Are you seeking a job/career that is a match for your life purpose? It IS possible! But you’re probably taking the wrong approach to finding it. It’s not your fault! Most people are never taught how to truly find their career and niche in life.

In this video, you’ll learn a new approach that could turn everything you previously thought upside down; but in a GOOD way. We call it the Niche Formula. Watch to learn more!

Once you’ve watched please share in the comments below. What did you learn from this video? What changes will you make as a result of this information?

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Hi I’m Melissa from I help spiritual seekers like you communicate with your angels and find and live your unique purpose in life.

Today’s topic is how to find a job that is a match for your life purpose. Most people, in their early years, are taught to look outside of themselves for answers and if you are on a journey to find your life purpose you may be unknowingly doing that. A lot of times people think that their job or their business equals their life purpose. You find yourself on this hamster wheel trying to find the right job, the right opportunity that is what you are “supposed” to be doing. The truth is all of those jobs or careers or businesses or anything that you get involved in in life is simply a means to an end because your true reason for being here is for a spiritual purpose. It’s to learn and grow and to master yourself. You have a unique energy vibration that you’re here to express and to share and if you want to learn more about that, I shared a video about that last week about your spiritual purpose. Do go ahead and look at that, I’ll link it below.

Today I’m going to share with you a different approach and I’m going to warn you, this may be a video you want to watch two or three times to really let it sink in because what I’m going to share with you today probably turns everything you learned about life completely upside down. I know that it was actually that way for me. I was not taught to look within or to find my true heart’s desires or to find my purpose in life. That is not the way that I was raised. I learned it a little later on but when I first was introduced to these concepts myself, I felt like everything was upside down. I totally get it if you feel that way but this is the secret to finding your niche in life and to finding that job that is truly a match and expression of your purpose. And we call it the niche formula. I learned this from the Wayshowers College and I’m actually certified in the private consultation where you can find your niche in life.

Here’s what the niche formula is: Profession + Avocation = Niche. Now you’re probably thinking well what on earth does that mean so let me share that with you. First of all, profession. Your profession is what you came to do. It’s your reason for being here. It’s your spiritual purpose, it’s your unique vibration and what we call your spiritual thrust. It’s when you’re truly being yourself and doing what is really special and unique about you – that is your true profession and you could also call this the business of you. If you truly see your whole life as a business where you’re learning and growing from everything that you do – even the most mundane thing – then you’re getting a sense of what your true profession is. It’s detaching yourself from the material physical world and just really getting to the essence of your unique vibration.

Your avocation (Profession + Avocation = Niche). Avocation is probably what most of you are actually focusing on right now. Avocation is your job or your business or your career or the roles that you play. Maybe you’re a mother. Maybe you’re a wife or a husband. Maybe you’re caring for an elderly parent. It’s all those hobbies, jobs, opportunities that you’re involved in in your life and your purpose is not that. All of that is simply a means to an end and so it’s important to be detached from those opportunities because then if something changes or at the time when you pass on from this lifetime, it means that you don’t see that as an end in itself, it’s simply a means to an end.

Profession + Avocation = Niche.  This means that when you find the match between your profession and your avocation, then you’re in your niche in life. So what is your niche? Your niche is when you, instead of feeling like a square peg in a round hole, which I know that you probably feel right now – you actually feel like the square peg in the square hole. Everything is flowing. You feel like you’re in the right place at the right time. You’re actually feeling fulfilled and then the flow and enthusiastic about what you’re doing. You’re naturally energized. You’re not tired all the time. You’re loving what you’re involved in and you just feel this natural inner excitement and most of all, fulfillment. I know that’s really important to me – to feel fulfilled in what I’m doing.

You probably have felt that from time to time but how much of the time in your life are you really truly feeling in your niche? It means that you need to find the avocation, the job for example, that allows you to express your unique purpose. If the job that you’re doing right now is making you miserable then I can tell you that it is not expressing your unique purpose. But remember you don’t just look out there for the job because you’ll never be satisfied. I’ve had clients who have gone from job to job to job or business to business to business, never truly finding it because they think that there’s one right answer and they’re looking outside of themselves.

In truth, you’re going to get really clear on what your profession is – what you really came to do in this lifetime – your spiritual purpose – and then find the avocation, all those jobs and opportunities and roles out there in the material world that will be a good fit for your true profession. Then you’ve found your niche.

What does this mean to you? How does it resonate? Please share in the comments below what you’ve learned in this video, maybe what shifts you’ll make, what things you’ll do differently as a result of this.

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