short times and then they move out again but you always have your personal team with you so there may be times of challenge where you attract one or two, maybe even more, master souls to work with you but isn’t it amazing to know how much help is available to you? Remember they’re simply your helpers. They have a bird’s eye view on your life and they have lived on planet Earth before because if they hadn’t, how on earth would they have the experience to help you and guide you.

How could you teach somebody to do something you’ve never done before.

I am really bad at knowing the inside of what’s going on in a car, okay? I have a bad habit of leaving that to my husband. When I was younger, it was my dad you know? How on earth would I teach somebody how to fix a car when I don’t have any experience in it? So this is why your team, they’re just a few steps ahead of you and isn’t that the best kind of a mentor? I also want to debunk this myth that you have to ask for help in order to receive it. Your angels are working with you all the time, they’re giving hunches and inspirations. They’re helping you whether you realize it or not and all you’re doing now is kind of tuning into that.

So, there’s a bigger picture available to you here and it’s just time to discern the energy and recognize when they’re contacting you and know that they’re not here to do it for you, they’re not here to impose on your free will. They’re your guides on this journey. They’re a resource. They’re mentors that you can tap into when you need more help and guidance.

I have other videos on these tools so you can start recognizing when your angels are contacting you and I do invite you to check out my three-part video series on how to connect with your angels because rather than the approach of saying a prayer and learning about all these different kinds of archetypes and archangels, I’m interested in making this practical for you.

I’m not interested in making it woo-woo, I’m interested in making it real, tangible, direct, etc. so that you can get on with what you came here to do. I invite you to this opportunity because you know, it’s the joy that’s come to my life a result of that is immeasurable and that’s what I want for you too.

So again, this video is not here to judge Doreen Virtue. Love and respect on what she’s doing because it’s not about judgment. It’s not about right or wrong. It’s about embracing and maybe exposing you now to a new way of looking at angels and guides that you didn’t know was possible for you, but it is possible.

If you want to learn more about this, is where I have that three-part video series and if you like this video, please comment below, let me know what you think. I’ll be interested to see what the comments are like. Hate me if you want, no problem. This is done with loving intention because I know this is part of my purpose to share this different, practical approach. Subscribe to this YouTube channel. I share videos every Wednesday and I’ll look forward to seeing you in the next one.

Bye guys.