When you talk to your angels and ask them questions do you use the word “should”? Such as, “Should I quit my job?” When you use the word “should” you are asking your angels to make a decision for you. And that is not your job. Watch this video tip to learn why using the word “should” with your guides will leave you frustrated, and what you can do instead.

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Hi everyone, this is Melissa with communicatewithangels.com. Today’s video is about why you should avoid “should”. Little play on words in the title there but what this is all about is refining your communication with your angels, helpers, guides, whatever you want to call them – your personal team of guidance who are here to help you live your purpose and to live and grow in this lifetime.

Using the word “should” when you’re asking your angels is a bit of a no-no and here’s why. Think about what the word “should” really means. It implies that there is a right way to do things and thus, there must be a wrong way to do things. But spiritually, there’s no such thing as right and wrong or good and bad. Those are constructs of our society. We think that if we make certain choices, we’re doing it “right” and if we do other choices, we’re doing it “wrong”. Our guides are kind of above all of that, they know that that’s not really true and that ultimately you are free and you have choice. Some choices may have consequences that you don’t want to be involved in. So I’m not going to run out and break the law because I know that’s probably not worth the consequences. But there are some things in our society that we have made into “shoulds” that aren’t really “shoulds” and it’s just based on the concepts and the believes that you were taught from your upbringing. So then you start passing along all those concepts and beliefs to your guidance, thinking that there should be a right way of doing it and that’s not really the case so I’m going to encourage you to stop using the word “should” when you’re asking your angels questions and instead use some other ways of phrasing questions.

Perhaps you might say “Angels, in your opinion, is this in my best interest?” Or, “Guides, in this situation, is this a high priority for living my life purpose?” Or, “Guidance, is the timing right for this now?” Or, “Is this the best first step towards reaching my goal or would there be a better choice?” Remembering that you’re always going to be growing and expanding, and when you know better, you do better. So even when you get answers from your angels today, your awareness is going to expand tomorrow and you’ll see a new way of doing things.

Trust that life is maybe not in the box that you were taught. There are so many many more possibilities available to you and your angels are just giving you little hunches and inspirations to help you see that but if you use “should”, you’re going to put yourself in the box of what you know and understand to be true right now. For example, a lot of young people in the United States are taught that they “should” go to college, that that is the way they’re going to be successful. However, when we really look around at some of the richest people in the country, many of them did not go to college or they did not graduate from college. So is that concept really true? It’s only true if you believe it to be. It’s a “should” because that’s what we’re taught but it may be not right for you. So this is where your guides can really help you to expand beyond those limiting beliefs and concepts that have come from everybody else in our society and tune into what is most in alignment for me, knowing that there’s never really a right or wrong choice, it’s just more experience, more possibility and you can continue to expand each and every day.

So I hope I’ve convinced you not to use “should”. You really shouldn’t use “should” and if you’d like to know more about connecting with your angels, developing your intuition and living your life purpose, I invite you to my website: www.communicatewithangels.com where I have some free resources for you there to check out. See you over there and in the next video. Bye for today.