In this video I explain why I personally do not pray for people.

When loved ones are hurt or sick it is natural to want to help. Kindness and compassion for others is so important! However, in this video I explain why I don’t pray FOR people, and what I do instead. It’s about love and acceptance whilst still not imposing my desires on others. Everyone has free will.

You CAN share your energy, love and healing with others! I explain how to do so with detachment. Enjoy!

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Today’s topic is a little bit controversial but more and more I’m gaining confidence in really knowing the importance of sharing these concepts and putting them out into the world. Even if some people may be triggered by it. I apologize in advance. If you do get triggered by this, please just stay open. You can totally reject my opinion if you want to – it’s up to you – but I feel this is important to share and for many of you this will really resonate.

What I’ll be talking about today is why I don’t pray for people.

Okay, so, if you have any religious training or possibly even just good intentions for people, when something tragic or unfortunate happens, maybe an illness, a tragedy, etc., you feel the inclination to help them in some way. And a lot of times we’re left feeling powerless in those situations like wow, you know, my friend’s spouse has just passed away. What can I do? I want to do something but there’s really nothing I can do because I can’t change that situation for her.

We have this inclination to pray for someone or to send them energy or to send them healing, love, etc., and I know that that is coming from good intentions, but here’s the thing that’s important to understand. If you can detach yourself from that concern that you’re feeling for the person, on an energy level, it’s important to stay detached from other people’s energy and not take on their problems. And this is why a lot of people are feeling very pressured in their life because they are actually energetically taking on other people’s problems and when you do that, you end up having those challenges yourself, even if it was not yours to begin with.

Maybe a person has a child or a loved one who is going through depression and you really care about them and so you want to kind of reach out energetically and be a part of their world and help lift them up but in that process of reaching out energetically and medling your energy with their energy, you actually start taking onboard that depression and so you might start having those feelings yourself and that wasn’t even your problem to begin with and now you have a problem that wasn’t yours.

Maybe a person feels they want to pray for someone else.

This is common in churches, right? And in that process of praying for someone who maybe has a disease like cancer, they are actually imposing their will or opinion on that person. Their point of view is that that person should heal but maybe that person has actually created that cancer or whatever it might be as a learning opportunity and if you take it away from them, without them consciously realizing how they created it, they’re just going to create it back again. That’s not true healing. It’s really a little bit selfish to impose your will on somebody else. This is the only outcome.

I remember going to a mom group at a church and I don’t usually go to churches but I was interacting with people in a church and a woman there really wanted her brother in law to be healed from cancer and he actually ended up passing away and she was distraught that her prayers to God had not worked and this person had passed away and I didn’t say anything – it wasn’t my business to really, you know, do anything, it wouldn’t have helped her at all – but I remember thinking that that person on a spiritual level was choosing that their contract for this lifetime was over, they were complete. And cancer was just the way to end the connection with the soul to the body.

There’s no such thing as death. If I have the point of view that that is wrong, and that person should have been healed and lived, then I’m beating myself up for not having been able to do anything about it.

Here’s a better way.

If you really have a sincere desire to help and to heal, you can do so. Instead of imposing what you think that person should do or wanting to heal them, wanting to take their troubles away, give them some backing. Energetic backing and support. We can totally do that for each other. We can contribute energy to each other. But in order to do that in a detached way, the best way to do it is to just send energy to that person’s angels or helpers and then that person’s angels will direct the energy in a way that is in the best interest for that person.

If you want to back them, energetically send energy to their angels …

We just don’t know what a soul really has come to do, how long they’re supposed to be here, what they need to go through in their spiritual journey. If you want to back them, energetically send energy to their angels and then it’s going to be used in the best way possible for that person, even if it just brings them some relief and support on their journey.

I know it’s a little bit of a controversial topic but I felt it was important to share. Let me know in the comments below what you think. Do you agree with me? Do you totally disagree with me? What’s your perspective on healing and prayer? Prayer is real. You know if we join together and have a common intention we can move mountains. But what I’m saying here is don’t impose your particular point of view of what’s best for a person because they are the only person that really gets to choose and decide that and their angels will help them with whatever they need.

This is about minding your own business. Easier said than done but spiritually it’s really important to mind your own business.

Alright, I’ll look forward to reading those comments. Please, hit that Subscribe button and I will share with you again in next week’s video. Have a great week.