Saturday June 21st, 10am-1pm
Residence Inn Fairfax, 12815 Fair Lakes Parkway, Fairfax, VA
Investment $45

Yes, you can heal yourself, your environment and others!

There are many forms of healing, including hands on, projection, thought, spoken word and trance. During this workshop you will experience ALL of these, except trance.

This workshop will be hands on and experiential.

You will be getting involved and experiencing the power of your own healing abilities throughout the 3 hour event. We will work with the backing of our angels to re-learn our child-like ability to radiate the healing light of our higher self to the world around us.

You will experience:

  • An in-depth cleansing of yourself and your environment. Your home and loved ones will feel the positive effects of your healing energy, and this is a technique you can use every day in your home and work environment.
  • Projecting your healing through Clear Channel technique.
  • You will give and receive healing that will benefit you physically and spiritually.
  • Positive healing through the spoken word: Polarity Switch Technique. You will FEEL the shift to a positive vibration in the room.
  • The Release Technique. You will melt away any pressures or negative concepts that are not working for you anymore. Release blocks and feel relaxed and free within!
  • and more as time allows…

Give yourself this gift of 3 hours away from your regular life to immerse yourself in the power of healing. You will feel light and joyful for days after as a result of experiencing your inner healing vibration. Take home techniques you can use to maintain your energy and keep your environments (business, personal and social) clear and positive.

You can sign up for this workshop on-line, or call 540 854 4841 or email us using the form below to reserve your spot.  Bring your friends along and share this experience with them!

Participants of this workshop in Richmond this past April shared:Register button

“I was so happy I attended and made the trip from Manassas to Richmond. I needed a refresher on some of the techniques, plus I appreciated the removing of the self-defeating behavior and replacing it with it’s positive alternative. I really appreciated and needed the warm fuzzy results of the three energy-work exchanges. Thank you!” – Sheri

” Most amazing class I have ever had. So much useful information and so many beautiful souls. Thank you so much Richard.” – Renee

” It was fabulous! I learned a great deal and learned new tools to use not only in everyday life but can use in my Reiki sessions. Thank you!” – Meegan

We hope you’ll join us for this expansive event!